Does the Metro Vac N’ Blo 500 Car Vacuum Really Work?

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Does the Metro Vac N' Blo 500 Car Vacuum Work?With all the daily tasks that the average person is faced with, keeping the interior of the car clean is not always one that takes priority. Partly because this can often be more difficult and time consuming than it seems. There may be something that can help with this and that’s the Metro Vac N’ Blo 500 Car Vacuum.

Most of us, especially those of us with children struggle to keep our cars and trucks as clean as we would like them to be. It is hard in today’s fast paced world of ferrying the kids to and from sports or school outings and the like to really prevent them from having to eat on the run and the car. And really that is where most of the mess that accumulates in our cars comes from…food. The Metro Vac N’ Blo 500 Car Vacuum is a portable vacuum designed to handle the interiors of cars more easily than a full sized vacuum.

The Claim
The claim is that by reducing the size of the vacuum it makes it much easier to really get into those hard to reach areas in the interior of your vehicle resulting in a cleaner overall car or truck.

The Hype
The hype for the Metro Vac N’ Blo 500 Car Vacuum stems from the above claim that the reduced size and the fact that the unit can be purchased with a 12 volt cord so that you can plug it into the lighter or auxiliary socket makes the job of vacuuming the interior that much easier and less time consuming than trying to struggle with the full sized vacuum to get the job done.

The Cost
The cost of the Metro Vac N’ Blo 500 Car Vacuum varies from $109.00 for the base model that does not have the cigarette lighter adapter OR the rotating head for deep cleaning right up the unit that has both of those options at $130.00. there is also a mid-range version that has the deep cleaning rotating head but NOT the car adapter so be sure to order the correct one for what you are trying to accomplish. All of them can be ordered from

The Commitment
Not much required in the way of commitment for the Metro Vac N’ Blo 500 Car Vacuum. It is small enough to leave in the trunk of the car when not in use (which is kind of the point in the first place we think!) so it is handy for when you have an accident in the car that you want to clean up right away rather than leaving for when you get home or go to the car wash and use the overpriced and ridiculously ineffective vacuums that some of them have.

We really like the fact that you can plug the Metro Vac N’ Blo 500 Car Vacuum into the car lighter or aux power supply and run the unit from the car battery. As mentioned above, if you have an accident away from home and want to clean it up right away this unit will allow you to do just that. The unit comes with a variety of attachments just like those included with a regular vacuum so that you can reach all the hard to get at spaces in the interior of your car. On the “upgraded” models you also get the rotating head so that the clean is very deep and you really get the bulk of the crap that accumulates on the fabric of our upholstery. As per the name you can also reverse the vac and use it like a leaf blower to blow stuff out of cracks that you may not be able to reach with the attachments.

Final Metro Vac N’ Blo 500 Car Vacuum Review

Overall the Metro Vac N’ Blo 500 Car Vacuum is pretty nifty and useful item indeed. The attachments make cleaning every nook and cranny possible and that is great for those of us with kids who have a tendency to pill stuff pretty much exactly where it is hardest to get out! Most parents will know exactly what I am referring too! Hooking up to the car power supply is another great feature of this well thought out and well-built unit.

Our Recommendation
For anyone sick of paying the car wash for the use of its crappy vacuums or the hassle of trying to lug the full sized vac out to the driveway this Metro Vac N’ Blo 500 Car Vacuum is right up your ally! Two thumbs up for practicality and performance! For some other car car items you may want to check out this car wheel cleaner.

What do you think? Does the Metro Vac N’ Blo 500 Car Vacuum work or not?

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