Does the Norton Core Router Really Work?

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Does the Norton Core Router Work?If you are looking for one of those gifts that just keep on giving then you may want to think about buying the Norton Core Router. In fact, you may even want to buy one for yourself. The security you can count on is well worth the investment.

The Norton Core Router is what you can really consider to be the router of the future but is ready and waiting for you now. It has the ability to provide advanced network security and allow you to set excellent parental controls. So you could say that it is a multi problem solver when it comes to using the internet in regards to safety and security.

The Claim
The promoters of the Norton Core Router are really focusing on the extra security that it can provide you for all those smart devices that you own that don’t have any real security built into them. This makes having the Norton Core Router something that is most desirable just based on this.

The Hype
The hype for the Norton Core Router is extended with the opportunity for you to get a free subscription for the Norton anti virus software that so many people invest in just on its own.

The Cost
The downside to the Norton Core Router is the price which is $229.99 which includes a free set up which normally costs around $69.

The Commitment
If you are not tech savvy then you may have a bit of a struggle getting everything hooked up with your Norton Core Router however the free installation includes a walk through by a Norton expert for doing this. So your commitment is going to be to take the time and have the patience to go through this process.

There is no doubt that a good quality router is a must for anyone that wants a good internet experience. Also, there are no shortages of routers to choose from, but there are few that have the features that the Norton Core Router has. Aside from the important functions such as security, speed and preventing lagging it has a beautiful design to it which is not something that is a feature in most routers. The design of the Norton Core Router is as futuristic as its security features are. You are getting multi layer protection with the Norton Core Router. When you consider all of the smart devices that you may be using in your home security for each of them has to be a main concern. Now instead of having to worry about them individually you can count on the Norton Core Router to provide the proper protection for all of them.

Final Norton Core Router Review

We are going to give the Norton Core Router a thumbs up. There is a definite need for a quality product like this. The Norton name is well known and well respected. It is a little pricey but the quality and features justify this plus you are getting the free anti virus subscription.

Our Recommendation
If security is not a big concern of yours but good internet reception is that as an alternative you may want to look at the Eero WiFi System.

What do you think? Does the Norton Core Router work or not?

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