Does Nic Out Really Work?

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Does Nic Out Work?There are tons of smoking cessations on the market to help those who wish to quit smoking. But what about all those people who really cannot get to the place where they want to totally quit as yet. Many of these individuals are looking for ways that might help to cut down on some of the harmful chemicals they are taking in with each cigarette. Could it be that Nic Out may help with this?

Nic Out is a filter that can be added to a regular cigarette to help filter the ingredients of the cigarette more than what the filter on the cigarette does. In the past individuals would buy light cigarettes in the hopes that they were cutting down on the amount of chemicals they were inhaling. But, this turned out to be a false concept.

The Claim
The claims being made about Nic Out is that these filters are able to trap most of the tar and nicotine that comes from the cigarette. It is claimed as being able to do this without changing the flavour of the cigarette itself.

The Hype
There is nothing that replaces the quitting of smoking. But, for those who simply cannot do so yet, then at least trying to reduce some of the harmful chemicals may be a step in the right direction.

The Cost
For a package of 300 Nic Out filters you are going to pay $23.93. It is indicated that each filter will filter out 5 regular cigarettes.

The Commitment
It is going to take some getting used to when using the Nic Out filters. Although it will not alter the flavour the body is going to be getting less nicotine if the product works as stated. The risk here is not to smoke more cigarettes because of this.

We like the concept of the Nic Out. It just might be a way for some to wean themselves down off the amount of nicotine they crave each day. But as said the only real way of beating the harm that cigarettes bring is to stop all together.

Final Nic Out Review

We are prepared to give the Nic Out a try/buy. This is a product that has been around for a few years, with average results according to the feedback. However there is some indication that there is a newer version of the Nic Out and that these don’t work as good as what the originals did. The feedback on Amazon spans over several years. One would think that there would be a lot more reviews considering the span that is covered. It is well worth giving Nic Out a try if you are a smoker and you have tried other methods that have not worked for you.

Our Recommendation
One this is for sure is that nobody should ever stop trying to quit smoking. If one option does not work then try another. Another option that you may want to consider is the Nicorette Inhaler.

What do you think? Does Nic Out work or not?

2 Customer Reviews on “Does Nic Out Really Work?

  1. I am currently trying to quit smoking for an upcoming surgery, they have suggested I not smoke for a month in order for them to perform hip replacement surgery, I had quit for 4 days, the fifth I caved which is today, but I used a tar away filter, I searched for tar away reviews but couldn’t find any, I know that it doesn’t completely take away anything that will show up on a nicotine test, which consists of nicotine, nor nicotine, cotinine, and anabasine, and I don’t know of any way to state if it works or doesn’t, but I do know it works a little. Can anyone tell me any further information about this, and am asking for any help on what else there is of helping me kick the habit, remind you I did not want to quit when this issue arrived, and I state this because Ive always been told that you have to want to quit.

  2. The new ones here in Canada at-least suck, I find they hardly filter anything out, where as the old ones would be black with tarhalf way through a smoke. If you can find the old ones I’d recommend. There is a brand made in Germany that come in a ten pack, thy are a little better

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