Does the CAA Roadside Assistance Really Work?

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Does CAA Roadside Assistance Work?No matter whether you are using your vehicle locally or using it for a trip knowing that if you break down help is only a phone call away can give you great peace of mind. Is that what you get as a CAA member?

The CAA stands for Canadian Automobile Association. This is an organization of which you can become a member of and by doing so you will gain all kinds of benefits. One of the most important ones is the CAA Roadside Assistance.

The Claim
The promoters of the CAA Roadside Assistance will tell you that you can count on them when it comes to your vehicle needing assistance. If your car won’t start it may need a boost. Or, perhaps you have run out of gas. Then maybe you need a tire changing. Then again, the reason why the car won’t start may not be known and it needs to be towed. These are all the issues that can be addressed with the CAA Roadside Assistance Program.

The Hype
The hype around the CAA Roadside Assistance program really is the great peace of mind you have knowing that if you are faced with any of these issues all it takes is a phone call to the CAA Roadside Assistance representatives. Once you do this they will get an agent out to help you with your problem as quickly as possible.

The Cost
How much you are going to pay for the CAA Roadside Assistance program all depends on which membership you opt into. There are several different membership programs to choose from. The basic membership is currently being offered for $70. You can also go for a Plus membership or a Premier Membership with the CAA Roadside Assistance Programs.

The Commitment
The commitment that comes with the CAA Roadside Assistance memberships is to remember that you have the membership to rely on. Take the time to know what your membership covers. This way when you run into difficulty you will know if this is something that the CAA Roadside Assistance can help you with. It is also worth taking the time to review the individual CAA Roadside Assistance Memberships along with the other programs that CAA has to offer. It isn’t just restricted to roadside assistance that is being offered by this company.

The CAA Roadside Assistance program has been around for a long time. Naturally there are several competitors out there, but when it comes to brand recognition the CAA Roadside Assistance is the most recognized and is usually the first one that comes to mind when someone is interested in this type of help.

Final CAA Roadside Assistance Review

We are going to give the CAA Roadside Assistance membership a thumbs up. We trust the brand as many others do. They have made their mark in this industry and on the whole most who use their services are most pleased with them.

Our Recommendation
It really is a small price to pay just for the peace of mind alone in knowing that you can just call the CAA Roadside Assistance agents for many of your potential car problems that are preventing you from using your vehicle. If your car is new and you are a do it yourself person then you may simply want to have something to rely on just to boost your vehicle in the cold weather like the Stanley J7CS FatMax Jump Starter.

What do you think? Does the CAA Roadside Assistance work or not?

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