Does the Gopet Doggy Treadwheel Really Work?

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Does the Gopet Doggy Treadwheel Work?Not everyone can walk their dog outdoors. It could be because the dog owner has mobility restrictions or there is no good area designated for dog walking. Neither of these will be a problem if dog owners who find themselves in this situation rely on the Gopet Doggy Treadwheel.

All of us pet owners like to make sure that our pets get the exercise that they require no matter where it is that we live. The fact that a large segment of the pet owning population lives in either apartments or even condos means that if we want to take the dog for a walk it means an elevator ride down to reach the ground floor. Well, that is no longer always necessary as you can purchase the Gopet Doggy Treadwheel for larger dogs.

The Claim
The claim is that by using this Gopet Doggy Treadwheel you can avoid having to head into the outdoors and your pet will not miss their much needed exercise session that is required to keep them both healthy and strong as well as content and feeling well overall.

The Hype
The hype is mainly realized by the fact that now even larger dogs have the same options that many smaller dogs have had in the past with indoor exercise options.

The Cost
The cost of the Gopet Doggy Treadwheel is a massive $1607.70. While this is certainly a pretty hefty price the unit is pretty big and can accommodate a full size dog of most likely any breed.

The Commitment
Not much commitment required after you set the unit up other than making sure to use it as required for the health and well-being of your animals.

While the idea of having a treadwheel for your dog may seem a little out there to some the benefits of this type of device for those who run dog kennels or vet clinics and especially animal shelters the idea is not so far “fetched”…(get it…fetched!) as for the most part there ar4e never enough people to be able to give every animal a run or walk every day and weather can play a huge role in whether or not even a private owner goes out for a walk or run not to mention those with many animals to care for. This Gopet Doggy Treadwheel, which comes with a Training door for getting the digs use to the unit without jumping out as well a tension control device so that you can add tension and simulate the dog walking up hills or running over long periods.

Final Gopet Doggy Treadwheel Review

The running area of the Gopet Doggy Treadwheel is a full 20 inches wide and the unit can house an animal up to 150 pounds making perfect for the larger breed dogs that many people and shelters have. As mentioned above this is the perfect unit for those who have several animals to care for and can make giving all of those animals exercise a little easier on staff. Of course if you are a personal pet owner and hate the weather when it rains and such and have an extra $1600.oo then you too can take advantage of the Gopet Treadwheel to give your pet a good workout.

Our Recommendation
For anyone who has a compliment of animals to care for, or simply hates to walk the dog in inclement weather the Gopet Doggy Treadwheel is right up your ally! If you are not in line for a huge investment such as this then check out this ball launcher that takes minimal effort on your part but will give your canine friend a good workout.

What do you think? Does Gopet Doggy Treadwheel work or not?

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