Does the Ring Video Doorbell Pro Really Work?

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Does the Ring Video Doorbell Pro Work?Keeping up with home security is really important and there are plenty of service providers that can help you with this. It does get expensive and there are some additional security resources that you can buy and install yourself to beef up your protection.

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a security camera enclosed in a doorbell that allows one to see who is at the front door anytime, night or day.

The Claim
The claim is that by being able to see and speak with any person on your doorstep at any time in light or darkness will enhance the security of the environment exponentially.

The Hype
The hype surrounding the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and products like it is the high degree of technology that they incorporate. The idea of having a camera small enough to fit into a doorbell that also incorporates the ability to speak to the person at the front door from a wide variety of platforms including your smart phone or tablet was inconceivable just a few short years ago.

The Cost
The cost of the Ring video Doorbell Pro is a very reasonable $249.00. We say reasonable because of the features this unit has. The aforementioned ability to both see and speak to the person on your doorstep without the need for a full sized, ugly and intrusive camera placed at the front door.

The Commitment
The commitment required for the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is pretty minimal indeed. You simply need to remove the existing doorbell and then attach the Ring Video Doorbell Pro to the existing wires that are already there. This is a lot simpler than it may sound to some but can actually be accomplished in relatively short order by anyone who is even remotely handy. If you are intimidated by wires and electrical stuff then have a friend or colleague assist you in the installation or hire a professional electrician to do it for you.

As we have mentioned, the features of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is what impresses us the most. Sure there are other cameras and even doorbell cameras but we really like the fact that you can not only see the person at the front door in any light conditions, night or day, but can also speak to the person who is at the front door from a variety of platforms such as your smartphone, tablet or any android device. You also do not have to be home to see who is at your door as the Ring Video unit has a motion detector that alerts you when anyone comes within range of the sensor. If you are on vacation or at work and someone comes to the door you can not only see who it is but have the ability to record any images into a “cloud” based memory platform. This feature coupled with the ability to talk to the person with the two way talk feature enhances the security of your home by leaps and bounds as most break and enter thieves traditionally will knock on the front door to ascertain if anyone is in the domicile before attempting entry by force. The fact that they will be unaware that the person talking to them may not be in the house will be a great factor in their deciding to head to an easier and less intimidating location. The fact that you now also have their image recorded may also be of benefit to the community of there is break in’s at other locations as well.

Final Ring Video Doorbell Pro Review

The final review of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a positive one for all of the reasons listed above. As such we will give it a thumbs up rating. The unit offers great features such as the aforementioned two way talk and video capture as well as the high tech components of a hi resolution wide angle camera for the taking of the video clips. The unit incorporates a motion sensor and has night vision capabilities as well. All in all a great way of protecting your home from intruders or just to have peace of mind knowing who is at your front door without the need to open it and check. Great for the elderly and for children or teens as well.

Our Recommendation
This product could be considered as a must have for anyone concerned about the safety and security of their home and family who is also aware of the esthetics of having a visible camera at the front door. No need to advertise that you can see the person at the door. The ability to do is quite enough. Another alternative at a cheaper price with less bells and whistles is the Safety View.

What do you think? Does the Ring Video Doorbell Pro work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does the Ring Video Doorbell Pro Really Work?

  1. We have been using the video door bell for about 6 months. We are very happy with it. We live in an isolated area and I was always hesitant to open the door before. With the video door bell, I know who is there before I decide if I should answer it. We even answered it from the gym one day. It works great for us.

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