Do Lodge Scrapers Really Work?

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Do the Lodge Scrapers Work?No one would argue that a cast iron pan is not cheap and yet they are one of the most important items to be found in the kitchen. Cleaning them can be somewhat challenging but not if you use the Lodge Scrapers to do the job for you.

Lodge is a company that has for many years been an industry leader in manufacturing quality cast iron cookware. There are many people who consider cast iron the absolute best way to fry foods on the stove top or over the fire at a shore lunch. Lodge has now make Lodge Scrapers that makes cleaning all of your cookware much easier.

The Claim
The claim is that these Lodge Scrapers will make the job of cleaning out your frying pans and other pots and pans easier and quicker overall.

The Hype
The hype is mainly derived by the fact that Lodge has earned a great name in cast iron cookware and are a trusted brand across the country and around the world.

The Cost
The cost for a 2 pack of Lodge Scrapers is only $3.00.

The Commitment
Not a whole lot of commitment required for the Lodge Scrapers. When not in use you can simply toss the Lodge Scrapers into a kitchen drawer for when you need them next.

While these Lodge Scrapers are really designed to help clean your cast iron pans that will not go into the dishwasher they can be used for just about any stuck on bits on any cookware. The reason they are so important for cast iron pans is that they simply cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher and must be cleaned by hand in the sink or at the shoreline if used when fishing or hunting to make a hearty shore lunch. The scrubbers have different edges so that you can get into every nook and cranny of your pans to get them truly clean. After you have scrubbed the pan you simply wash away the loose bits and then give the pan a good wipe and then re-season the pan for the next outing.

Final Lodge Scrapers Review

For those true proponents of a good cast iron pan for frying these little babies are a true godsend for cleaning out those cast iron pans after a good fry. They make the overall job much easier and quicker with much less effort on your part.

Our Recommendation
You cannot beat the job that these Lodge Scrapers do on cast iron. You can use them on other materials as well making them a handy little tool to have in your kitchen or your camping gear. Whether you use cast iron or not these can make cleaning just a little bit easier and who doesn’t want that!If you are looking for something to clean your grill then check out the magic stone.

What do you think? Does Lodge Scrapers work or not?

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