Does the Bionic Trimmer Really Work?

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The spring, summer and fall months create a lot of outdoor work and lawn maintenance. People like to find fun, easy to use, outdoor tools and equipment that make that job easier. The Bionic Trimmer can help achieve this. This is an As Seen On TV item.


Bell and Howell have created a great new landscaping tool called the Bionic Trimmer. It is a great lightweight gardening tool that makes trimming easy for anyone to use.

The Claim

The claim being made about the Bionic Trimmer is that it is virtually hassle-free because it uses zip ties instead of the traditional bothersome lines. Trimmers which contain rolls of long line often break and are very inconvenient to re-string, slowing down the task of trimming.

The Hype

The hype about the Bionic Trimmer is that it is powered by a lithium-ion battery, eliminating the need for long electrical cords or toxic fumes gas powered trimmers create. It also has an adjustable pole to meet the needs of anyone using it. The Bionic Trimmer is rechargeable and is always ready for use when charged.

The Cost

The cost of the Bionic Trimmer is very reasonable. There is currently a double offer; you pay two payments of USD 19.95, free shipping, and you only pay $7.95 for the 2nd Bionic Trimmer. The trimmer can be ordered online or by calling the 1-800 number as it is not available in stores as of yet.

The Commitment

The commitment required to get the full benefit of using the Bionic Trimmer is to always read the operating instructions and ensure the trimmer is always charged and ready to use. Keeping your trimmer clean and free from debris will enhance its use and keep it in pristine condition. Storing the trimmer in a shed or shelter protects it from the elements. Lending your garden tools to others does not guarantee you will get it back in the same condition in which you lent it.


The Bionic Trimmer looks like it’s a good product, easy to use, and relatively inexpensive. Double offers are always great because the 2nd trimmer can be used at the cottage, trailer, or given away as a gift. This product would be great for seniors and teenagers to use because of the size and weight features. Landscaping can go from a menace chore to a lot of fun when great new garden tools are developed and designed for a multitude of users.

Final Bionic Trimmer Review

We are going to give the Bionic Trimmer a thumbs up. It makes grass trimming and weed eliminating look much easier. It also has a protective shield to help avoid damaging siding and flower beds. The trimmer is so light it is portable.We would recommend purchasing and using this great addition to your garden tools. The bionic trimmer comes equipped with a 12 piece zip tie set and a 90-day money back guarantee.

Our Recommendation

If you are looking for a grass trimmer that eliminates the need for string or wires then check out the Orbitrim Gast Trimmer Head.

What do you think? Does the Bionic Trimmer work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does the Bionic Trimmer Really Work?

  1. I bought one thinking it would trim around my home and it wouldnt even hold a charge, never worked , what a waist of money. would like a refund but cant find out how to send back. very very cheap

  2. Dosnt work well, very cheaply made. I would like to return this bionic trimmer for a refund…

  3. Total waste of a product. Spins fast making it sound powereful. Stops on just a few blades of grass. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT. Threw away wrapper it came in can’t find where to return it. JUNK.

  4. Thought this would be perfect for keeping the grass down around my caravan, light, small, no cord, battery powered. So when it arrived and attempted to set it up I was quite excited.Unfortunately I could neither get the grass shield on or get the ties to even feed through the holes to be able to use it, on looking up the reviews for the trimmer I couldn’t find one review that said they were content with it so I have returned it.

  5. Did you people actually TRY this unit? Your review says it looks like it would make a good trimmer. Well, lots of things look like they’d be good, then you get it and you find out it’s crap, like this useless excuse for a friggggin’ website. Shame on you! Does it really work? Why didn’t you just say NO?

  6. What a load of rubbish. One blade of grass is enough to make it stop. Edging? What a joke

  7. This trimmer is a piece of garbage. It tries to beat the weeds to death and can’t even do that well. It lacks the power to trim weeds and stops often because weeds, even grass get wrapped around the shaft and bogs it down. Mine is currently sitting in my garbage can. I wouldn’t even resell this to an enemy!

  8. This product does NOT work.

    I had to get down on bad knees and cut the weeds by hand.

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