Does Stem Cell Therapy Cream Really Work on Wrinkles?

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Does Stem Cell Therapy Cream work?If you think Stem Cell Therapy Cream uses actual stem cells and retails for $30 a bottle, we’ve got a bridge to sell you. Stem cells are a nice buzz word being kicked around the beauty industry, using people’s built-in awareness of them as a way to sell products. But if we set aside all of the hype, does this actually work at improving the appearance of your skin, or is it just another skin care product you should avoid?

Stem cell research gets a lot of press in the news because a lot of people are opposed to using it. This is because initial research used the stem cells from embryos and aborted fetuses, but more and more research these days is conducted using adult stem cells. They say that basically every human condition can eventually be cured through the use of stem cells, and that’s why a lot of people view it as something that can provide miraculous results.

However, it is unlikely that a skincare company would be able to conduct its own research, and produce a product at a low price point that manipulates your skin’s stem cells. Only recently have scientists discovered that adults have stem cells, and for years it was believed that only certain organs and parts of the body had stem cells.

The Claim
They say that they are the only product out there that uses three different ingredients, Mitostime, Phyko-Al-P, and something called Derm SRC. Let’s look at this concoction a little more closely. Derm SRC is a mixture of several different agents itself, including bamboo silica, pea extract and glucosamine HCl. This is suppoosed to provide an increase in the amount of collagen and elastin in your skin. Mitostime is simply a concentration of brown algae. Phyko-Al-P is only found in this product.

They claim that these ingredients provide new skin cells in just 2 weeks. They also say that it will increase the area in which new skin grows within one month. What this results in is a noticeable decrease in the amount of wrinkles that are apparent on your face. They also say that it should allow you to build up your own natural supply of collegen in just two weeks, and also that you will be able to create more elastin.

All of this has supposedly been verified by testing, which shows that if you use it regularly it will make you look younger. They say that there is no other anti-aging formula out there that gives you this exact blend of ingredients, nor has been clinically tested to show results. It is interesting to note that their test only included 15 subjects, and only tested one of the ingredients.

The Hype
The hype is in the name Stem Cell Therapy Cream. They knew they were doing by naming it this, and whether or not it works to rejuvenate your skin cells using stem cells is really a moot point. Try to ignore the name of this one, and just evaluate it as if it were an ordinary skin moisturizer.

The Cost
You can get a one month supply of this for $30 or less.

The Commitment
All that’s required is to apply this to the areas of your face that you feel need improvement. Even though they say that it works rather quickly, you’ll still have to be diligent enough to apply it every day for at least two weeks to one month in order to see the best results.

We really don’t think that this works on the cellular level, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It just means that they are using wording and claims in order to sell their product. You can’t fault a company for wanting you to try their product, especially if it does provide results.

We like how this doesn’t use anything like fillers, or cover-ups, and isn’t like make–up where you’re just trying to get the appearance of fewer wrinkles, this is working to actually make them go away so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. Of course you can still use it in conjunction with your regular make-up routine, so you don’t have to worry about going without your makeup while using it. As it starts to work your skin will look better and better, and you might find out that you need to use less and less cosmetics in order to get the look you want.

Final Stem Cell Therapy Cream Review

The skin is naturally re-creating itself, cell by cell even as we age. Saying this product boosts your cell production is a bit of a stretch, but is really beside the point. People want results, it doesn’t really matter how they get them, as long as the product works the way it’s supposed to. In the case of Stem Cell Therapy Cream, it’s gotten mixed reviews, with some people saying that it works as a good moisturizer, and other saying that it didn’t work at all and you shouldn’t bother buying it.

The sort of reviews that it’s getting indicates that it’s not the miracle cream that it claims to be, and that it’s pretty much just another moisturizing cream blending together different ingredients that are all designed to decrease the appearance of aging.

Our Recommendation
You may you able to see noticeable improvement in your fine lines and wrinkles by using this product, but please don’t get caught up in all the hoopla surrounding the words “stem cells”. This should be looked at as just another skin care cream, and you should not expect a miraculous turnaround, but that does not mean you should completely write off trying it.

What do you think? Does Stem Cell Therapy Cream work or not?

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