Does Garden Genie Really Work?

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Does Garden Genie Work?Spring is really in the air but perhaps its not quite time to start your gardening, but you can sure get ready for it. This means stocking up on those gardening items that you may need. You may want to add the Garden Genie to your gardening wants and needs for this year.

The Garden Genie is really just a pair of garden gloves that have been turned into some of the common tools that you need to work with in your garden.The tips of the fingers have been turned into claws that will help you to perform some of your garden duties.

The Claim
The company claims that with the Garden Genie you can do your digging, planting and raking of those small garden areas much faster and easier.

The Hype
One of the pitfalls about doing gardening is that you often end up with blisters and sore hands from having to use many of the garden hand tools needed to get the job done. According to the marketing promo the Garden Genie helps to stop this from happening. Another big feature is that these gloves are puncture resistant which really is a bonus when you are working around plants that have thorns. Or if you are working in a rocky area.

The Cost
Right now you can take advantage of a double offer which means you receive two sets of gloves for $10. plus $6.99 shipping and handling.

The Commitment
So many garden enthusiasts really hate wearing garden gloves because they feel it impedes their work. The Garden Genie is supposed to be durable yet allow you to work with precision. It will just be a matter of getting used to wearing them.

There is no doubt that the Garden Genie is a product that is needed. For those light gardening jobs it may mean that you don’t need all those various other type small hand tools that can be expensive to buy. Especially when we end up doing most of the work with our hands anyway.

Final Garden Genie Review

We are going to give the Garden Genie a Thumbs up rating. What will probably be important is to make sure that you order the right size for your hands. Otherwise they may be cumbersome to work with. Another reason why we think gloves in general when doing gardening is because there is a lot of bacteria in the soil. Gloves protect your hands from possible infection. So why not wear a pair of garden gloves that comes with some extra resources like the Garden Genie does.

Our Recommendation
You really want to consider protecting your hands because even the garden stains can be difficult to remove. Gardening in general can really take up a lot of time. If you can find inexpensive resources like the Garden Genie to help you get the job done easily then it may be well worth the small costs. We have looked at other garden products in the past that may be able to help you out. One of these was the Garden Groom and several people really seem to like this.

What do you think? Does the Garden Genie work or not?

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