Does Cool Works Really Work?

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Does Cool Works Work?There are a lot of people that look for part-time or seasonal jobs. Depending on their location this can be a really difficult task. As a result of this many employees are willing to relocate for a temporary period of time. The problem has been is where are these jobs and how does one go about finding them without having to spend hours going through want ads for all the states. The solution may be Cool Works.

Cool Works is like a job board that allows employers to advertise their seasonal employment opportunities.Potential employer’s get to place their job opportunities on Cool Works and anyone no matter where they are can check these out if they are interested in this type of job opening.

The Claim
Cool Works claim they are leaders in connecting employers with potential candidates for their seasonal positions.The platform they are presenting this information on makes it far more appealing regarding the job offer, and more convenient for job searchers to drill down to the positions they are interested in.

The Hype
The hype really focuses around the potential employer being able to present their job openings in a much more attractive and detailed format here at Cool Works. Then for the applicants they can narrow down the type of work they are looking for and just focus on the information available at Cool Works that appeals most to their interests.

The Cost
The cost is for those that want to advertise job opportunities at Cool Works. Advertisers can place a help wanted ad on Cool Works where they can list several jobs under this one ad for a cost of $129. for 7 days. Or there is an option to have the ad featured that lists just one job opening for 30 days at the same price.

The Commitment
More of a commitment lies with those who are going to advertise on Cool Works. Advertisers have the responsibility of writing compelling copy for the ad then following up with those that respond to it. For the applicants they really have to decide what kind of work they are interested in then focus on those job offerings by studying them carefully to see what the requirements are and can they commit to these.

While there are plenty of job sites that job seekers can go to the idea of having one such as Cool Works that is really focusing on seasonal type employment it really is providing a needed service. It begins with offer a well laid out platform that easy to use and navigate for both job advertisers and job seekers.

Final Review

We are going to give the Cool Works a thumbs up rating. It is certainly a necessary service. It offer an affordable form of advertising for employers even though there are plenty of free sites they could use. It meets the needs of the job seekers allowing them to quickly see what is available and allows them to drill down on their interests.

Our Recommendation
For those that are confident with job interviews they can just go about applying for jobs on Cool Works is they normally would. However, for those that are looking for extra resources to help with job interviews this guide may help.

What do you think? Does Cool Works work or not?

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