Does Meratol Really Help You Lose Weight?

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Does Meratol work?Meratol is a weight loss pill that says it can boost your metabolism, make you more alert, allow you to exercise longer, and make you less tired overall. These are effects we would all love to experience, especially if it was made in pill form and we didn’t really have to do anything to get them. But is there anything to this diet pill that makes it stand out above its competition, and is this something that you should add to your repertoire of weight loss efforts?

When you make the choice to take a diet pill, you’ll quickly notice that a lot of them are exactly the same as each other, with some slight changes here and there. They all typically claim the same thing: that you’ll lose weight. But each of them goes about it a little differently. There are fat binders that say they help you your body to not absorb the fat that you eat, there are appetite suppressants that make you want to eat less, and there are pills out there that combine both of those features into one pill. The list goes on and on.

So your responsibility is finding a diet pill that dovetails nicely with your current exercise and healthy eating efforts, and one that you can see yourself taking for a limited amount of time and then gradually stepping down from. You want to avoid pills that are just riding the latest trend in weight loss, as you want something that you can count on to be there later if you need to buy it again.

The Claim
Meratol claims that you can boost your metabolism, boost your energy levels, stay more alert, standard diet more easily, and look at yourself in the mirror again without belittling your appearance.

The Hype
Diet pills are hype in pill form. By promising the world to you delivered on a platter they are basically saying you can toss all other forms of losing weight in the trash, and just rely on popping a pill. It’s a very dangerous sort of mentality to get into, because it forces you to devalue healthy living and well-being in lieu of short-term and instant benefits without having earned them.

The Cost
Meratol is quoted in British Pounds because it sold from the UK. You can get one bottle for around $55, but like many diet pills sold online they want you to order multiple months at one time in order to get the best deal. You can get your per bottle price down to $32 if you order their biggest package which involves buying four and getting one free, plus free shipping.

The Commitment
The only time people say that diet pills don’t work is when they don’t stick with it enough to see the results. Most out there will work to some degree, as long as you take them religiously enough, and couple them with proper eating and regular exercise. When using a diet pill you don’t have to go gangbusters with your exercising, just three times a week for 20 minutes a day will be enough to accelerate the results you’re going to get from the pill anyway. You also don’t have to eat like a health nut, just try to lay off the junk while you’re taking a weight loss pill.

Meratol is the first diet pill we’ve ever seen that has included the claim of having more mental alertness. Perhaps they tack that on because you will be able to think more clearly if you are not stuffing your face and overheating to the point of going into a food coma. If you get a handle on the portions you feed yourself, the natural byproduct is feeling better, lighter, and more clearheaded than if you have a big meal filled with fatty foods and lots of carbohydrates.

Meratol is a mix of some of the trendiest ingredients in weight loss pills going on right now. This includes capsicum, Prickly pear, brown algae, and they even added caffeine to the mix in order to round it off. Some products out there solely use one of these ingredients as their main attraction, but Meratol has decided to toss them all together into one pill.

Is It a Scam?
Some people have labeled this a scam, but it doesn’t really seem like one sinse they actually produce and ship a product. There are some positive reviews on it from people that have tried it, so it can’t be a total loss, and they’re likely trying to do the best job they can in order to get repeat orders. We would have to say that this is not scam, although some people out there might think it is because they are not an American company.

Final Meratol Review

Meratol doesn’t get our endorsement. We have a Weight Loss Pills Review page dedicated to all of the different weight loss pills on the market, including the winners and losers. This allows you to look over the different products being sold right now and determine which ones to put on your shortlist and which ones to disregard.

Our Recommendation
We recommend against taking diet pills in most instances, but if you do you should make it a supplement to the old-fashioned way of losing weight. Watch what you eat and get more active, and if needed use a weight loss pill to get you past the start up period so you can get to the part where people start complimenting you, and your motivation and momentum will take you from there.

What do you think? Does Meratol work or not?

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