Does Magic Tracks Really Work?

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Does Magic Tracks Work?It always seems that there are a lot of kid’s birthday parties that crop up in the early spring. Finding a gift for a young one is not always that easy. At least finding one that they don’t already have that is. For these cases you may want to take a look at Magic Tracks.

Magic Tracks doesn’t just have to be reserved to be given as a gift. It is a perfect toy for the little guys who like to play with cars. It is a unique set up in that it glows in the dark. The tracks can be twisted and bent to any shape that the youngster desires.

The Claim
The makers of Magic Tracks have really focused on the facts that kids love diversity. They soon get bored with the same old toys, but the Magic Tracks eliminate this with the ability to be able to set up the tracks in many different ways.

The Hype
The Company has really caught the kids attention with making the Magic Tracks glow in the dark. The kids love to play with it in the day as they design their track layout. Then they get an equal amount of enjoyment in using the Magic Tracks at night because they can turn off all the lights and see their cars and tracks glow.

The Cost
Magic Tracks cost $29.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. For this you will get 480 track pieces,2 race cars, 2 decals, 2 travel pouches and 2 fun guides.

The Commitment
You personally are not going to have to make any commitment to setting up the Magic Tracks at all. It will all be up to the kids to decide to play with it and there isn’t much of a chance that they won’t want to do this.

This really is a nifty idea. The kids get the chance to be creative with their track building which is going to keep them busy for awhile. Then they get to have the fun of using the cars on the tracks they built. Then finally they really get a big kick out of seeing them glow in the dark.

Final Magic Tracks Review

We’re going to give the Magic Tracks a thumbs up rating. Often when a toy is comprised of a lot of parts parents are hesitant about buying it. Mostly because the pieces get lost and its hard to store. Not with the Magic Tracks though because it simply rolls up and stores neatly into the travel pouch that comes with it. This way the kids can take it with them to their friend’s house or when you are going out visiting.

Our Recommendation
When you look at the price it really is quite reasonable for a toy that offers as many options as the Magic Tracks does. Another unique toy that we talked about in the past that is car focused in the Wall Rider. You may want to check it out too.

What do you think? Does Magic Tracks work or not?

711 Customer Reviews on “Does Magic Tracks Really Work?

  1. Junk is too generous of a world to describe this toy. Daughter got her hair caught in it and a month later it seazed up due to being unable to get the hair out of the wheels. Very very poor design. Very flimsy.

  2. Wish I would have looked up reviews on this product before ordering. I placed the order November 11 and received a email on November 22nd saying it was on back order. How can a company be on back order for a child’s toy this close to Christmas? Sounds like a company with poor management! Going to cancel my order!

  3. Do not order from
    If you think the real tracks are bad, don’t order the knock off garbage from this site.

  4. Be glad you didn’t get the order. Totally junk. Controllers don’t work-none of them do. Another chinese rip-off. Get your money back and move on.

  5. These race set is junk. Cars do not last. Run batteries down and then doesn’t work. Is ordered to two sets. 4 cars…broke. Ordered 3 cars more.,only one still working. Can not get money back…sad…

  6. I bought the track at wal-mart for christmas 2017, it worked great for the first 15 minutes, batteries died, replaced the batteries and again lasted about 15 more we are into January 2018 and have spent at least $35.00 in batteries. tried calling the company without no avail, I spent hrs trying to get a hold of someone!! I am so upset and my grandson is having fits about it the car not working. All the money spent on the track and batteries I Have a small fortune invested in this product. Please someone help me.

  7. My G sons tracks glow, but then I chose to buy MT from Walmart after I Googled where else to get them. Too many “problem” reviews on TV order site.

  8. Walmart has cars and tracks in store or online, Amazon is good too. Online is long, and overcharges are common, and cars don’t run as good for some reason. I have had my grandsons MT cars and tracks from Walmart for months now with no problems at all.

  9. Walmart has the bridge included in the Deluxe track set. Report the company to BBB, they can mediate for you. Google -“Verified contact address and number for Magic Track” Good luck.

  10. Walmart has the exact same ones and separate extra cars if you like. Always Google a company and site befog ordering, I always do.

  11. Oh My Goodness! are you trying to solicit??? your comment should be taken down!!! We are commenting on a RACE TRACK for CHILDREN!!!!! Whats wrong with YOU, Sick!!!

  12. Go to the Walmart online site if you can’t find instore, it will be easier to get an exchange or refund than the site and much less expensive!

  13. LOL! Wow! I’m glad when my grandson turns all the lights off hi set glows! I’m a big skeptic of “As seen” TV ads, but all the car problems I’m reading about has not happened to us yet, or I would have returned it to Walmart for a full refund or exchange.

  14. Hi Sara, I realized there is a generic “Magic Track” out there that IS cheaply made, its name is similar to MT, but spelled and looks different, I brought it not realizing it to add to the real MT. The fake one is cheaply made, but I added the tracks to the real one (the cheaper fake MT car Did Not fit the real track.) My 3 yr old grand said, “not fit,too big Nana!” Hope this helps.

  15. Connie, that is so sad. When my grand saw the advertisement and pulled me in the room to see it, I Googled where else the track was sold, and came up with Walmart and I think Target (not sure). I try not to order from “as seen on TV ads.” Usually you can find “as seen” in the front near the registers at Walmart.

  16. Read my above comments. My grandson was two when he got his first track set from Walmart. If one reads the small print the one track that snaps together is “small, count them” so you can combine the colors and make different patterns if you prefer. G sons 2d set came Christmas of 2017 from Walmart (Deluxe Set). I added in two new separate cars (from Walmart). If the wheels stops rolling, check the rubber around the wheel to make sure its on correct. I watch my grand closely, he has never put them in his mouth. I make sure a “single” track is not by itself, but all of them snapped together. 🙂

  17. I got batteries from a dollar store, mine worked fine. I love watching my three yr old grand make the circle track and put a race car in it, he makes two and races them. He loves putting things together just like Nana.:)

  18. That is correct Danielle, all the cars I received worked, put I believe I had to pull a protective strip out.

  19. My 3 year old grandson loves his second set, I got the first set when he was 2. He put the tracks together at 2yrs old! His grandfather could not believe it. Gandpa brought the 2d set with the bridges. I combined the 2 and made two tracks in one, each going the opposite way! 🙂

  20. Glad I didnt order my sons track. We got it at Wal-Mart. The only down fall is it does not glow in the dark. I am very disappointed in the fact the track does not glow in the dark but my sons 4 and 2 love it!!!! Dont waste your time ordering online go to Wal-Mart save yourself the time and trouble.

  21. My sons enjoy playing with the whole magictracks toyline. Which is to say it is easy enough to purchase at toys r us and easy enough to assemble. The thing that makes me upset is, why did they put a shit emoji as one of the stickers on the sheet with all the other stickers. Were they trying to give kids the impression that ot is ok to do that? This toy is designed for 3 year olds and up. What parent wants a 3 year old to see that and think itis ok? To the developers of this line of toys I say this, Assholes. Shame on them.

  22. Magic Track is saying that the TRACKS glow in the dark but that is a lie. The tracks don’t do anything. And the car’s. are very bad the little button on top to make the car runs will break very easy which causes the car to stop working. My grandson received 2 sets for his birthday and he was very dissatisfied with them. Bad choice not we’re buying. And the company that sale them will not answer any of your calls I called for a week and could not get anyone to answer.

  23. This company is a joke! Ordered the product more than a month before Christmas and the week before Christmas I need to call them to ask about the product which they then told me will not arrive by Christmas! This company is a cash grab simple and plain it won’t be around by next Christmas! Customer service is basically non existent! Save yourself money, time and frustration… buy something else!

  24. They advertise buy 1 get 1free, it’s a LIE, they only sent 1! Emailed them twice, no response & you can’t get through on the phone, put on hold for a long time!
    It’s a scam!!!

  25. I purchased magic tracks for several kids in the family last Christmas at Walmart. Don’t ever buy this toy! It turned into a Christmas nightmare! Once the kids get the stuff out of the box and set up the track it does not glow in the dark. The only light the track shows is from the automatic cars lights. Everyone got their hair caught up in the cars because wheels will not stop spinning and if you laying on the floor which most kids are their hair gets twisted up in the wheels. Hair knots up in the wheels some times having to be cut loose.

  26. Their customer service site does not work. I want to know if I will get a shipment confirmation.
    No answer yet.

  27. November 16 – they are out of stock and estimated shipping is 2-6 weeks so you’ll take your chances on whether you’ll actually get it in time for Christmas. Seriously………….. 6 weeks before Christmas and you’re out of stock??? Someone should get fired for that!!

  28. I received my order yesterday and was disappointed to find it in a plain brown cardboard box ,not the nice box it shows on the advert on Facebook. Not the ideal packaging for my grandsons birthday present.

  29. The tracks do not glow, have reported this company to Commerce Commission here in New Zealand for false advertising. They are clearly marketing the product as ‘tracks glow’ they do not glow. I purchased 2 of these sets for my granson before realising that tracks do not do what they say in all the ads run here and online so am very disappointed…..

  30. My grandsons car stopped working after only weeks the motor runs but the wheels don’t turn gears are stripped . do you have replacement cars. thanks.

  31. I give this product 0 stars. Bought it at Wal-Mart July 1 and returned it July 2. One car worked, and the other didn’t. Nor did the track glow in the dark–AT ALL!

  32. Thank you ALL so very much…for the reviews of this product! I was just about to order on line for my nephew and a friend’s son. Because of the 99.9% negative reviews I will not be ordering this product. I had been looking at this product for months and finally decided to go online and order and then a little voice said “read the reviews first”! Thank you all for saving me a headache I don’t need. I hope everyone read these before ordering. And like everyone else it won’t let you give just one star, it goes back to 3 stars…scam alert!

  33. I bought this at Walmart for my granddaughter. She loves it but the car only was fast the first day now it goes very slowly. it’s got brand-new Duracell batteries but I cannot get it to speed up.

  34. Ordered the majioc tracks in dec 2016. Have not heard nor recieved this product since, nit is now April 2017 anfd find the Customer service number 1800 495 5469 is no longer in service.

  35. Magic Tracks is a ripofff. Bought the first one for Christmas and the car lit up and rolled down the tracks…but you couldn’t shut it off. The second set I bought a few weeks ago at Walmart. The car worked fine for a couple of times and now it lights up but doesn’t roll down the tracks.

    Called customer service and they really don’t care. I am going to report them to the Better Business Bureau so no one else gets scammed.

    I tried to give them 1 star..but it goes to 3. That is 2 too many for this company!

  36. I bought Magic Tracks at Bed Bath and Beyond. From the looks of the commercial the car is suppose to light up and move on its own? Is that right??? The one we got doesn’t move, you have to push it for the light to come on. Anyone know anything else about this? Also I tried to give this a 1 star but it wouldn’t let me. It would automatically go to 3 stars. Any info on this would be helpful

  37. I feel this product needs to be recalled. My 3 year old Grandson got his thumb stuck between the tracks. Going to take him in for x rays because of the bruising & swelling. Will post again after x rays!

  38. I am offended by the commercial. A young man is reading and they interrupt him to play. Now, if they’d shown the kid bored out of his skull, fooling around with a little toy car, fine, but reading? To interrupt such an important activity to play with this garbage? Boycott!!!

  39. I would not but this product!! I got one for my son at Bed Bath and Beyond for Christmas and the car would work and shut off. Stopped working the next day. Called the company ( for those who called and couldn’t speak to a real person the trick is to always press 0)that same day and they were supposed to send a new one out for free it is February 25 and no car. Called back today and they told me they were going to connect me to customer service but it was closed! I said why would I want that and if your not customer service why are you answering the phone and hung up

  40. Ordered for Christmas 2016. Never received order. It’s going on March 2017. They got their money, if my husband hadn’t cancelled our bankcard they are going to change us another 60 dollars. We are still out the 60 dollars from original order. No one will contact you and you can’t reach anyone. The company is a complete ripoff.

  41. My mom ordered 2 sets for my sons xmas gift. At first it was great he loved it. The tracks bend and can do variety of things with the tracks. I can easily roll (gets bit wonky) and I stuff it in tote for storage. Then the batteries die, which didn’t take long. Replaced batteries and car won’t start I try again nothing! I even took car apart to investigate still no go. I was happy to have another car. Once batteries died same problem! I told my mom and she was able to get another set to replace the car. From what I read this is common issue. I watched a vedio of a kid that took it completely apart even under circut board another plastic casement to screw off. Which I didn’t notice before. He said gears get missalligned. So I will try that, but what a pain. Now I got feet and feet of tracks without a working car. The cars seem to burn out fast leaving you with a broken toy fast. It’s now mid February and only worked for 1.75 months and one of the. Two cars died even sooner like in 3 weeks. This toy could be great but it just not and a waist of money, time and effort due to the worthless cars.

  42. My order took a while but that was okay. Waited a couple of days for the grandson to arrive to put it together …….hmmmmmmm, so disheartening, this very excited 4 year old with eyes as big as saucers, sitting patiently while his grandfather puts the 3 Triple A batteries , which is printed on the box, in the cars to give it a spin, finds out that the car does not take 3 Triple A batteries. Grrrrrrr tried an AA which fit but did not work the car/truck. The vehicle is not one of the cars stated in the advertisement. Unfortunately we have no Walmart here in New Zealand so what can I say or do. Will really look into anything else I buy, next time.

  43. Very bad product i ordered it for my sons birthday last september when it came in the cars did not work i called and was told they would send me replacements now 5 months later i still have not got anything.

  44. We had delays but thankful we got it before Christmas, order early. Works great, the children we gave it to love them ! My mistake was not realizing the BOGO offer come with only two race cars for two tracks. How can you race with only one car per track??? We were wanting to use two tracks for 2 separate Christmas gifts (the tracks are plenty big enough for each set). That leaves you with one car for each set of tracks. Lucky we had ordered a police car & fire truck which we used for the second set. So beware if you get in on the BOGO offer, & want it for two different gifts, order extra cars.

  45. NOT for anyone under 3 years old. Ordered 3 sets Nov.26/16. Received Jan. 25/17. Phoned customer service in Canada a few times with no problem. They oversold account Christmas. They were aways polite and helpful. Don’t know much about the batteries other than they tell you not to use Duracell Quantum. I read in another post to use Panasonic. Haven’t bought batteries yet so don’t know if they even work yet, but will post later.

  46. i order two magic track plus xetra i got one track one bridge one chris cross and one per of firetruck&police car. but have not gotten second track yet.

  47. I am giving this item ZERO STARS!!!! We placed a large order for magic tracks MONTHS ago! After receiving the order we discovered that both cars sent, did not work! I contacted customer service and was told the cars are on back order and that the wait time was 6-8 weeks. Those 6-8 weeks have far surpassed the wait time and we have yet to receive any cars! I could not get through to customer service so I emailed them. Again, I was told “due to the popularity of this item, they are on back order.” How do they continue to advertise these tracks, if they can not fulfill the orders/backorders they already have? I was told that our account would not be charged. Well, it already has and has been paid for yet our son has absolutely no use for this item. This is truly a disappointment and we regret spending so much money on something that does not even work!

  48. I ordered from Toys R Us and got mine in plenty of time but the cars only lasted 1 day. The wheel fell off of one of them and I have tried several brand batteries and they have slowed down so slow that you can’t even go over a bump. Really disappointed in the cars. Expected them to go fast for more than an hour or so. Sent in a complaint but no response. Tried to order more cars but havent seen them and they have no record of my order. Too bad because it could be a great toy. Boys love the tracks.

  49. Helped my friend order two sets that were supposed to be delivered before Christmas. Didn’t arrive until mid January. Only one set has arrived. Not able to make contact with anyone at this piss poor company. Glad you can get them at Walmart now.

  50. I ordered these early November no were on the website did it say they are delayed. In Dec I decided to look my order up online. It was no where to be found. I phoned and talked to customer service and the lady informed me it was on back order and wouldn’t be here for Christmas. Got a card in the mail saying it would be here by Jan 11th still nothing. How do companies like this stay in business. Avoid using this company at all costs. Unless you plan to have it in 4 or 5 months.

  51. I ordered Magic Tracks in Nov. It finally came in Jan. I have to admit that at the end of my order they did say it wouldn’t come for Christmas, but that was ok with me. When it did come it was the GREATEST to my Grand children. They never stop playing with it. I am going to get more things for the 2 I got. Totally awesome toy….

  52. Also, I ordered two sets of tracks, some extra tunnels, and an extra set of cars and they all showed up in the same order and in working order. My experience with their customer service was great. So, I can only assume that some people are making things up because they are angry that their purchase got back ordered…get over it.

  53. I am not sure what everyone is talking about. It was a popular item this christmas so, yes, I did have to wait to get my order filled and shipped. But, I did not care to much as within a day of ordering I got an email from their customer service stating that unfortunately my order had to go on back order so I would not recieve it until after christmas. I decided to go ahead and keep my order in place…my nephew wanted the track so why not? About a week later I got another email that said I would probably end up getting my order filled around the middle of january, and than on the 6th I got an email saying my prder had been shipped and I would have it by the end of the day on January 14. It arrived today (jan 14th).

    So, I did not get it on christmas but, in my case anyway, their customer service people were great and left me well informed. Also, my nephew loves his magic tracks so I would order from them again as my experience with them as a company was just fine.

  54. The car’s wheels stopped turning after only two uses. Very disappointed. Would not reccomend.

  55. Terrible terrible terrible…did I mention terrible customer service. My sister will let me know about the product since it was delivered to her for her grandson. I ordered two sets in November-Black Friday weekend. Immediately there was a disclaimer due to heavy volume it may not arrive by Christmas. Okay-I was fine with that. One set arrived yesterday but the 2nd set never arrived and no information on the order. I emailed customer service several times with no response. Tried calling-their website says Pacific time but when you call it is Eastern time. Was on hold for long periods…after waiting 46 minutes on hold today I finally was connected to a customer service representative named Benedict who politely informed me that when the system sees two sets ordered back to back it will cancel one because it thinks the customer made a mistake…seriously? Not really nice to call your customers stupid. If you are only allowed to order one set then that should be the disclaimer up front but there was not. So after waiting about 45 days, sending numerous emails and spending hours on hold, Benedict graciously offered to re-instate my order…are you kidding me? I would have to be a very special kind of stupid to want to do business with this company again no matter how good or bad the product is. Get a clue-poor customer service will lose you customers. In 10 plus years of purchasing online this is by far my worst online experience.

  56. I received my magic tracks finally played with it on the first day and on the second day the car would not turn off. Sending it back for a replacement car wondering how long that will take. I really like the product hope everything goes well.

  57. Magic tracks are the best race track set ever. I did wait a long time for it to arrive but my 3 boys love it. They can build easily. The cars stay on the tracks. And it glows!!! What a bonus. My son says super, super, fun. Thanks for a great product.

  58. Class Action will be on the way if you don’t put all my money back today. I can tell from the comments that you jacked a lot of people. You WILL pay.

  59. We seen the add on TV saying receive before Christmas. I call and ordered then was told i probably would not get before Christmas so i told them to cancel my order, which they said they did. Today 1-5-17 i looked at my bank account and they had taken $71.00 from it. I called their customer service and was told they couldn’t refund my money. They stole from me. I’m starting a class action case against this company and make them pay for everyone the stole from. I know i’m not the only one. This is a shady company and i will see they pay for stealing from me.

  60. I got the same amount, was looking for the other pieces. I think they played us to count 1 piece as 11!!!

  61. Ours worked with other batteries but after a week or so of none stop playing it started moving slower. We cleaned out any hair that was on the tire area. That still didn’t work. The batteries got really hot.

  62. My son got his for christmas and has been playing it all day and all night. 1 Set of batteries per day and 1 Set at night. Suddenly a few days ago the car started running slower. We assumed it was hair that got into the tire area. We cleaned it up but still drove slow. We noticed the batte were getting very hot.

  63. Bought the bogo set for my grandson for Christmas. Both cars have already stopped working.

  64. I can’t get the battery cover off. My smallest phillips screwdriver (which is from a mini set) is too big to fit inside the tiny hole.

  65. We got ours off the web site. No problems yet. Just watch the wheels around little ones. My 1 year old was watching and grabbed the car up, and the back wheel grabbed her hair :(. The 11′ of track is plenty, and they make bridges and ramps using blocks from their other play sets.

  66. My grandmother bought magic tracks for all 6 younger kids in our family. Only one kids car worked. We tried different types of batteries and the cars will not work. Waste of money it seems.

  67. I wish I had read all this before ordering! I’m so disappointed with the lack of customer service! I ordered 2 buy 1 get 1 sets with some of the upgrades cause the boys really really wants these and they lo e police and fire … How perfect! Not shipped, no info on their ontel tracking site, phone wait is too long, no reply to emails, and many of you say they’re cheaply made? Sounds like I need to cancel this order!

  68. I order my item for my son for Christmas in November. They waited to December to tell me it was on back order I emailed them. So today I talked to Customer service after been on hold for 30 mins for him to tell me theirs no supervisor to speak to they can’t refund my money until item has shiped in I get it return it back then they will return money that doesn’t make any sense to me they are so.unprofessional. I think k this company is a scam also they doubel charged my card for item I didn’t order. I think its time to file a civil suit against them also in petition to shut the company down the have poor service

  69. Bought this at Walmart and cacelled when I found out I could get 2 for around $10 more. Ordered from the website. Said they would try and get it to me by Christmas. Luckily my aunt got one for my son. As expected the the tracks didn’t light up from the reviews I read. It was still cool though. Some of the tracks were defected, and so we had to take a few out, but that was not an issue because there are so many pieces. My son who is 4 got kinda bored with it, I guess maybe we should have got the accessories. Anyways I am going to attempt to cancel my order, but getting nervous from the reviews I’ve read on here, so wish me luck with customer service. My order is on backorder so hopefully I can get it cancelled in time.

  70. The merchandise is great for kids our biggest problem is customer service.Ordering and being told it’s on back order several times was not pleasant. My daughter ordered and its still on backorder. Plus her credit card was hacked not cool

  71. Be very careful, it gets near any hair at all it goes straight to scalp, not only my granddaughter got a chunk of hair that got pulled out by her leaning down to play but a adult friend that was accompanying her child got a car stuck in her hair to. Finding out it is happening to a lot of people

  72. I ordered in November. Received email on December 23rd my order processed and my card was charged the same day.
    Tracking and confirmation report “order a not found”
    I have spent three times if over an hour each on hold before being disconnected. Sent emails and received no response.
    Do not order from Magic Tracks web site!

  73. You have to watch your kids playing with this toy. The car gets caught easily in childrens hair when the car is on. This needs to be fixed, i had to cut the car out two different kids hair two days in a row

  74. total scam
    overcharged me and I tried calling..waited twice for over an hour and was disconnected
    I will dispute charges on my amex
    I have emailed them twice
    no responce

  75. Do not buy ! 2 days after purchasing the cars no longer work. The cars look like cheap plastic assembled in China. After being on hold for 25 mins decided to hang up.

  76. My kids love their magic tracks they came on time but someone stole the first sets and they replaced them with no questions and the second set came on time but we ordered from home shopping network!! They work real good and besides my kids running the batteries dead we have no problems! I hate you guys are having problems getting yours. Hope your recieve them soon!

  77. I bought this toy (actually two stets for $19.99 each) for my grandsons around Thanksgiving at a As Seen On TV Store in a local premium mall. There LOVED it and to be honest, it is a really cool toy. Having fought for literally decades with various car and train tracks, this is a really cool track connection/storage/transportation system. The glow-in-the-dark feature makes it all the more fun. I was so happy to see my grand boys so enthralled, I was excited to find accessories online. The Magictrax site has lots of whizbang/kapow features to bring you in to buy more accessories. So click, click and before you know you have a big shopping list without an opportunity to change it. Scary. But I have to give some leeway to what is obviously a new company juggling international shipping rules and regs. I finally spent the time today to try and put my mind at rest. I called the 800 customer service number on the website. Waited 45 minutes with some concert piano music. Was so happy when Shandra answered. I worked a lot of years in customer service and understood that while I waited 45 minutes, Shandra took a LOT of calls from frustrated and angry customers. The problems weren’t her fault. I spent 5 very pleasant minutes with her cancelling my order. she was very professional and accommodating. I’ll wait to see if I do get delivered or billed. In the end patience is a virtue. Please don’t take your frustrations out with the call center customer service person.

  78. My son received two separate tracks/cars for christmas, and once we put batteries in the cars neither of them worked. Good thing my Husband and brother in law like to fix things because they were determined to fix the cars. After tinkering with them ithey noticed on both cars the batteries was not making a connection. They rigged the batter connection and got bot cars to work.
    If your car doesnt work check the battery connections.

  79. Thank you for this. I’m so upset because my daughter was really excited about getting the tracks and the car won’t work with brand new batteries. I’ll try the Panasonics before I return it.

  80. Piece of junk. My son just got for Christmas and the car doesn’t work. We used brand new batteries and it still did not work. Ripoff!!!

  81. I didn’t even bother getting it online when I was told I can purchase it but if its not available they will not charge my card until its becomes available….. Not tricking me with this on!!!!! I went to toys r us got the small one for 19.99 and the big one for 29.99…. Hassle free and its exactly what my son wanted…

  82. Wat een narigheid allemaal. Het zal ook eens meezitten Ik hoop wel dat jullie een beetje van het zonnetje kunnen genieten en dat Xena lekker naar buiten kan, al is het maar in de tuin.Wel goed dat ze in Juni een week alleen op vakantie gaat, heel moedig van je Xena! En ook heel positief! Nu heb je iets fijns om naar uit te kijkenBlijf je volgen en denk veel aan juitteDorelle

  83. I ordered mine for my son and grandson for xmas.i don’t hav enough money to replace the really upset.they obviously knew when I placed my order on nov 10th that I wouldn’t receive it by xmas yet I was assured I’d get it in 4to6 weeks.i was getting nervous this week so I called there no. I waited a hour to talk to someone.they assured me I would hav them on wed before xmas.another lie. I finally tracked my order and it claims I’m suppose to get them on dec. 27th. They also charged me for 4 sets,2 orders of by one get one free. Merry xmas magic tracks you reap what you sew.and I will write reviews and contact whoever I can to make sure you stop doing this to others just to grab as much money as possible at their expense.

  84. I ordered mine for my son and grandson for xmas.i don’t hav enough money to replace the really upset.they obviously knew when I placed my order on nov 10th that I wouldn’t receive it by xmas yet I was assured I’d get it in 4to6 weeks.i was getting nervous this week so I called there no. I waited a hour to talk to someone.they assured me I would hav them on wed before xmas.another lie. I finally tracked my order and it claims I’m suppose to get them on dec. 27th. They also charged me for 4 sets,2 orders of by one get one free. Merry xmas magic tracks you reap what you sew.and I will write reviews and contact whoever I can to make sure you stop doing this to others just to grab as much money as possible at the expense of others

  85. I ordered a set at Halloween and just received it yesterday 12/21…I did no get what I was led to believe that I was getting…I got the BOGO deal and then ordered an extra set for 19.99…this set only came with one car instead of the two with the other sets. I ordered three sets of the police car and fire truck and only received on set…very frustrated with the slow delivery and when I called customer service I was on the phone for nearly an hour trying to speak with someone!

  86. Hi I orderd the Magic Tracks Deluxe for 39.99 and a bridge for 7.99. I actually order two quantitys so i should have got 4 of the magic tracks deluxe, but i got the 19.99 magic tracks. I have emailed and been on the phone waiting a long time. I did not why this happend but I wished someone would help me. I want what I ordered and did not get it. What do I do? I was also charged the shipping and handling and on the web site it stated anything over 35.00 would be free shipping and handling. Ugh I am so upset right total that i bought was 87.98 withought shipping and and handling so i should have not been charged the shipping fees of 23.96 and i just want everything fixed, Please help!!!!

  87. Hi I orderd the Magic Tracks Deluxe for 39.99 and a bridge for 7.99. I actually order two quantitys so i should have got 4 of the magic tracks deluxe, but i got the 19.99 magic tracks. I have emailed and been on the phone waiting a long time. I did not why this happend but I wished someone would help me. I want what I ordered and did not get it. What do I do?

  88. This is what happens when you buy Chinese junk. I have been through this also with other companies. This company will make getting a credit card refund EASY since the company chooses not to reply to anyone’s email. If you call your credit card company and tell them that you never received the items and that you cannot contact anyone, they will immediately refund your money to you account and begin an investigation that can take up to 30 days. If the Chinese company does not respond to the credit card companies request for information, you win by default! Of course, that does not make our little guys and girls feel any better since the product never got here.

  89. I was just going to buy this in a store; however, my great nephew said you have to get it online. The one in the store was not the same. So I listened to a 7 year old and went online and ordered. I figured this would be great, order one for him and another for his half brother. I don’t know what i did on the website; my order ended with me the original BOGOF and two more different tracks. This was way more than I wanted to spend. So I at my Christmas list, and figured I would give my other great nephew one and keep one for my house. This would really worked out okay. I received an email last Friday, it all went on backorder. They cannot guarantee in time for Christmas. I sent them an email to customer canceling my order and went to toys r us. They just got 50 in the night before. Ya for me. I just checked my email and have not received any confirmation that is cancelled, so I sent another email. I saw a phone number on one of the early post. I really wish I would have researched this track first. I usually do but who would have thought it was a scam, it is a kids toy. I know other things online our…..I have learned my lesson.

  90. Reading this it appears that only one person has received this product. Has ANYONE else received it? I ordered on Nov 16, 2016 and my order status has not changed, I have received no email saying they were back ordered though the site did say we can’t guarantee Christmas delivery. I have sent several emails and as it stands right now, I have been on hold with the customer service line for 39 minutes.

  91. I placed an order yesterday morning, and as previous posters have stated – they do not give a Order Confirmation page after the 30 pop-ups of possible items to add – so where in my mind, I was picking up the BOGO $19.99 + shipping & handling – my total was $140!

    Once I regained consciousness, I called Customer Service (800-793-5469) and got someone on the phone straight away, but was told it would take up to 4 hours before she could view my order, so I would need to call back. After waiting the required 4-hours, I called again and it would ring twice then default into a rapid busy. I kept hitting redial like a kid trying to phone in a song request to the local DJ… and after MULTIPLE attempts, it rang. I held for 30 minutes before being told that they were experiencing a high volume of calls and that I was the 10th call in queue. After a FULL HOUR on hold, the line rang to a representative who now told me that it would be 24-hours before they could view my order in their system (even though I could see it online). The representative was adamant that I would need to call again.

    The following day, I did call – this time waited 45 minutes on hold, but finally got a representative who was able to remove all the additional items off of my order, and even threw in a small discount for the inconvenience.

    Where I am still left to wonder when and if these tracks will ever arrive, I can attest to the fact that the 3 representatives who I spoke with were all very polite and empathetic to the situation…. even if it did take over 2 hours (combined) sitting on hold to have less than a 10 minute conversation.

  92. I have also ordered and I did get the product. It only took two months. One of the cars has frozen gears. Good luck trying to talk with someone or even getting to It keeps going to the order page. I also was double charged and can’t get that straightened out. The company is just a sales company. Can anyone help me? They are great but I wouldn’t do it again.

  93. DO NOT ORDER from this company! I ordered with plenty of time before Christmas and received an email on 12/19/16 that my order is on backorder and will not be received in time for Christmas. I wish I would have seen this website and read all these comments before I ordered this! I’ve had the same issues! Call the 800 number and receive a fast busy signal. I’ve emailed them and my emails come back undeliverable. I want to cancel my order before it ships as I don’t want to give my money to company that is a fraud!

    **I have contacted my local news station that investigates these types of situations. I am hoping to get to the bottom of this for everyone on here that haven’t received their orders, have not been able to reach the company, and who are looking for refunds.**

  94. DO NOT ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your call won’t get your order. EVER! I tried to call to cancel my order and emailed as well, since the item wasn’t going to arrive before Christmas. Well, the company changed it’s original phone # 844-463-1127 (the one you would sit on hold for over an hour with) to their new # 800-793-5469 (which will ring, then go to busy signal or disconnect). Very convenient for them they can’t be reached. I finally had enough. I called my credit card company and cancelled the card # I provided when I placed my order and had a new one issued. IF the order is ever processed and IF they ever try to charge the original card #, too bad for them. I sent the email, which I still have my copy of, so I can dispute any charges that would sneak through, according to my credit card.

  95. I ordered this product for my grandson for Christmas. I also received the email stating that it was on back order. I have called numerous times and after being on hold for over 30 minutes, the call was disconnected. I have sent emails that they have not responded to. DO NOT order from this site.

  96. Don’t waste your time or money ordering online. I didn’t order for Christmas but for a birthday in January and I’m glad I did. It took over a month to get the bogo free track set. When it arrived it just came in a brown box with the contents listed on the outside. When I opened it up all the pieces were just lose. I was hoping to give it as a gift in the same packaging you can get at the store, but that’s not going to happen unless I buy another one at the store

  97. After seeing this product on TV I ordered three sets from Amazon and had them in a week. Can’t use Duracell “Quantum” batteries because battery positive post is too short to reach the contact in the battery box. Otherwise it’s a great toy, the grandnephew loved it, so I gave him a second set!
    I ordered extra items from the “Magic Tracks Store” and it went to back order immediately. Magic Tracks is owned by OnTell Products, who are mostly wholesalers. I tried to contact “customer service” many times and after two weeks gave up. I could not even cancel the order! Order form Amazon or buy it at a “big box” store!
    I decided to check out what else along these lines is available and discovered Twister Tracks, Neo Tracks, Build-A-Road, and Super Snap Speedway. I bought a set from each to test. All the tracks and vehicles work with the other brands! I have purchased and reviewed all of these products for local newspapers and TV stations. Mjndscope’s “Neo Tracks” is the way to go!

  98. Hi I am having the same problem. I called to cancel after being on hold for over an hour I was disconnected. I called back and got a fast double ring and then a busy signal. I sent an email to the address on their web site and it was returned as not deliverable. I’m wondering if this whole thing is a scam. It seems they have been on “back order” for almost a year. Sounds a bit suspicious, don’t you think?

  99. In October I bought 3 double sets for my 3 grandsons for Christmas, and when they opened them and we put brand new batteries in each of the cars, only one out of the six cars worked. Could not get the other 5 cars to work. We went as far as taking batteries out and replacing and still did not work. My grandsons were very disappointed and I would NOT recommend this product to buy!!!!!!!!!!! Do not waste your money on this product!

  100. I order this magic tracks since October and still didn’t get it. I call they told me I will get it for Christmas. I called again today and was told that the manufacturer did send anything so I will not receive till January, worse service ever.

  101. Whoa, me too ?
    Saw an order for $175
    Have tried all day to cancel
    No luck with either the 800 # or the website
    First got connected to Spanish speaking only ?
    Ordering on line ?
    Any advise as to now make sure I am not charged on my credit card ?
    Thanks ❗️

  102. I ordered this over a week ago – i just received an email saying I will not have it in time for Christmas. I have emailed the customer support email address 3 times and have tried calling them – the last time i was on hold for an hour and they disconnected me. I have not heard back from anyone. Very poor Customer Service!

  103. OMG this is the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I am so glad that I am not the only one. They claim that it has been delivered. Still not received yet. Called the customer service number just rings and hangs up. Called the number on the website and of course it has been changed, how do you change a number like that when you are a business. TERRIBLE Would never recommend.

  104. I have been reading everyone’s complaints. I just ordered 2 orders on Dec. 5, 2016….and I’ve been calling since Fri. Dec. 9, 2016….the first thing is the customer service # they have me during my ordering time, is wrong. They have me a 844- 463- 1127, when you call, it’s an automated system that tells you the new customer service # is: 800- 793- 5469. Every time I call, it rings 2x, then immediately goes to busy signals. I went to the website to get the original order # and they keep apologizing got the problems, but yI’m still, they can’t help me with my issues. They can’t find either of my orders in the system. I placed 2 different orders. One to go to my grandchildren in one state, and the other order to go to another state for my other grands. This is ridiculous. They can’t trace my orders at all in the system and I can’t receive a decent customer service #, and never received any confirmation email like I was promised. I’m going to report this to the BBB..THIS IS CRAZY….and I’m going to alert my credit card co. Stopping my order. If it comes through.

  105. This is bull I can’t get a response called 3 different numbers and emailed how can I get in touch with them to cancel my order. Thank you

  106. HELP, I have 6 different phone numbers, one of which is in Canada. I still can’t get ahold of any customer service representatives. Email doesn’t help either. I have sent 15, still waiting on a response.

  107. i saw the TV commercial in September and ordered four sets to give as gifts to grandsons. Called the company “customer service” number late October and was told of delay and still be ok for xmas. File indicated to ship in a couple of weeks. It is now December 8 and even after receiving a card from the company stating that the product would be shipped by December 1st, my call to customer service indicated following:
    Magic Tracks will not be shipped to canada, my order is on hold.
    EXTREMELY poor service, very very poor customer service, company failed in all aspects of customer satisfaction…pretty amazing on the money they spent in months of tv commercials and they can’t even ship product. I hope the board of directors has the opportunity to review with the operations staff in how to manage the failed business.

  108. YOU HAVE to put in your credit card information first before anything, then they asked you atleast 10 questions about adding this and adding that……so I added some things to my cart to see the end price…..the price was $75……so I started over, I did not want to pay that. Then I added a car and a bridge and the total was $50 something, hoping I would get a discount, but didn’t, so then started over and only pressed NO over and over to everything and it was $32 something dollars so I went to press submit……..and then realized there isn’t a submit button as soon as there isnt anymore add-ons you are charged…so I ordered 3 times. I IMMEDIATELY CALLED a was told it would take “forever” to get through but finally talked to someone that asked me my name AND like a robot told me a 3 to 4 minute speech about magic track, so I gave her my online story and was told I had to call another number and was given an email address. I called and was on hold 1 hour before I hung up. I emailed them and they responded with when did you order, if it has been less than 24 hours I cant see anything about your order. After 24 hours I emailed again……nothing……emailed the next day……nothing….and have emailed 2 more times different days and nothing. SO I DECIDED to email from a different email address without giving them my name and they responded immediately, when I told them yes it has been over 24 hours I never got an responses again

  109. What a bunch of yahoos. Ordered 2 sets in October, called in December to have a status and the only thing they say is that there is a back order but THEY DON’T KNOW WHEN. A popcorn company that is chewing more than they can handle !!!

    A real online disapointment

  110. Pam,
    First Magic Track set ordered is $19.99 + $5.99 P&H, & the “Get One Free” set is + $5.99 P&H, Second Track set ordered is $19.99 + $5.99 P&H, & the “Get One Free” set is + $5.99 P&H
    $19.99 x 2 Track Sets=$39.98 + $5.99 P&H per Track Set x (4 Track Sets Total)=$23.96 P&H + $1.00 “Web Fee” per Track Set (you ordered TWO SETS = $2.00) so your invoice should read:
    $19.99+$11.98 ($5.99+$5.99)+$1.00 “Web Fee”……1st Track Set & Free Track Set
    $19.99+$11.98 ($5.99+$5.99)+$1.00 “Web Fee”……2nd Track Set & Free Track Set
    INVOICE TOTAL DUE…….$65.94 for FOUR complete Magic Tracks Sets
    Hope this helps you to understand your invoice charges. 🙂

  111. Ordered in Oct and still not here and no way to cancel. Should have waited and got it from Wal-Mart… Bad Business VERY UNHAPPY customer

  112. I ordered these online from the Magic Tracks page. I finally got them and they came packed in a plain brown box held together with one piece of tape. They don’t come in the same box you see in the store or as seen advertised. Also the tote bag they send to carry them around in is one like you would find at the dollar store. It’s a single drawstring bag made out of cheap material that will probably rip the first time it’s used and can not be worn on the child’s back. It also looks too small to hold anything more than a few pieces. I called and was on hold for over an hour and they did refund me $7 for my dissatisfaction however that dosent change the fact that what they sent looks to be a cheap knock off of the product. I’m sure my son will know what they are when he opens the generic brown box they came in on Christmas morning. I would have gladly payed the extra $7 in the store for 2 full price sets.

  113. I ordered magic tracks on the as seen on tv site. I order a couple of extra cars and another accessory. I too was told that everything was on back order. It took a month and a half to get it and paid quite a bit for shipping. I later found that it is sold in stores and I could have gotten it without the shipping charges. I took it out and we enjoyed it for a day. I now have two of the five cars that either won’t turn on or off. The switch is poorly constructed in the cars. The boys love playing with it though, and I am going to see if the company will replace the two cars

  114. Hi Barb – I am also in the same boat. Have tried to call customer service numerous times to cancel order and there is no one available. I have emailed them twice now as well to cancel and have not received a response.

  115. I bought the magic track set from wal greens for $19.99. It does work like they advertise and they had it set up so I knew what I was buying before I bought it. My 7 year old son loves it. It only takes 2 mins to set up. I would recommend buying from a store so if something happens you can take it back without paying shipping.

  116. I purchased this 2 months before my sons 4th birthday. I received it in time. Both cars did not work. I requested for replacement July 28th, 2016. I have called twice to inquire. It has been 20 weeks/5 months I have been waiting for a replacement. I regret this purchase. Very poor quality. Very poor customer service. I am extremely upset as a consumer. If I do not recieve my product this week, I am going to file a claim with my credit card company and with the Better Business Bureau.

  117. This is bull I order the magic track for my son for his birthday ahead of time . And I received an email 3 weeks later saying that it’s shipped. Then don’t tell me I wait about a month to receive it. Why pay a high amount of s&h if u guys are gonna take forever. I always order things online and this is the worst experience ever …. Will not order from you again !!!! ?

  118. Finally received magic tracks BUT NOT WHAT I ORDERED. I ordered 2 deluxe comes with 440 tracks, 2 CARS and other items. I received 40 TRACKS, 2 CARS and DECALS. I paid over $40 and this is what MY GRANBABY GETS, SERIOUSLY. Calling customer service and no response so I’m out that $$ don’t think so. I no I have 2 take them to court. It’s the principle of the matter. This was for MY GRANBABY. SO LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. I want to cancel my order but what when I call the Customer Service # it goes through an apologize and tells me I can check my order on the website then hangs up. I never get a chance to talk to a live person. I have also emailed them to cancel but no response. Any suggestions?

  120. We purchased the tracks,and right off had to send one car back because the wheels wouldn’t turn.second problem with the replacement car was with on/ off switches would get stuck in on position. Just finished repairing another wheel problem where wheels separated, thank goodness for crazy glue. Nice toy for the price,the grandson loves his and wants more. Oh one more thing raise sidewalls of the tracks so cars won’t jump the track!

  121. Awful company to do business with. Original order was late, one broken car, no replacement has been sent since my inquiry in August. It is now December.

  122. The car did not work. We fixed the battery connection by taking the car apart but now the wheels turn very slowly. The car is poorly designed and poorly made. i would not want to store it in my house because the electrical connections are not right let alone let young children play with it unsupervised.

  123. I thought I would test the car and tracks before giving them as a gift. Car will not start. I tried my husband tried car simply does not work. Brand new AAA batteries followed instructions. looks like the car is a piece of junk. Tracks looked cool though. In my opinion Just another “As Seen on TV” ripoff.

  124. We got my son one from walmart, and the car does work, as I see in many of the reviews, their car didn’t work. Our problem is, the track does NOT glow AT ALL. Pretty bummed about that as is my son. It was a reward for him for getting rid of him binky after 3 long years lol. Anyways, where can I get more cars for it? And does anyone have any advice on what we can do about the track not glowing? There was no number given with the set & I have tried holding it under lights and shining a flashlight under it but that didn’t work :/

  125. Diana Dunovan – If I have to return it I will get back $107.97, they will keep the $1 web fee and of course the S&H of $23.96

  126. Tonyw6568, it wouldve been nice to be able to confirm my order, the website doesnt let you. I sorta thought that they were going to charge me $5.99 for each set (in my case I bought 2 sets so I got the $23.96 charge. but what really freaked me was the upgrading to deluxe – it upgrades all 4 to deluxe so that is an additional $40, then I added the fire truck and police car for an additional $10, plus $1 for webcharge, then I bought the criss cross track for $10, and also bot the tower bridge for $7.99. My total is $132.93 – I mean woah really? I try to go back to their website to see what I should be expecting for the deluxe magic track sets but it only takes me to the order that i placed. so if anyone knows what to expect from the deluxe magic track I would appreciate it if you could tell me.

  127. Maybe there is a plastic piece on the battery you need to pull out, some things come with that to protect to battery from draining

  128. Just received my Magic Tracks needless to say was very disappointed! I ordered 2 and everything came loose in 1 box expected them to arrive in separate packaging as these were 2 separate Christmas presents. I would not suggest that anybody order this product it is a total ripoff. Seriously doubt that I will order from this company again. When I tried calling customer service got a recording twice and then it hung up on me!!!!

  129. I have been trying to cancel my order with Magic Track (if anyone and tell me the trick to this please do) and the customer service number is just a recording. I have emailed twice and still haven’t gotten anywhere and when I call the number you use to order the toy I get told that number is just to place orders they can’t do anything else and they give me the customer service number. If you want this toy I would say go to Walmart or As seen on TV store don’t order it from Magic Track. I have even told them that I was going to be letting people know I was very displeased with the customer services if I didn’t hear back from my emails and they don’t care cause I still didn’t hear back from them so I’m getting the word out there. Order still not canceled.

  130. How can I contact the manufacturer? I just bought 2 sets for grandkids for Christmas at Walmart. We put new batteries in each car and neither one of them work.

  131. I purchased 2 sets of these. We put the batteries in the cars & neity one of them worked…Has anyone else had this problem?

  132. I purchased this for my grandson (4) & granddaughter (7). They (Grandma too!) have had hours & hours of fun creating new twists & turns with the tracks & building tunnels & bridges with their blocks and Legos. Make sure to stock up on batteries, the good ones, as you will need them! When you’re all done playing, pick everything up and put it in the nice bags provided

  133. I wish I’d checked the online reviews before I ordered this lame Magic Track product. I ordered in early October for a late November birthday and late November is here but no Magic Track. Email inquiries haven’t been answered and when I tried to call customer service it just disconnected.

    The only good thing is that they haven’t hit my card and the email I got saying the product was back ordered did say my card wouldn’t be charged until the product was shipped. Since I’m running out of time, it looks like my only alternative is just to go to the bank and cancel the payment.

  134. I ordered 2 double sets + extras. Paid $84.00 and I got everything in brown Made in China boxes that look like a flea market find. The outside of box says Magic Tracks 2 pk kits, but does not tell you how many pieces are inside. You can not see inside box as is totally generic brown box. I do not want to open to count because I am going to mail it back. These were Christmas gifts that I ordered in July and received in November but am too embarrassed to give them out because of the packaging. These are NOT in the packaging as seen in the advertised pictures. I would recommend just buying from the store and not direct from Magic Track if the insist on having them. I don’t.

  135. Worst customer service ever! They don’t tell you when you place the order or before you order that there is a six week back order wait time. You cannot get through to them on the phone and less you’re willing to wait 10 minutes on hold to a recording telling you good news we’re expecting product soon. Total lie! Not sure if I will ever see this product. When I finally talk to someone they said it looks like next year they will have product in. So forget this idea for Christmas!

  136. No ? good, after reading all this stuff definitely I’m going to cancel my two order i already wait 4 weeks and they say aren’t back ordered

  137. I would never order this toy. The commercial is so loud and so obnoxious that I immediately either tun the volume down or switch channels. I don’t buy ANY product that has horrible commercials. It’s a great way to protest!

  138. Yes, they sell them at Wal*Mart…however, after reading the reviews, I was hesitant on buying Magic Tracks. My son begged…I bought it..
    Got home and followed the assembly instructions to a “T”.
    Set the track up no problem and pieces of track fit nicely together.
    It’s obvious that the reviews were done internally and the manufacturing of product is having issues.
    I’m quite dissatisfied.

  139. After reading all the reviews. i will not be ordering. Thank you to all who took the time to tell it like it is.

  140. Back order issue – does this product really exist? Ordered in September and told it was on backorder for 6-9 weeks. Well, 9 weeks later and they are still telling me it is on backorder 6-9 weeks. This is horrible and will obviously not arrive for a Christmas gift for my grandson. Will find other toy now.

  141. i bought too tracks and cars tracks are good idea works great the cars are junk out the box one work bought one more worked 10 min.switches are bad on two one car left work 1 hour fun but not for lone you fix your cars u have a good toy for all age i am 64 wont buy agine

  142. Scam company. I ordered directly off website and it was supposed to be 19.99 plus 6.95 shipping and get one free. Fees were added in and found my credit card to be charged for $51. Tried to contact them to return and got no answer. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. You’d be better off buying a chia pet.

  143. Thank you Sara!
    I planned on buying this for my grandson’s birthday that is the 30th of this month. I would have been besides myself if it didn’t show up in time.

  144. The commercial shows the cars racing around the track without human assistance. Does not happen!! And I inserted the batteries into the cars!! The grandchildren had fun putting together the tracks, but they lost interest very quickly when they realized that they had to crawl around the track moving the cars. Can’t something be done about this kind of fraudulent advertising?

  145. We bought 2 of these tracks thinking they would be real cool, but they are not. The cars are not very fast at all and they use so much battery consumption! We put brand new name brand batteries in the cars and within an hour the batteries didn’t have enough juice to power them. We replaced them with more new ones and they did the same, only it was about 20 mins. and the batteries were dead!!
    The grandkids are so unhappy….we wish we never would’ve bought these tracks!

  146. I have read your reviews however the only research I did was watch the commercial. Now my g-baby’s birthday is Nov 8 he lives on the west coast. I just ordered it Nov 5 I live in the Midwest. I was looking at getting the one set for 19.99 at Walmart and they would have had it there on his birthday. Now I am upset because the reps keep saying since the review in Jan 2016 that they did not expect such a large demand and this has been said even in Oct.2016. I don’t want to deal with these reviews. I read reviews when I got my Jeggings and the various reviews were saying that they did not get their Jeggings for months and I called and tried to cancel and guess what they were already sent. Sooooo enough of worrying about what others say. What I did not notice is that the people that got their Magic Tracks did not specify that what they got is what was advertised. Did the tracks glow in the dark?? So I went on and watched the reviews, the glow of the track is not as bright as it shows on the commercial. I did not know that that batteries are not included some people modified the car to make the tracks glow. huh! I will not be there when my grandchild gets his package and my daughter will not spend time trying to do anything for him. How many adults saw the ad and you wanted it so you purchased the toy for your loved ones …it is not for us, so we all have to think about how they feel would feel about the toy… period. I don’t put a price on my loved ones happiness. If I can’t afford it why bother looking. my grandchild will be 2 so I think that he would have fun playing with a race car that has lights and a track that he can move without it breaking apart and the extra car and set is more of the same but it will be bigger. If he does not get it this month on his birthday it is fine with me. However I wish that I would have stuck with my first thought and ordered it from Walmart because they promised to have it delivered on his birthday!

  147. I ordered one today, but after reading all these comments I phoned and cancelled it, I told the guy on the phone they have terrible reviews, & he said their still on back order, I asked why they don’t tell their customers? And when I phoned this Brian said WHAT’S YOUR PHONE NUMBER, I said, what’s my phone number please…lol,

  148. Buy a real slot car set from a hobby shop. You will have something much nicer, realistic and durable.

  149. I order the magic tracks using my credit card , someone used my credit card and made a purchase without my permission

  150. I have spent over $125.00 on the Magic Tracks. It is a really neat set up; however, the problem is that many of the cars do not work for some reason. Doesn’t make sense. I ordered on two occasions 8/23/2016 and 9/16/2016 and received both very timely. I have sense contacted Magic Tracks about the cars not working and they said they would send replacements. To date, I should have 7 working cars but only have two. I should be getting 1 blue car, 2 red cars, 1 green car, 1 police car and 1 fire truck. I have followed up first of October and all I ave been told is they have had an overwhelming request and they are on back order. Strange since they still advertise them on TV and other magazines. Are past orders that have not been filled really on back order or are they just filling the NEW ORDERS?

  151. I first saw this cool fun looking track set by channel surfing and saw something that really caught my eye. it was on QVC months and months ago this year , 2016. I knew of QVC but never watched because my money stretches only so far and I really don’t like shopping even tho I’m a girl. I have a Godson and the cars and tracks that lit up with led lites looked pretty appealing, even tto me. Apparently QVC has a day that they will only run Christmas products for one last time before Christmas. I could be wrong but I know Magic Tracks info ran twice if not more that day. So outta curiosity I looked up reviews on QVC. There was no hassle like so many of you are going thru with this dysfunctional company
    (oh my the magic track info commercial is running right now……baddd) but many reviewers talked about the cars breaking almost right away, battery problems , many problems you good people above had, There was only one man who said he bought the Magic Tracks for himself. He told how he set it up and NEVER played with the cars. He never pushed pulled or handled the cars rough at all except for placing them on the tracks. Was he legit ? I don’t know. He said he set the track up and just let it run.
    Well kids like to play. If I do purchase something like Magic Tracks, I will be reading and weeding thru many more websites to read more reviews. If purchased at a store, at least be sure about return policy, Walmart Target ToysrUs etc, maybe even a Rite Aid if you have one where you live.
    There’s soooo many scams out there now days. No body needs issues with their credit card billing or
    rude uncaring customer service or a purchase that doesn’t hold up. If it’s bought for a child , how disappointing would it be to go thru all that hassle only to have it end up junk in a very short time. I’m going to sift thru some more websites and lots of reviews. Thank you to the people that mentioned different stores and Amazon. Be very careful for ill dysfunctional companies. Hope this helps someone.

  152. Martin I just called customer service and got someone without being put on hold. The number to call is 844-463-1127. I was told they are 6 weeks behind.

  153. Mariah read what the poster said about batteries 2 days after your comment. They found out that only certain brands will work. Duracell is too powerful for the cars and won’t work.

  154. UPDATE- 10/28/16 1:51 pm ET…I just called customer service and didn’t even get put on hold. 844-463-1127. I was told they are 6 weeks behind schedule in getting orders out. So if you planned on ordering today and giving away for Christmas, don’t bother you’d be disappointed. Hope this helps and hope that if you had a different number for customer service this one will help you find out the order of your status. (I won’t be placing an order since I wanted it for the grandsons for Christmas.)

  155. Stan where did u get your information its is still advertise and it is not being pulled and does not have safety violations

  156. I ordered online because of the buy one get one free promotion. They charged me for 2 sets and of course the extra processing and handling and $1 for internet order. When I called to ask why I was charged for 2 sets the rep just kept repeating what my order was. I tried to explain that I knew I’d get charged the extra processing and handling but that I wanted to know why I got charged for 2 sets at $19.99. They already waited a eeek to email me and let me know my order was back ordered but not mention how long the projected wait would be, So when I called I ended up cancelling my order since they couldn’t even understand what I was asking about in reference to not getting the buy one get one offer and couldn’t tell me an estimated wait time till the order shipped. I never order things I see from commercials and decided to try it this time because I have 2 boys that want a set…. I’m disappointed.

  157. I ordered 2 of the deluxe sets is this what you ordered was a little confused about what came with the set thank you JOY hartzell

  158. I bought these tracks on 10/15/2016 and received them on 10/27/16 which I would say was quicker then the rep told me it would take to get here . I’m very pleased with the produce although , I wish they would have explained that you can only use Panasonic or energizer batteries because I sat here for about 10 minutes trying to figure out why the car wasn’t working with Duracell, I then called and they said duracell is to powerful for the car . Bloop 6 dollars down the drain ……well atleast it worked with Panasonic plus they are cheaper then Duracell ones anyway : p

  159. I read that duracell quantum batteries have issues with working with this product perhaps you might want to check if thats the problem hope it could help

  160. I have a deluxe magic tracks still in the box and I paid $143 for it. I will see it and ship it to you for $100.

  161. I bought this at the store for my sons birthday, the cars do not work! I emailed customer service and got a response back their response was to return his gift ! Seriously how do you explain to a four-year-old that you have to return his gift because it doesn’t work !

  162. Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s waiting on the slow boat from China! I ordered a set on September 14, 2016 and it’s now Oct 24, 2016 and still no Magic Tracks. I ordered the set way early (or so I thought) so it’d be here in plenty of time for my Grandson’s 5th birthday. These idiots have just 2 more weeks to get it to me on time or I’ll have to cancel my order and take my money to Walmart or Kohl’s or the like that do stock the toy. Not good business practice on Magic Tracks part – and they keep advertising!

  163. No one has said anything about the type of batteries used. Even on line I’ve seen nothing. Since you bought one could you tell me ? And is it cheaply made? How many tracts are with it?
    Thanks you

  164. thank you all for your comments, wanted to buy 2 sets for my son this Christmas. I even tried calling the 1-866 number on the Canadian site and there is no service. WOW what a scam this site is!!! by looking on amazon I found this. Mindscope neo tracks. Looks like a more reliable company

  165. I just received my magic track, when I opened my DELUXE order, I was very disappointed!!! Nothing what I was told that I would get was there. When I called to place the order, the company told me I could get one for $19.99 + shipping and handling and a second one for just shipping. BUT WAIT for $5.00 more I could make that a DELUXE order, and with that I could get more track (the only reason I ordered the DELUXE) tunnels and stickers and a carrying bag. After looking at what I got, I called the company only for them to tell me that ” no they don’t offer more track in the DELUXE, just tunnels, stickers and a bag.” I told no they told me that there would be extra track, go back and listen to the recording (which they told me I would be recorded when I called to order) she told me she was but I was not offed extra track, she also would not let me hear what was being said. So read the reviews before you order, DO NOT BUY THIS TOY!!! The tracks that are pulled a part is the size of a band-aid and I could hardly put it back together with out breaking it. This was a big joke!!!!!!

  166. I placed an order on October 8th online via my phone and received it today (10/20/ 16 with no problems. I noticed when I pulled up the websites there were more than one. Maybe that had something to do with it. I hope everyone has better luck. They seem to be a great toy for the price.

  167. My husband bought this for my son last week, in rite aid for $20. My son loves it, the tracks are flexible, car is battery operated, lights up and it glows in the dark. Amazing product. Will purchase another one for my brother for Christmas!

  168. I ordered the 2 deluxe sets, after the backorder I finally recieved them. I got 8 packages of 5 track pieces not 440 that is advertised. Called customer service and was told that each piece of track counts as 11 pieces. Haven’t used yet since it’s a christmas present hope the product is better than their advertising.

  169. I really was going to buy these…started to read the reviews and now I am more excited about the comments! They can be funny… So…credit card goes back into my wallet and I will continue reading…people work hard for their money…they shouldn’t be bamboozled because they love their children and/or grandchildren…thanks for the honest feedback….saved my grandchildren from heartbreak…
    How about giving people customer service instead of writing positive things for items that obviously don’t work…

  170. Thanks for you reply to Clyde. Clyde is either a bonefide idiot as you say, or is another of the shills that work for the company that post the same lame defenses for this company. Sadly, though, much if not all of the stuff offered on “order one and get one free” TV adds are cheap and a ripoff. They make a lot of their money on the bogus shipping and handling costs. Charging double for their stated S&H fees when often you cannot order one is of course a scam. My advice for all is to never ever order anything “as seen on TV”. This is where vendors sell products that would not hold up in normal distribution channels.

  171. Kathleen, what exactly came with your MO 2PK KIT? Because my order form shows I ordered this, but what I received isn’t what I remember ordering, and their customer service hasn’t gotten back to me yet.

  172. We ordered it last month it came on the 8 of this month so I feel most of these thumbs down are phonies It is going to be a Christmas present for our 6 year old. We are very happy with this item. It really works and is really awesome.. So I do not understand how some are saying that extra stuff was added to their order or they haven’t received theirs after months, because we got ours after only 3 wks. Just remember some will write reviews even when they never really ordered things that they leave reviews for. This is an awesome item and our son will have an awesome present come christmas. Ours was on back order as of the 2nd and shipped on the 8th very happy with the out come. Debra

  173. My son and I saw the commercial on tv and he thought they were great.
    I ordered from on September 3, 2016. Got an email notice that said order is complete. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
    It’s now October 14, 2016, still no magic tracks after 5 weeks.
    Tried to check my order status online…nothing found.
    Tried the 1-866 number…Not in service. Of course.
    What a joke.
    Next call will be to credit card company.

  174. Order middle of September for my nephews bday. Called back 10/05/16 due to wrong address on order. The order had not been shipped yet and I was assured the address would be changed and given a new order number. Received a email that the order was shipped 10/6/16. I received a email the order was to arrive 10/14/16, received another email order delivered 10/14/16 @ 10:40am. I did not receive the package so I called customer service and found out they had shipped to the wrong address anyway. It’s now on back order will take 3-6 weeks again before it’s shipped. Customer service put me on hold several times for 10 or more minutes they we nice and apologetic assured me again it would be shipped to the correct address. I hope this happens since I have already been charged for it. I suggest if you order don’t need it by a certain date.

  175. AWFUL experience with the buying process, overcharged for this over hyped product. Extremely dismayed that any business would structure their online buying process in this manner to be elusive and add charges even with the classic “fine print so small you wont see it” style of predatory sales. Hoping for a full avoidance of the charges before they hit my credit card and have to cancel my bank card and wait for a new one in order to move on without this junk in my life. What a waste of time!

  176. I got 2 buy one get one……so my G-BABY will have lots of track & fun……got bridges…… truck police car……….all kinds of extras wish I could give it to him now……..but it’s for Christmas……it looks great….

  177. order it’s great but you’ve got to order very early………got mine today for Christmas…….G-BABY is going to love it

  178. These tracks are a joke the cars broke down within the first use and the customer service is ten times worse. Fourth months ago I was told my cars were on back order and would arrive after numerous phone calls and a vicious argument they are still on “backorder” do NOT order these tracks they are horrendous

  179. I was just about to order this product for my grandson for Christmas, I’m very glad I decided to check the comments. You all have been very helpful and I will not be ordering this.

  180. Yes I just called there today to return it. The address is 2880 North Lamb Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89115. They will not pay for shipping which I think is bullshit.

  181. This is junk. The cars were broken when I received them in the mail. I called right away (August 17) and was told I would receive placement cars in 4 weeks. It is not 2 months later and have not received anything. Everytime I call, they say another 4-6 weeks. I am returning it and of course they are making me pay for the shipping which is bullshit since it was damaged when I received it. Nobody at customer service knows what they are doing and just give the same old story over and over again. Put a call into the supervisor who of course never returned my call (gee there’s a shock).

  182. I ordered this thinking it was buy 1 get one. but I was charged39.99 pluss11.98 for shipping so final cost was $62.97. I understand the shipping but not the buy 1 ge1 free (it is not free). plus $1.00 service fee.


  184. Every ad and the website says “Pay $5.99 S&H PER set. How do people order stuff online and not read what they’re a paying before placing the order? One “buy one get one” order is for sets of track… $5.99 for each set =$11.98. If you order TWO buy one get one order you are ordering a total of FOUR sets x $5.99=$23.96. Not rocket science…

  185. My daughter ordered this for my grandson and he played with it one day and the cars stopped working. We put new batteries in them but that didn’t work. It was like there was a problem with the wiring inside of it. It wouldn’t even run.

  186. I ordered online at Seen on TV and received it in a week!
    The little racecar doesn’t work!!
    We are really disappointed because we bought this for our grandson

  187. Please stop ordering as seen on tv garbage . I have never gotten anything good . My son wants this for Christmas and it seems like a very disappointing toy . This company should go out of business . I don’t even have this toy and just reading some of these post I would never buy this product . Thank you for posting .

  188. I ordered Magic Tracks and was told 10-15 days. 4 weeks later and no goods.
    Can’t get hold of anyone on the phone – voicemail says phone back later in the week!
    Emails are not replied to ….

  189. We ordered the buy one get one free, but had to pay separate s&h. Yet both were in same box so second one was actually half off and not free.
    Second issue we have is the commercial and all adds show a BRIGHT glow in dark track where you can see the track colors very brightly. Well they glow the same eerie green, have to put under light for hours to see a little bit, does GLOW BRIGHT at all unless car is going around and the LED lights are shining . Very disappointed! !!

  190. I saw the same item in Wal-Mart on Saturday. This is just a scam to get you to buy from them. I will never ever order stuff that say you can’t find it in stores. A bunch of bull.

  191. I ordered these and got them and 2 out of the 4 cars didn’t work so I called and got Jake on the phone very very polite young man and he said he would replace the 2 cars. it would take 3 weeks to get them. he also said you should NOT use Duracell batteries for they are to strong for the cars. so if you need to talk to them ask for Jake you will not be sorry.

  192. Ordered from a commercial on TV. Was told would receive it in 3 – 6 weeks…got it in7 days! Quick service and received both sets (buy one get one) ! Only problem is that I didn’t know the cars needed batteries so now on my way to store to get them! Hopefully this will be a good toy for 3 year old great-grandchildren! He already loves the tracks that we put together!

  193. My Grandson rec’d this for his 2nd Birthday not by one person but by 2 which is kewl cause he has Extra Tracks and 3 Cars. The Tracks are Bendable and Easy to Snap Together, Easy to take apart, and the Cars are Fast. My boyfriend taken Lego’s and Made Bridges so When 1 Car is going over the other is going under. Needless to say I can’t speak for Customer Service or Ordering Process but I can Tell you that my 2yr Old Grandson Loves it. Just make sure you keep Triple AAA Batteries on hand each Car Requires 3.

  194. Yes. They sneak that one in and don’t even warn you ahead of time. You get the confirmation of your order and a “by the way, we also charged you an extra buck. Thanks for your generosity.”

  195. I bought a double set for my grandsons for Christmas. They arrived quickly and when I tried them out neither of the cars worked. I called Customer Service and got a number for the return. I understand that their return policy does not included shipping but it cost me another $12 to return a product that did not work. That was $24 total shipping for something that didn’t work in the first place. The cars are very cheaply made and I don’t think they would have lasted very long being played with by three boys.

  196. My Grandkids saw the tracks on TV and asked me to ordered them in June.
    2 for 1 deal.19.98
    I ordered 2 deluxe sets with a bridge and tunnel, with the fees my total was 52.97
    It took about 5 weeks to arrive. The sets were missing the bridges and tunnels. The blue car was broken.
    I called customer service 3 times trying to get the issue resolved. I requested a refund on the accessories that I didn’t receive and a replacement for the blue car.
    I was never offered a refund but I was told they would shipped a new car and accessories. I didn’t received them,
    The second time I called I was told they were on back order.
    Third time I was given a confirmation number and was told to check my order status , which I did and it read. Status Closed.
    I emailed customer service with no response.
    My Grandsons 4 and 6 loved the tracks while the red car was still working. It broke within 2 weeks, the back wheel fell off.
    Long story short, I got ripped off.
    They have No customer service and it’s just another , made in China toy .

  197. My mom purchase 2 magic tracks 1st one motor worked after 4xs my son played with it, it quit working-we thn replaced the batteries and the motor smelled burnt. That car was trashed, thn open the 2nd box put the batteries in the car and motor smelled burnt. My mom just called and was called a LYING BITCH by a supervisor!!!!!!!! Trying to get the cares replaced bunch of crap!!!!

  198. I ordered magic tracks for my grandson and he loved it, he played with it for about 2 hrs and the back wheel came off and the fun was over! Needless to say I proceed to tell my grandson we have to send it back for a new one, he cried and cried! He asked if he could just play with the tracks and put his hot wheels on the tracks, I said ok and he doesn’t want to send it back he will just use his hot wheels he said! So the tracks are great the car not so much! The car needs to be better made for durable ability!

  199. I ordered Magic Tracks for my 3 year old son. We also ordered the bridge that you could buy extra. We had no problems with shipping. It came in about 8 business days. We received it yesterday and this is all he wants to play with! It’s an awesome toy. I’m 29 and even I love it lol. The possibilities with the tracks are endless. But for some reason, it will NOT work with Duracell batteries. I have no idea why, but it won’t. This toy is so much fun and I highly recommend it.

  200. Special tool??? It takes a phillips head screwdriver…who doesn’t have one of those? I even opened one with a pair of tweezers. Really???

  201. I ordered this for my grandson and received in 2 weeks. He is 7 and we are both thrilled with the toy. It set up in minutes. He can change the shape of the track at any time, even while the cars are running on it. The cars seem quite durable…enough to last through his favorite game, running the cars in opposite directions on the tract and making them crash into each other. I like that they have the lights on them so when they “escape” from the track and run under the couch, they are easy to find by following the lights. Playing in the dark is his favorite. His little brother, age 4, has a great time playing with the set as well. My grandson saved his own money to buy this for himself…what a great investment. We are VERY HAPPY !!!

  202. Please send me a phone number and email address that work. I’ve tried each on from your home page about eight times each and either get no reply from your phone number or a rejected email.

    I am about to cancel my order. Do you care?

    dennis Boswell

  203. An 844 number for “customer service” will get you to someone in Cambodia, India, or the Philippines. Dial the original 800 # during (our) business hours, and ask specifically to speak to C/S in USA.

  204. The number of “track pieces” they advertise are the itty bitty individual links of each Track Segment… go figure!
    Was thinking about getting this for my Grandson. Changed my mind after these, and YouTube reviews. If customer service is 866 number, you’ll be talking to someone out of USA.

  205. Scam! I called to order magic track and after she took my credit card number she began to try to sell me more parts and cars and I kept telling her I didn’t want more but she wouldn’t shut up. Then she said I would be getting one month free membership in a true value store and could order products from there but if i didn’t cancel my one month free then I would be charged $29.95 a month. At this point I said I didn’t want the order and to delete it. She said, once ordered, you can’t delete it, then she started to say I won a free trip to Florida and had to pay,, then I yelled for her to cancel the order then she hung up on me. I called customer support and told them the story, they said they would look for the order and cancel. I had to cancel my credit card and get a new one.

  206. ordered 2 magic tracks at toysrus online free shipping/ with tax it was a total of 42.50 with an estimated delivery for 5-7 days!!!

  207. Ordered online after seeing TV ads 9/10. Really suspicious transaction. Put in your credit card info, and BAM! it’s charged with no follow-up order confirmation page. I was charged WAY more that what was advertised, and the receipt did not even include what I had specified to receive. Tried to call –nope– only open M-F, 5-5:00.
    Called early Monday morning. On hold with really annoying/loud music for 10-15 minutes. “Samantha” offered to send me 2 track sets for the advertised price of 19.99 + shipping x2, and adjusted the charge to my credit card. I had ordered add-on accessories and an extra track & car, but she didn’t ask me about those or make any additional offers. I hesitated/protested a bit and she then offered to remove the additional 5.99 shipping charge for the second set of tracks! Well, I wasn’t going to argue about that, so we left off there.
    Oh.. And she said the tracks were “back-ordered” and would ship in 3-6 weeks. We shall see…

  208. The product sucks. Never again will I buy or recommend magic tracks to anyone.

    When I finally received the product, none of the cars worked and it was of cheap quality. I tried calling customer service at 844-463-1136 and all I got was an automated customer service recording that had me on hold for well over 20 minutes each time I called.

    No one answered my call in order to get a cancellation number in order to get my refund.

    Alright, it’s been 22:57 minutes on hold and I’m hanging up the phone.

    Never buy this product because it’s crap.

  209. I purchased magic tracks for my two grandsons three and two….and let me tell you it is one of the best toys I ever bought it keeps them entertained for hours they love these sets..they love changing the tracks shape and racing their cars. My three yr old. Got me to play with him in the dark we had a blast..I am so glad I bought these tracks for my kids…

  210. Saw the ad on TV and had a look at the website. Was going to whip out my credit card to place order, then I thought: Maybe I should Google around for some reviews. I’m really glad I did!

  211. We Love them, I ordered 2 sets and also magic tracks MO 2pk kit on August 26, they shipped on August 29th and I recieved them on August 31st. I have 4 grand kids a 7 year old 5 year old twins and a 2 year old 3 boys and 1 girl I got each of them a set. They love them and have hours of fun they are so flexable and easy to snap together they love connecting and creating. I highly recommend them and would give them proudly as a gift. ?

  212. The cars barely move. This is the definition of FALSE ADVERTISING!!!
    I don’t get it? U make a commercial with it moving fast as hell then u send out garbage. What then do u laugh maniacally knowing u ruined some kids day or upset parents?
    Why can’t h just make it work how about that!! No no no here is a car that barely moves with fresh batteries. U will have time to change the track before the car comes around BC the car could be out run by snail.

  213. The person taking the order was ridiculous tried to sign me up for Ballys and have up to me to cancel and endless sales pitch.
    Really obnoxious.!!!!!!

  214. I would be playing it now if it came with the special tool u need to put the batteries in.
    Are u trying to annoy people and get bad reviews? U really could have sprang for more accessible battery compartment. Ridiculous u set it up to BREAK!!!!

  215. I bought this for my son for his Birthday, which was 8/17…I ordered on 8/21, received a shipping notice on 8/23 and received his tracks on 8/31 or 9/1! (We were out of town when delivered!) My son LOVES them and He calls them his “Super Tracks”!! We had no issues while ordering! They did prompt you to add “Extras” to your order, but we just clicked “No” to what we didn’t want and the price WAS as advertised! We wanted the 2 sets for the Price of 1…and as it states…we pay just the S&H for the 2nd set…which is what we did! (If you start adding extras on…of course the $ will go up…but you don’t have to!) My other son wants his own set (so they can both play by themselves and together)…so we plan to order another BOGO set!

  216. The commercial is appealing, yes.. Dont let it fool you. Advice: Go to Toys R Us, or As Seen On TV store (this is located at Mall of America, for those in and near Minneapolis, MN). Never buy toys online. Online companies dont care what you order; they only care to receive their “interest” from the consumer paying for shipping and handling. And lets not go there about paying to return an item: so we add on to another company that makes “interest”, too!

  217. I don’t see any information as to what ages this toy is appropriate for. I am assuming not under 3, since the cars probably have small parts. Anyone know about the ages?

  218. Wow really, Clyde? How completely non judgmental and positively helpful of you. Do you work for the company like all the others posting here trying to defend the company’s business failure to maintain communication, failure to meet supply and demand and basic customer service standards?

    This is not an issue of money being tight. But rather one of being practical and not wanting to waste money for something that in their opinion after reading all of these reviews, simply isn’t worth the hype or the wait. Why on Earth would anyone willingly pay $23 in total fees for a second “free” set. A separate processing & handling fee that high for something that is allegedly free and costs less than $6.00 to ship is ridiculous. It’s a bit like reverse usury — paying for something, and the company is using their money while they wait, paying interest on their credit cards for product that reportedly takes weeks and sometimes months to receive as indicated above. Then they finally receive a product that doesn’t live up to the expectation of the children they were trying to make happy. Now let’s add insult to injury — They have to pay to return it and wait again for refund or replacement. These consumers would be better off purchasing two sets from Wal*Mart or Toys R Us, and then keeping them if satisfied or returning them for an immediate full refund or replacement.

    So… ya, Clyde — money must be that tight. What an idiotic remark. Where’d you go to business school? I’m guessing it wasn’t Wharton.

  219. Thank you for all the comments. Being a “as seen on TV junkie”, I’ve wasted hundreds of bucks worth of JUNK. Those days ended here.

  220. I’m gay. My real name is Charles Joseph Hurst, from Pasadena Maryland.
    I’m married to a half black woman who doesn’t know that I am secretly seeing a transgendered man. Never thought I’d be here but here I am. I love it. Transgendered love is the best.

  221. Yes, she’s strapped for cash. I’ve told her to turn tricks on the street but I guess she won’t…

  222. After further reading no I will not go to Toys R Us I understand it’s made very cheaply the cars and broken within minutes of the children playing with them know thank you

  223. , I thank you all for your comments I was going to order this for my nephew his birthday is August 22nd glad I read the reviews thank you I will be heading to Toys R Us

  224. After reading these comments I purchased neo tracks for my three year old. He loves them! The cars hold up great, especially since my son seems to find a way to break everything! I ordered mine from Amazon and received it a week later. So glad I didn’t purchase these! I will never purchase from this company after reading everyone’s comments! Thanks guys!

  225. My boys have seen the commercials for this for months and have been asking for them. I tried looking for them at Toys R Us and Wal-mart, because I wanted an easy refund in case they fell apart. I couldn’t find them anywhere else so I ordered them online. My boys were soooooo excited when they received it. Sadly one of the cars (red) , only lasted 45 mins. The track is fine. Now i’m searching for a more durable car that will fit on the track.

  226. How can this site recommend something that takes 30 days to receive, if at all? And for which there are as many thumbs down as thumbs up? That tells me this site is a shill for the manufacturers and can’t be trusted for its opinions to be unbiased. BTW, there are similar items on Amazon with two day shipping.


  228. After reading these reviews I would not go near this product.IIf I do see it at Walmart or Toys R US Im going to make sure it can be took back,After careful examing the product.Take the box to Customer Service up front and let them open the box so I can see for myself if it is wrought the money.Thank you I almost brought this piece of crap.I seen it advertised one night will late midnight,and I did not get the number down,and then it was showed again a lot earlier and I got the number,But what you have told me it is a piece of crap.I DID NOT ORDER THANK GODNESS

  229. My 4 yr son was continuously asking me to purchase a magic track which I finally gave into just to wait 4 weeks for a package for both cars not to work..I called them the same day they said they would send a replacement but we wouldn’t receive it for 36 weeks this is a completerip off

  230. My grandsons’ father bought 2 sets for the boys, and within 10 minutes, the first car broke after being dropped. 10 minutes later, the 2nd car suffered the same fate. As others have mentioned, this is a very cheaply made set. While the glow-in-the-dark tracks are neat, having incredibly lightweight, cheaply made cars to go on them means having to replace them with something else – costing more money than the set originally set you back. If these are made for children to play with, they need to be more durable. One drop from a height of about 1.5-2′ and the cars are DOA.

  231. its amazing how these people r allowed 2 keep ripping off everyone.I thank all who took time 2 let me no that this is not the people I want 2 do anything with TY

  232. Same amount came. Was told it had to measure 10 ft. Each section is about 3in. I think it is false advertsiment. Betty says:

    Received 32 pieces. Wanted to know where the rest were??? Was told it had to measure 10ft. The pieces are like 2in. long. False advertisement. They make it look so big. You have to purchase more track.

  233. Cheap plastic crap. It broke after a week. Not worth returning since most of the cost is S&H.

  234. The only thing that made me mad was the sneaky “web service fee” of $1.00 they snuck it in so they are charging you for buying it! I kid you not I was floored! Airlines charge you for phone service booking but completely free for the web for obvious reasons but this place is literally charging you to buy their product. Might seem petty considering it’s only a dollar but they don’t think anyone would notice meanwhile it adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for them. Enough said, other than that my son received his today, it came in maybe ten days after I ordered it. And he loves it! He is only three and gets easily frustrated at trying to put things together but he was actually able to build his own track by himself, thank God.

  235. I was going to buy a set of Magic Tracks as a Christmas gift for my grandson..however after doing my research for this product and reading all of these reviews…I have decided it’s best not to even attempt to buy it. Thank you to all the consumers who posted the red flag warnings. It’s really sad to see how much trouble and headaches this company has caused all of you to go through. Thank goodness for product reviews!!!! As they say buyers beware!!!

  236. Was gonna order for my grandsons birthday Aug 17 th. JUST SEEN THE AD ON TV. Thanks to u and many others i will not waste my time!!!!!!!!!

  237. Just an FYI since I didn’t know this until my order for 2 of the $19.99 toys was completed, the shipping cost is 23.96. I would have given this purchase a little more thought if I had realized how much I had to pay for shipping. I thought shipping was included in the $5.99 P&H, obviously it wasn’t

  238. Holy cow! I wish I was as smart as Mel to have researched this before I bought it for my g-sons birthday next week. It looks like so much fun for 2 active boys! I thought the set contained 11′ of track. If not, what a rip! Hopefully the 2nd “free” set will augment it! Maybe all of it will arrive by g-son #1s birthday in Oct.!

  239. I ordered the deluxe set and of course did not receive it. If the tunnels, etc are on back order then don’t charge my card until you have the supplies to send. Also I didn’t even receive a notice about not receiving my entire order. I called and suggested that they overnight it to me since they didn’t even bother to let me know I would not get the whole order. I have yet to hear back from anyone.

  240. You probably put a quantity of two instead of one. The quantity of ONE gives you 2 sets, it is a buy one get one offer. If you put quantity of two, you get TWO buy one get one sets, or a total of 4 sets of 220 tracks etc. I made the same mistake but caught it before I placed the order. My kids love it!

  241. I take orders for this product from the TV offer and have talked with many callers who not only order but call back again to reorder, and their friends or families call who have seen their kids play with Magic Tracks and want a set for their own kids too. Yes, as Dolores mentioned there were issues with long delivery times due to the unexpected popularity. As far as I know, this problem is now under control, I don’t hear complaints from people about delivery, but even so, it would be worth the wait. Reminds me of when the Elmo doll first came out and people were upset about THAT not being available. it’s just THAT popular. So, no worries, it’s a great product. The flexible track pieces are safe and kids just love to watch them glow and go. My kids even put towels over their windows in the daytime just to see them glow. My younger one keeps it going while he falls asleep at times, like a night light. No more problem getting that one to bed, I don’t mind stopping it once he’s out like a light. It is still advertised. This toy is A LOT of fun, my husband and I love to watch the kids play with it, the things they come up with, and say, it’s like they are in a land of their own. I encourage you to get the accessories as well for even a better experience that never gets old because there are soooo many possibilities.

  242. I got my order from Magic Tracks minus the delux part which they said was back ordered it only took 8 days to receive. However I was a bit concerned because it advertised buy one get one free for a total of 440 track pieces but what I got was 8 packs of 5 track pieces. When I called customer service I was told in order to correct the issue I have to send it back and pay the shipping cost. My husband thinks we got what they advertised and that they are counting each line as a track piece which would make each section 11 track pieces. Has anyone else had this experience, I just want to know if I need to send it back or did i get what I was suppose to?!

  243. Well, this is all confirmation to me that it is not worth purchasing online. My daughter saw this commercial just a few minutes ago, so of course i research before buying. All of these concerns are quite helpful, as i am not about to wait 4 plus months for some Plastic & cars. I also understand a company getting backed up, but the miscommunication or lack there of on their part is disheartening for any future customer.

  244. We just received our order from Magic Tracks. It took FOUR months! We received 1 email that it was on back order and no other communication. I called 3 times while waiting and was assured it would be sent soon. The order itself when it finally arrived is incomplete. We ordered the track and the accessories, the Deluxe set. Only the track and cars came, no accessories. I went on the website to see if I was remembering incorrectly what the Deluxe set contained since it had been so long. I had a similar experience that you can’t look without a credit card number and was charged for an additional set. When I was finally able to talk to customer service this morning, they said the rest of the order would be sent in a week (we’ll see). Also they stated they could not cancel the other order for 24-48 hours and it must be done with a phone call, not online. So I will have to call back.
    Overall, the set is fun but the website and customer service is horrible!!!! I would not order from them again and would recommend others not order either.

  245. I have to retract what I said about Magic Tracks previously . I finally got my order number so that I could call them back and have them tell me why so much was charged . This customer service rep was much better . She was friendly and knowledgeable . She adjusted my order that I could actually see her change on line and got it to the order and price that I originally wanted . $32 dollars is much better than $74. So she told me I would get it in about 2-3 weeks . I had to question her about this after reading the wait time on here . I told her that I have seen they just started in January and wondered if it was a supply and demand issue . She said that is exactly what it was . She said they never expected this respond for requests and they just couldn’t keep up with demand in a proper delivery time frame. She told me they fixed that issue now after they were so swamped over the first 6 months. She said that this product is just flying . So I will post as soon as get it to let you know what to expect when you order. She really made me feel better about it…but do mind the extra’s because the shipping is $11.98 for the buy one get one free …but if you order another buy one get one free…the shipping jumps to $23.96.

  246. My grandson too just saw the commercial on qubo and we ordered today . I also was charged for another set that I did not order. They do not let you see the total price before they charge your card.You expect to see the pre-price page before confirming but after all the ads for all he extras they want you to order for that and they other thing…. it goes right to “Thank you for your order”….75 bucks ? What ? It was suppose to be around 40 something. I am so upset . Has anyone actually received these tracks and if so …any time sooner than a month and a half ? Are they any good ?
    I called customer service and you are right Octavia…the customer service could care less and not helpful at all . If and when they cancel my order ….I will just wait for it to come to Walmart to the “as seen on TV section”…they all go there eventually .

  247. Just so you know..this product is still advertised. My son saw the commercial with me just this morning while watching qubo together. That’s what prompted me to come here for opinion. Thanks for letting us know about the problems. I’ll definitely research more before purchasing.

  248. I ordered magic track in February for my grandsons. Shortly afterward, I rec’d an email stating it is on back order. It’s now May and I am still waiting.

    I suspect this product is manufactured in China and they either encountered production problems or the item violated U.S. safety standards and was pulled from the market. The item is most likely harmful and dangerous. Possibly the luminescence and or plastic used is toxic or contaminated.

    In any case, you’ll never receive this product as it is no longer advertised.

  249. I order on February 17, 2016. Received an email notice on February 25 that my order was on “back order.” Called customer service April 1, 2016 and was told it would be shipped in 3 weeks. It is now May 13, I called and cancelled the order. This is crap, I have waited for other items purchased only for about a month, that is as long as I will go with no updates from the company. The website is shady, no one ever replies to emails. I would not order if you haven’t yet. There are comparable car tracks on Amazon and Target.

  250. I ordered this for my son almost a mth and a half ago and I still haven’t received it yet. Also when I went online to order extra items was added to my order wout me comfirmimg it. I had to call to have it removed. I am waiting and hoping that it comes bc my son really do want it, but I don’t know if it will come. I feel like the customer service isn’t that good, bc if you call they can’t tell you when you might get your order. I was told that it would take 3 wks to get it. Hoping my son would have it for his bday. That didn’t happen. Then when I called back I was told up to 6 wks. This is the 5th wk and I still don’t know if it’s coming.

  251. I ordered this for my son almost a mth and a half ago and I still haven’t received it yet. Also when I went online to order extra items was added to my order wout me comfirmimg it. I had to call to have it removed. I am waiting and hoping that it comes bc my son really do want it, but I don’t know if it will come. I feel like the customer service isn’t that good, bc if you call they can tell you when you might get your order. I was told that it would take 3 wks to get it. Hoping my son would have it for his bday. That didn’t happen. Then when I called back I was told up to 6 wks. This is the 5th wk and I still don’t know if it’s coming.

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