Does Perfect Petzzz Really Work?

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Do Perfect Petzzz really work?Perfect Petzzz are getting more popular by the day, and at first glance most people wonder how. It’s basically a stuffed animal that gives the effect of being asleep and breathes methodically. The thought is that this could be a good pet alternative either for an older person, or a busy person, or someone that is grieving over the loss of a pet. But does this really work to fool the senses?

There’s no denying that a real pet can be a hassle. The vet bills, the daily feeding and waterings, the walking, the litter box cleanings, the asking of friends to pet sit while you’re away, it can all add up. Of course there’s also no denying that pet ownership has its advantages, dogs can protect a home, and cats have been proven to help their owners have less stress. But can a stuffed animal that breathes come close to replicating this experience without all the negative parts?

The Claim
They say that this is the ultimate pet, and that it provides the experience of real pet ownership. We don’t know if we’d go that far. It seems pretty inconceivable that someone would think for a moment or two that this is a real animal. There’s no denying that they’re cute stuffed animals, and it might do well to replace a pet that was lost, but not to the point where someone would think that this is a real pet. They might hug it and remember their old pet, but not think that this was really them.

The Hype
The hype is that this is basically a stuffed animal with a motorized mechanism in it that makes it look like it’s breathing. It doesn’t do much more than that, although many people mistakenly think it does. Also, there is some hype at the official website, because it is obviously a real dog in the picture, and the actual stuffed animal you receive will not look like that.

The Cost
Perfect Petzzz are are $30 to $40 depending on which model you go with. This includes a lifetime replacement policy which for $5 they’ll send you out a new one if your old one should break for any reason.

The Commitment
There’s not much you have to do to the thing, that’s why it’s called perfect. Compared to a real dog or cat there’s no clean up, and you don’t have to buy food for it or take it to the vet. There’s no concern over allergies. It’s really just something you can start up and forget about.

What People Are Saying
A lot of people say that they like their Perfect Petzzz and are happy with their purchase. There are more positive responses to these pets than there are negative, which means you have a stronger likelihood, statistically speaking, of being happy with your purchase. Positive responses have focused on how cute the product is, and have remarked that even though the breathing looks a little awkward at times, it’s still a good buy overall.

The most common complaint from the people that give it a negative review is that all it does is breathe. Apparently they thought it did something else, or that it would move around and play or do tricks. From the name alone it tries to show you that this is just meant to be a soothing, constantly sleeping dog or cat that you can pet, or just have around the house.

Some people even called it a toy, so they are missing the point of it altogether. This is not really a toy that a child would want to play with. It’s more of a fixture that you would just keep on your sofa to reenact what it’s like to have a content, sleeping pet next to you. With a bit of imagination you can think of it as a real dog or cat that is so at peace they just sleep and sleep and nothing bothers them.

Final Perfect Petzzz Review

We’re going to give a tentative Thumbs Up to Perfect Petzzz. Just remember that it isn’t meant to do anything but sit there and breathe. It doesn’t open its eyes, it doesn’t roll over, it’s pretty good at playing dead, but it won’t shake hands. A lot of people expect more from it than what it promises, and therefore state that they’re unhappy with it. But that’s not really fair to the product itself, which only says it’s meant to sit and “sleep”.

Our Recommendation
Once you get over the creepy factor of having a fake pet that seems pretty real in your home, it’s kind of nice having it there. It’s nothing really amazing, just a glorified stuffed animal. If you know the score going into the game you might like it, as they are cute, and can be soothing at times.

What do you think? Does Perfect Petzzz work or not?

18 Customer Reviews on “Does Perfect Petzzz Really Work?

  1. i purchased a small yellow kitten at a store. I put a battery in it. Nothing happens. Do you have a picture of inside of cat. Does it have a switch somewhere on it

  2. This is the most wonderful pet for an alzheimers dementia patient. Bought the collie for my mother. She would hold it in her lap and stroke its back which I feel made her comfortable and secure. I then purchased every one of the pet dogs available and altered them on a monthly basis. But she loved the collie so much that the nose was damaged from loving it and the fur was coming unglued from stroking. Can I send it back for the $5 replacement?

  3. Hi i was looking to get a German shepard puppy for a little boy that has a tumour on his brain and for the year and half has to get chemotherapy. He really wants to get a real german shepard puppy but his mum doesn’t want to get one while the are going through all this as they won’t have the time for it at the I thought it would be nice for him to have something that he can bring with him while having is chemotherapy to keep his mind off things while he waits to get the real thing and hopefully this will happen as they are a wonderful family.regards sharon

  4. Elizabeth and her grandmother had a bet that her Perfect Petzzz Cat did nothing but sleep and breath I,her grandmother, believes that it purrs. Elizabeth says that what I am hearing is the motor and that if I press on it’s belly I will damage it. When she received it for Christmas she says that the Cat did not purr, but after a lot of people pressed on it’s breathing mechanism It now sounds like it is purring. Elizabeth is not thrilled with the sound but has to agree with her grandmother that it is comforting. Elizabeth claims that she won the bet!!!. Grandmother, takes exception but will give her the prize.

  5. I really want one for Christmas. I would love to have the Collie or Portuguese Water Dog. I think they are very cute in bunches of ways. I do wish they would do more than just sleep but the breathing feature is cool. No other stuffed animal I have does that. I think you should make more. You should also make more of the ones that have kittens and/or puppies. I want to buy one because my brother is allergic to literally everything I have ever brought into my home. They are also very messy and theses little dogs are the cutest thing ever. P.S. I need a best friend, this is just the thing. P.S.S I will take this everywhere I go.

  6. I agree with the part of the review that says you need to go into this knowing what you are getting. Then you’ll most likely be satisfied. I had a dog, but I moved to a place that doesn’t allow pets so I had to give him up. This isn’t the same, obviously, but it helps fill the hole. At first it was a little creepy to watch him breathe, but now when I’m reading or watching tv, I’ll have him in my lap with my hand on his back, and feeling him “breathe” is subconsciously reassuring. My kid calls it “dog ownership on training wheels.” At least for me, this pet works as intended.

  7. I LOVE PERFECT PETZZZ!!!!!! I have an Alaskan Husky. He makes me so happy. When I am stressed out I stroke his fur and it’s kinda soft so he calms me down. I named him Bear. He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable too!!!!

  8. i think I read in the review above that you can send it back and get a new one for $5. I also saw “repair/replacement” plans offered with purchase of the Perfect Petzzz, but it costs as much as the pet, so you’d probably remember purchasing that. I’d contact the seller or Perfect Petzzz company for a replacement if yours isn’t working.

  9. I have the Yorkie Perfect Pet. He still snors but his tummy doesnt move anymore. I was wondering what to do about it. Thats the cutest part. If anyone can help me with this question I would truly appreciate it. Thank you……..

  10. I too dont like it that you can’t turn it off once you activate it…..Man must have developed it…..Just wasnt thinking about how many batteries you are going to go through….Or an owner of a battery co…lol

  11. Got my mom (she has dementia) a Hasbro FurReal Daisy cat (currently 24.99 on Hasbro site and they also have a Pug pup that moves also) – runs on 4AA batteries, purrs, meows, and has a meow routine, but also goes into a ‘sleep’ mode. On/off/demo switch on rear foot…..but they do have a tendency to be able to ‘hear’ the mechanics when it moves. Batteries require replacement every 2 weeks to a month, depends on how often the routine is initiated by petting it or squeezing its paw. My mom loves the thing and considers it ‘real’, and luckily I had a spare bought because it was starting to look a little sad – she tries to feed it but thankfully the mouth does not open.
    Haven’t decided whether I want the movable Pug or a sleeping puppy for a male patient at the facility.

  12. Considering getting one of the puppies for a wheelchair bound man in a medical facility. It’s either this that snoozes all the time, or a Hasbro FurReal pug that barks and moves and sleeps.

  13. My mother was a huge cat lover, she can no longer have one due to being bedridden now with dementia. I had just thought about buying one for her as a comfort as she no longers reads or watches tv and spends a lot of time alone. I was happy to see that the Alzheimers society now sells them on their website for just this puropse and I am ordering one today. I’m not sure yet how she will react to it but I am hoping it gives her comfort and makes her feel less lonely.

  14. No switch just pull coloured tab out of battery lid. Then it seems to breath till batteries wear out. Would be better with an on/off switch or simple press button under fur were it breathes. Would make it a big talking point. Ask friend to stroke cat/dog then it starts breathing 🙂

  15. Here’s something to amuse anyone that reads the comments.
    First time I saw these, I just glanced at it. At first glance, it looks like those rabbit-fur statues that they used to make.
    I reached out to pet it, not expecting it to move, and when it “inhaled”, I literally jumped back. (Think when you startle a cat and they spring in the air. XD) It made the Cracker Barrel employee laugh.

  16. When I was younger I really wanted a dog more than anything, but my brother was allergic, so I always wanted toys like this, that would seem like they were a real dog. I was always disappointed, though, because obviously they can’t make them do everything a real dog does. This is kind of a cute idea for someone who likes the idea of having a toy pet instead of a real one for whatever reason. I think there are better options for kids out there that you can actually play with, and I don’t really see adults wanting something like this as much. So it seems like it’s not bad, but not the best out of these types of robotic animal toys.

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