Does Magic Tracks Really Work?

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Does Magic Tracks Work?It always seems that there are a lot of kid’s birthday parties that crop up in the early spring. Finding a gift for a young one is not always that easy. At least finding one that they don’t already have that is. For these cases you may want to take a look at Magic Tracks.

Magic Tracks doesn’t just have to be reserved to be given as a gift. It is a perfect toy for the little guys who like to play with cars. It is a unique set up in that it glows in the dark. The tracks can be twisted and bent to any shape that the youngster desires.

The Claim
The makers of Magic Tracks have really focused on the facts that kids love diversity. They soon get bored with the same old toys, but the Magic Tracks eliminate this with the ability to be able to set up the tracks in many different ways.

The Hype
The Company has really caught the kids attention with making the Magic Tracks glow in the dark. The kids love to play with it in the day as they design their track layout. Then they get an equal amount of enjoyment in using the Magic Tracks at night because they can turn off all the lights and see their cars and tracks glow.

The Cost
Magic Tracks cost $29.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. For this you will get 480 track pieces,2 race cars, 2 decals, 2 travel pouches and 2 fun guides.

The Commitment
You personally are not going to have to make any commitment to setting up the Magic Tracks at all. It will all be up to the kids to decide to play with it and there isn’t much of a chance that they won’t want to do this.

This really is a nifty idea. The kids get the chance to be creative with their track building which is going to keep them busy for awhile. Then they get to have the fun of using the cars on the tracks they built. Then finally they really get a big kick out of seeing them glow in the dark.

Final Magic Tracks Review

We’re going to give the Magic Tracks a thumbs up rating. Often when a toy is comprised of a lot of parts parents are hesitant about buying it. Mostly because the pieces get lost and its hard to store. Not with the Magic Tracks though because it simply rolls up and stores neatly into the travel pouch that comes with it. This way the kids can take it with them to their friend’s house or when you are going out visiting.

Our Recommendation
When you look at the price it really is quite reasonable for a toy that offers as many options as the Magic Tracks does. Another unique toy that we talked about in the past that is car focused in the Wall Rider. You may want to check it out too.

What do you think? Does Magic Tracks work or not?

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