Does Amazon Prime Really Work?

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Does Amazon Prime Work?The days of running out to the video store to rent a movie are all but gone. Although there are still a great many people, who wish to invest in the hard copies of their favourite movies. The more convenient way for many is to watch their favourite shows via streaming, which makes Amazon Prime an option.

Amazon Prime is a service that allows you to choose from a fairly large collection of movies to stream. It is much the same as Netflix. Although there are some differences.

The Claim
Promoters of Amazon Prime claim that this option is every bit as good as Netflix. It can be utilized on all the same devices, so there are no compromises that have to be made.

The Hype
The hype really comes with having an alternative to Netflix. It allows for options when it comes to streaming, which not only includes price options.

The Cost
If you consider what you pay for movie channels, or the cost of buying movies then you should find that Amazon Prime is most reasonably priced. The prices are going to vary depending on which option you choose. The monthly cost is $12.99 per month which works out to $119. Per year. But students have a great choice which they pay $6.49 per month or $59. Per year.

The Commitment
The only commitment that is really necessary is deciding to go with Amazon Prime. You will have to learn the simple process of using the interface which is not difficult.

One of the noted aspects of Amazon Prime is that it does have a very busy interface. At first, this may be a little overwhelming. But, once you get used to navigating around Prime, this should not be a big issue. Prime does have some good selections of movies, but that doesn’t mean that you will find all the ones on Netflix on prime or vice versa. Amazon seems to be working towards building a larger library of independently produced movies. They may not be the big box office types, but there are plenty within this genre that are excellent movies to watch.

Final Amazon Prime Review

There are a lot of positive aspects about Amazon Prime. Something else to consider is that if you can’t find a specific movie that you are looking for, then there may be an option on Amazon to buy or rent it. It is all going to come down to preference in which streaming option you choose. We are prepared to give Amazon Prime a thumbs up. The pricing is good as is the quality. It is constantly growing with its choices in movies so there should always be something new and interesting available. Of course, most will agree that they can count on quality if it has the Amazon name to it.

Our Recommendation
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What do you think? Does Amazon Prime work or not?

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