Does the Sun Joe Aardvark Really Work?

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Does the Sun Joe Aardvark Work?Spring is soon to arrive and it’s time to start thinking about the garden preparation. This is true even if you are only going to plant flowers and not veggies. Either way, having the right tools to help you with this chore makes the work a whole lot easier, and that’s where the Sun Joe Aardvark comes in.

The Sun Joe Aardvark is an electric cultivator that is designed for the smaller gardens that many people have on their own properties. Whether you are planting a small flower garden or growing some different food types or herbs this nifty unit can make the job of getting ready for planting much easier to do!

The Claim
The claim is that by using the Sun Joe Aardvark you will save yourself a ton of effort by not having to dig out the garden by hand.

The Hype
The hype is realized by the fact that for the most part people have had to either dig their gardens by hand or spend a large amount of money on an implement that they would only use a short amount of time.

The Cost
The cost of the Sun Joe Aardvark is a very reasonable $149.90. This actually a very good price for an electric cultivator of this nature.

The Commitment
Not a whole lot in the way of commitment required for the Sun Joe Aardvark. You simply plug it in and do your business and then hang in the shed or garage when you do not need it anymore that planting season. The compact size and light weight make it easy to use and store.

The sun Joe Aardvark is a great little implement for those who really love to putter in the garden. No matter what you are growing from herbs and vegetables of simply flowers to make the yard and the house look pretty the job of turning the soil can be difficult and time consuming. With the Aardvark that job is done quickly and far more easily than trying to do it by hand. The unit has four tines that are powered by an ample 2.5 amp motor to make the soil turning as easy as possible indeed. The fact that it is powered electrically is another bonus as you never have to worry about pouring or mixing gas or oil like most 2-stroke machines require.

 Final Sun Joe Aardvark Review

The Sun Joe Aardvark is great machine for anyone with a home garden but for seniors or anyone with a disability that still loves to putter in the garden it can mean the difference between being able to turn the heavy soil or not. Lightweight and compact and run on electricity rather than gas this unit is a great little time and effort saver.

Our Recommendation
We would heartily recommend the Sun Joe Aardvark to anyone who loves to work in the garden but might have trouble turning the soil or just wants to make the job that much easier and quicker overall. Great product for a very reasonable price! Also, to help you even more with your garden work check out the Garden Genie.

What do you think? Does the Sun Joe Aardvark work or not?

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