Does the Miracle Plate Really Work?

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Does Miracle Plate Work?Sometimes keeping the food that has been put on the plate really hot or really cold can be a real chore. Perhaps the phone rings or are you distracted from your meal for a few minutes and when you return its cold. There maybe a solution for this called miracle plate.

Miracle Plate is a standard sized plate holder that comes with a gel pack. You can then pop the gel pack into the microwave to heat it or into the freezer to get it cold. You then put it on the plate holder and set your plate of food on top of this and go ahead and serve it.

The Claim
The company claims that it can keep the food on the plate hot for up to thirty minutes and the cold food cold for the same period of time. If you need to reheat the gel pack again it only takes 30 seconds of it being in the microwave.

The Hype
The company is focusing on the fact that once food hits the plate it really does cool down fast unless of course you are a fast eater. This is a simple solution for keeping the food more enjoyable.

The Cost
If you are just going to go with the standard offer for the Miracle Plate you will pay $14.95 plus $6.99 which gets you two plate holders and two gel packs. If you want to double the offer you can pay an extra $6.99 and get two extra plate holders and gel packs.

The Commitment
You probably wouldn’t use this for every member of the family every time you are going to serve a meal. You may find though that there will be alot of times when you will use it. You just need to remember that you have the Miracle Plate on hand when the time arises.

Overall the idea of the Miracle Plate is a really good one. So many times an individual gets distracted from finishing their meal and the Miracle Plate helps to keep the food warm. On a really hot day cold foods warm up quickly so using the Miracle Plate to keep the food cold is a great choice.

Final Miracle Plate Review

We are going to give the Miracle Plate a thumbs up because the concept is really good. It is ideal for seniors who tend to eat slower and their food becomes cold before they get a chance to consume it. Or it is great for at work for those that have lunch breaks that get interrupted. The price is fairly reasonable when you consider the many different circumstances where the Miracle Plate could be used.

Our Recommendation
Before buying the Miracle Plate give some thought as to whether you really could put it to good use. Would there be enough times that it would come in handy? Your answers to these questions should dictate as to whether it would be worth buying. Another kitchen device that we have talked about in the past that you may find interesting as well is the PressDome.

What do you think? Does the Miracle Plate work or not?

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