Does Micellar Water Really Work?

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Does Micellar Water Work? For women that have to remove their make-up, there are many different types of products available, but one that has come to the forefront and is now found all throughout the beauty shelves around the world is called Micellar Water.

Micellar Water is basically a formula that is made up of tiny cleansing oil molecules called “Micells”. These molecules apparently attract dirt and oil, so they are able to draw out any impurities, while at the same time not drying out the skin. Basically this type of formula is able to be used as not only a facial wash, but a makeup remover and moisturizer all in one as well. Even though it looks like water, has the same viscosity, it’s when you actually put some on your fingertip and feel it, you’ll see it has a different texture than normal water.

The Claim
The claim of Micellar Water, which has been recommended by many dermatologists, is that these tiny Micells, because they are attracted to dirt and oil, they are able to draw out these impurities without drying the skin and it is wonderful to use in a variety of ways. In addition to using it as a facial wash,, makeup remover, and moisturizer, what is so amazing is that people with sensitive skin, and those with acne, can use this as an amazing cleanser for their problems as well.

The Hype
The hype of Micellar Water is that up until recently only people that really understood the values of this product were using it, and often it was only found in many of the best beauty shops around the world. Since its release into the mainstream, you cannot go into any beauty isle, in any shop, in any country and not find this product. It promises a soap free, alcohol free, as well as a fragrance free way to remove make-up and clean your face gently, and you don’t even need to rinse your face afterwards.

The Cost
For a 100ml bottle you are looking at around $9.00 or so but you may find bigger bottles for cheaper if you shop around.

The Commitment
The commitment of Micellar Water is that it will help to remove and cleanse many different type of make-up, whether it is water proof, washable, or long wearing for example. It will not sting the eyes or lips when using it, and it will not dry your skin afterwards. There are no scents or fragrance, you will not need any type of rinsing afterwards, and the beauty is that it will not adversely affect acne-prone skin. As a matter of fact, it can help you if you have that type of problem, because it will definitely leave your face feeling clean and oil-free.

After evaluating Micellar Water, one of the great things we’ve found is that especially people that have acne-prone skin are able to use this as an every evening cleanser to help clean and remove make-up and impurities, not to mention debris from the skin surface. The hydration of this type of product helps to decrease oil issues which actually can be very helpful for acne and other types of skin disorders.

Final Micellar Water Review

Many of the reviews that we have heard about Micellar Water have been unbelievably positive. Especially with the fact that in addition to helping the normal individual get rid of the unwanted make-up and debris and oils and stuff that can accumulate on their face throughout the day, once you have used this product you do not even have to rinse it off. The only issues are that if you are using a really heavy duty waterproof mascara, you may have to apply it a couple times to remove that type of make-up. The only other issue is that you should only use this product with cotton balls or pads, as tissues are not the best way to get the best results.

.Our Recommendation

For a skin cleansing product that relies on out of the norm ingredients you may want to check out Oil Cleansing.

What do you think? Does Micellar Water work or not?

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