Does Night Hero Binoculars Really Work?

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Do Night Hero Binoculars Work?Bird watching is a fun sport for many people. The ability to see birds and wildlife at night is possible with Night Hero Binoculars.


Night Hero Binoculars are said to allow you to see items in pitch black darkness clearly.

The Claim

The claim of the Night Hero Binoculars is that you can see for miles day or night with great contrast and clarity.

The Hype

The hype about the Night Hero Binoculars is that they apparently have 10x magnification. They are said to have excellent contrast and clarity. They are supposed to work during daytime and nighttime use.

The Cost

There is both a single and a double offer available to purchase the Night Hero Binoculars. The single offer includes 1 Night Hero Binoculars, one free carrying case and free shipping for $39.99. The double offer includes 2 Night Hero Binoculars, two free carrying cases and a bonus LED Flashlight. It also includes free shipping, all for $69.97. The offer is not available in stores.

The Commitment

The commitment required for proper use of the Night Hero Binoculars is educating yourself on proper use. Reading the operation manual will help with this. Allowing family and friends to use them and educating them if you find they work well. Always store the binoculars properly.


The Night Hero Binoculars are a great idea if they work. Having the ability to see items up to 150 yards away day or night is favorable to many. This product has a wide-angle atomic beam that apparently works in total darkness. This product features soft rubber eye cups and textured grip for comfort. It is constructed of rugged material. It has optical quality polished glass lenses. The center focus mechanism seems easy to use. The binoculars have many uses. They can be used at sporting events, spotting nocturnal animals, and even sightseeing. The ability to see around the outside of your home when strange noises are heard can identify the culprit.

Final Night Hero Binoculars Review

We are going to give the Night Hero Binoculars a thumbs down the review. To see items with clarity at night, infrared light is required. The laser light in the Night Hero Binoculars simply illuminates the area focused on. According to a review posted by Best Binocular Reviews, the Night Hero Binoculars are okay for daytime use. They are the equivalent of a cheap set of binoculars. They do not work well for night vision as the lenses are far too small. We would not recommend purchasing the Night Hero Binoculars as they are not constructed with infrared light for night vision. The Steiner NIghthunter 8×56 binoculars would be a better choice. The lens size makes a huge difference in the ability to see more clearly. The 56mm lens works very well for night vision.

Our Recommendation

For another option in binoculars and ones that are little different check out the Zoomies.

What do you think? Does the Night Hero Binoculars work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Night Hero Binoculars Really Work?

  1. ABSOLUTELY A FALSE STATEMENT >> The Night Hero night vision goggles allow you to see clearly in pitch black darkness – they have a wide-angle atomic beam laser that can illuminate objects up to 150 yards away.
    I fell for this SCAM and I Hope that you will Not.
    This is just a Binocular with a GREEN LIGHT, That’s it.There is No Atomic Beam Laser, Just a Green Light.
    Total Scam and Hopefully you will take Notice of what I have written about this Binocular.
    Do Not Waste Your Money, I’m telling you !!!!

  2. You know good and well at the price they offer it’s just a young kids toy – you need infrared light to see at night. I bought a generation 1 night vision one eye spotting scope with infrared and when it’s dark you can see a 100 yards fairly good but that’s about it. If I was out in wood where no street lights or anything like that and I was watching to see if a person or animal was trying to sneak up on me I most likely wood catch them but that about it as you push a button for the infra-red to turn on and that is when you would see what is sneaking up to where you at. so these Night Hero Binoculars would just be a young kids toy for 12 or younger kid. I live at end of city limits and back yard is just wood I could see dogs, racoons etc. If some one wants good night vision you will have to spends a lot more money than 39.99 for a pair with free par. when it sound to good to be true it’s not – you get what you pay for. Night Hero is for 12 and younger kids toy.

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