Does G Suite Really Work?

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Does G Suite Work?If you are thinking of starting a small business, you will need certain applications. G-Suite is a great combination of office suites that can meet all your needs.

G-Suite is an application consisting of a bundle of office suites. This is a Google application. G-Suite has standard office applications.

The Claim

The claim to G Suite is that it is a great technological tool that has many uses.

The Hype

The claim to G Suite is This application saves time and money as it includes several applications. This application is online and does not require any installation.

The Cost

The cost of G Suite basic is $5 a month. This includes all the G-Suite apps and 30GB of storage per user. The business plan is $10 a month and 1TB of storage per user. However, if you have 5 or more users, you get unlimited storage. The Enterprise plan is $25 per month per user. The Enterprise plan includes everything the business plan does, but also includes enterprise-level management and administrative tools.

The Commitment

The Commitment to utilizing the G Suite to its full potential would be to take a tutorial on the application. This will also assist you in determining which plan suits you best. Ensuring all users are trained and knowledgeable with the application is also imperative.


G Suite is an amazing, affordable application. Along with this, there are some mobile apps which can be installed on your phone. There is also an offline mode, allowing you to work on G-Suite without being connected to the internet. This is a great feature for traveling. This app consists of email, calendar, photos, sheets, drive, everything is all tied together. It’s like a one-stop-shop. You can set up your own personal domain as your mail server allowing you to set up emails with your personal name and your company name all in one. G Suite is also connected to Google+, allowing you to create your own personal social network.

Final G Suite Review

We are going to give G Suite a thumbs up. There are hundreds of uses within this application. Many users are very passionate about their capabilities. This application is much easier to set up and access than it’s competitors. The massive storage capability is one of the best features this application has. Unlimited storage is available on the Business and Enterprise Plans, when there are 5 or more users on the plan. This is huge. Other companies charge astronomical amounts for additional storage.We would highly recommend the G Suite Application. This app is so versatile it is the only Office bundled application you will ever need. Another great feature is the ability to do searches in documents and files in the cloud on Google Drive. It will ocr everything, even photos. For security reasons, only the primary user has access rights to everything in the files.

Our Recommendation

If you are interested in other Google products you may want to check out Google Adwords.

What do you think? Does G Suite work or not?

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