Does the Multi-Wrench Really Work?

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Does Multi Wrench Work?Most everyone looks for ways to save moneys and when it comes to some of the tools that are needed around the house they can become expensive. So when a tool like Multi Wrench comes on the market it may be well worth taking a look at.

Multi Wrench is being hailed as fifty tools in one. Now for those that don’t work much with tools this may seem like a whopping amount. For those that do use tools this may be a hard to believe statement. It is a tool that is designed to remove any sized nut or bolt no matter whether it is stripped or not.

The Claim
Basically the promoters are saying it can do the job of fifty tools but they don’t specifically outline each of the fifty they are referring to.

The Hype
Even if it is hard to believe the fifty tool claim if the tool can replace the need of having several different other types of tools then it may still be worth it. The job of this tool is to primarily handle the removal of any kind of nuts or bolts no matter what their size. When you look at the fact that there are so many different sizes of nuts and bolts and it usually takes one specific tool to handle the size then the Multi Wrench may make sense.

The Cost
You can expect to pay $19.95 plus $7.95 for the Multi Wrench. The current deal is offering to take $10. off your order if you order now plus throw in a lifetime warranty. However, later on down in the promo material it will tell you the product is not available at the moment. This could be because they are sold out, or there is a temporary delay.

The Commitment
First you are really going to have to determine is this a tool that you really need. Then is it going to be put to good use. If you are not the handy person about the house then maybe you want to consider it as a gift for someone else.

There is no doubt that the all in one multi tools like the Multi Wrench are something that is really popular. Amazon sells all kinds of these tool combinations and some of them are best sellers. Many of them are not as expensive as the Multi Wrench either, but then they may have more limitations on their functionality.

Final Multi Wrench Review

We are going to give the Multi Wrench a Try/Buy rating. It seems to be composed of good quality materials so it will be durable which is a big factor with tools. We do feel that the 50 tool in one may be stretched a little but even if it can replace five or even maybe 50  of your tools then it is worth the value.

Our Recommendation
The Multi Wrench could be looked at as a great tool to have around the house for all those small repairs that require the removal of nuts and bolts. The promoters are also marketing it for the professionals as well, so it could be considered on that level. We haven’t looked at a lot of tools in the past but we do look at products of convenience and one of these was Open It.

What do you think? Does Multi Wrench work or not?

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