Does Lumio Really Work?

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Does Lumio Work?Lighting is an important commodity in many different ways. It is something that we must depend on for many different applications but it also plays an important role in the décor of where it is being used. Lumio is a unique light that meets all of the wants and needs of the consumer.

Lumio looks like a book but when you open it up it has the capability of being able to provide 360 degrees of lighting.

The Claim
The promoters of Lumio focus on its capability of meeting the lighting needs of the consumer but has put a heavy emphasis on the modern style of the lighting and its uniqueness plus portability.

The Hype
The hype not only revolves around being able to use the light easily and its stylish look but it comes with a micro charger for added convenience.

The Cost
As you may guess with a quality item that provides great functionality and adds personality to its environment the Lumio is not cheap and you can expect to pay around $200.

The Commitment
You are basically going to decide how you want to utilize the Lumio. You have options to let it free stand on a table or countertop to provide direct lighting to where you want. Or you have the option to mount it to the wall or you can allow it to free hang.

What we like about the Lumio is its uniqueness it fits in beautifully with all types of décor but allows for the full functionality one would expect from their lighting. We also appreciate that the founders of Lumio put a great deal of work into ensuring its quality.

Final Lumio Review

We really like the uniqueness and portability of Lumio. Imagine a light that looks as simple as book when closed but has the ability to provide the type of impressive lighting that this one does. Since it has hit the market there have been some copycats as one can expect. However, the quality and research that went into Lumio helps to justify the price. The flexibility of how it can be used is another great feature. Based on all of this we are going to give this product a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
Lighting has been an important topic to us and we have provided commentaries on several different types that can be considered unique as well. A good example of this is the Natural Salt Lamp which also adds to the ambience of the room it is being used in, but also serves additional purposes. Buyers of these types of products feel that they are getting true value for their purchases because of the multi-use features. The Lumio would certainly make a great high end gift that would please most recipients.

What do you think? Does Lumio work or not?

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