Does the Nicorette Inhaler Really Work?

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Does the Nicorette Inhaler Work?There are some who want to quit smoking and then there are others who are being forced to quit. But, no matter what category one comes into being able to achieve this is a huge challenge for many. There are plenty of resources to help and one of these is the Nicorette Inhalers.

As with any smoking cessation treatments the proper caution must be exercised when using them. The Nicorette Inhaler is a small device that is comprised of a mouthpiece and a small chamber that holds a cartridge that contains a portion of menthol, ethanol and nicotine.

The Claim
The Promoters of the Nicorette Inhaler claim that this is smoking cessation resource that should be used by following a planned program to help those who smoke to quit. As an individual draws on the inhaler it releases a small amount of vapor that contains the nicotine. This gets absorbed into the system through the mouth and throat. It is not meant to enter the lungs.

The Hype
The hype behind the Nicorette Inhaler is its ability for a smoker to replace their cigarette smoking with a replacement of nicotine to help deal with the nicotine withdrawals of smoking. One cartridge provides about twenty minutes of using it by drawing in on the inhaler continuously.

The Cost
The cost of the Nicorette Inhaler can range from $35. To $45. Depending on where you buy it. The package contains the inhaler as well as 42 cartridges with each one containing 4mg. nicotine.

The Commitment
The commitment with the Nicorette Inhaler is to replace the cigarettes with this and then eventually reduce the need for nicotine which is the addictive component of cigarettes. You also have to be sure to regularly clean the Nicorette Inhaler as instructed.

Anything that helps an individual to quit smoking is a good thing. However, it is important when using products like the Nicorette Inhaler as well as other stop smoking resources that they are not misused. They do not become a permanent replacement for the cigarettes. They are merely a stepping stop to quitting smoking and becoming completely nicotine free. There are several other types of resources such as gums, and sprays and even prescriptive medications. The smoker must find the one that works for them the best. If the one doesn’t work then it is worth trying another. The bottom line is to never give up trying to quit smoking. It is common for individuals to fail at their attempts two or three times before they are successful.

Final Nicorette Inhaler Review

We are going to give the Nicorette Inhaler a thumbs up but strongly advise this should be used only under the guidance of a health care professional.

Our Recommendation
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