Does the Kruncher Really Work?

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Does the Kruncher Work? A lot of people are now beginning to think about shaping up for the hopefully soon to arrive warmer weather. This means putting some exceptional gym equipment to good use. So is the Kruncher the new exercise tool of the year?

The Kruncher is a portable workout device that is going to focus on strengthening the muscles in your abdomen. No longer do you have to use a workout bench or be uncomfortable laying on the floor so you can follow through with your ab exercises.

The Claim
The company claims with the use of Kruncher you are targeting each of your abdominal muscles and to get results you only need to use it once a day for five minutes. They indicate that its built for convenience because you can use it wherever you want. You can sit on the couch and use it while watching TV. Or you can sit in your bed and use it.

The Hype
When anything can make exercising a little easier then it doesn’t take much hype to promote it except focusing on that. The abdomen is one area that most people really want to focus on as its usually the hardest area to get rid of the fat and tone up. They are also focusing on this be a advanced core system to help give you an extended workout.

The Cost
It is going to cost you three payments of $19.95 plus $7.95 to have it delivered. So you are looking at a cost of $67.80

The Commitment
Just like any form of exercise you are going to have to commit to it. You also know that if you are truly going to get your abs in shape and keep them that way that you need to also work on healthy eating.

Overall for those that don’t want to invest in a lot of workout equipment the Kruncher seems to be a good alternative. It isn’t going to give you a full body workout but for the price it might not be bad for the upper body. You can always look at other forms of exercise such as running to work on the lower body.

Final Kruncher Review

We are going to give the Kruncher a Try/Buy rating. There are lots of comparable workout devices out there so there isn’t anything really special about this specific unit. It certainly is built for convenience, and really is a space saver. Storage and room to use exercise equipment is always a big factor when purchasing this type of equipment

Our Recommendation
You really need to take a close look at your exercise regime and determine if investing in the Kruncher is really going to meet your needs. We have reviewed other types of exercise options in the past that also focus on being space savers as well as being compact like the Chair Gym.. Really what it comes down to is what piece of equipment is going to be best for you and how does the cost of it fit into your budget, plus how convenient is it according to your specific needs.

What do you think? Does the Kruncher work or not?

3 Customer Reviews on “Does the Kruncher Really Work?

  1. If you are a woman that is 5’3″ or shorter or have are short waisted don’t bother with this equipment. Waste of time since it will be adequate for you to properly use. Beside it is put together with cheap material

  2. You obviously don’t know how to use it correctly. My wife and I have each had 1 for about 3 yrs and use it now maybe 3 times a week. We used to use it more but that’s the way it goes.. They both work perfectly and still good to use while watching TV instead of sitting there and doing nothing.

  3. It works about a week to to weeks until I breaks going on third one and break 1-899 number scam stay far away from this they have defect in joint that it snaps any nobody wants to know about it

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