Does the Brinno Digital Peephole Really Work?

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Does the Brinno Digital Peephole Work?There are really some easy and inexpensive steps that you can take to significantly scale up your home security. While alarm systems still take the priority security items like the Brinno Digital Peephole can be really beneficial.

In today’s uncertain times we are always on the lookout for ways to increase our feelings of security whether we are at home or at work. The days of looking through a simple peephole in our doors to see who may be there are long over. The Brinno Digital Peephole takes this form of security to a whole new level.

The Claim
The claim is that by using the Brinno Digital Peephole you can safely assess who may be at your door easily and comfortably and ten decide if you want to open the door for whoever may be there.

The Hype
Most of the hype surrounding the Brinno Digital Peephole and ones similar to it is the emphasis we have placed on personal safety over the past few decades. People generally feel like we live in very dangerous times and every way in which you can garner a little more peace of mind is a good thing to many. Having this unit installed in your door at your house, condo or apartment will definitely give you a little of that peace of mind to be sure.

The Cost
The cost of the Brinno Digital Peephole is a respectable $212.64 at Not too bad for a piece of kit like this one and comparable to others on the market.

The Commitment
Upon installation of the Brinno Digital Peephole , which is by all accounts as easy as can be, there is very little in the way of commitment to this unit. The batteries have a very long life and there is virtually no other maintenance required for the running of this unit.

Many of us remember the old peep holes in apartment or condo doors; in fact most buildings still use them. This unit is an upgrade to those peepholes and uses the existing hole to mount the digital counterpart. Included in the purchase of the Brinno is a small tool that lets you unscrew the old fish eye peephole and install the new digital version which in of itself is an excellent addition to the package indeed as it makes the install virtually painless and doable for just about anyone. When someone is at the door you simply press the button on the unit to turn it on and you get the crisp clear image of the person on the other side. Press the toggle button and you get a zoom feature that lets you look more closely at the face of the person at the door. Another great fact is that the person on the other side has no idea they are being watched which was a problem with the old fish eye units that showed the light being displaced by someone looking through the peephole.

Final Brinno Digital Peephole Review

While there is certainly no shortage of gadgets that let you see people at the door over the T.V or smart phone this Brinno Digital Peephole is a little less high tech and more affordable option for seeing who is at the door at any given time. It works great, does what it says it will do and is easy to operate and install. You cannot ask for any more than that. We are prepared to give the Brinno Digital Peephole a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
The Brinno Digital Peephole great product that will give you real peace of mind by letting you fully determine who is at the door before you decide to open it. Another device that can really help with your security is the Ring Video Doorbell.

What do you think? Does the Brinno Digital Peephole work or not?

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