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Does Work?Some individuals once they make up their mind to quit smoking seem to have very few problems doing so. Then there are others who really want to quit but just can’t seem to do it. There are many different products on the market to assist with this and while some work for some they don’t for others. Would extra support along the journey to stopping smoking help? If so then maybe will provide you with that extra help you need.

Overview is a website that is committed to offering all kinds of information and support to individuals who want to stop smoking. It answers a lot of questions and helps with some of the pain points of the withdrawals.

The Claim
The site indicates that they are going to be able to quit smoking with their help. They believe this can be done through motivation and support.

The Hype
The hype is clearly evident when you land on the website with all the pain points of quitting smoking that they address.

The Cost
There doesn’t seem to be any cost to actually become a member of the site where it appears that you will be supported in your stop smoking efforts through emails and promotions. There is no doubt that focus for stop smoking products is on NicoDerm and Nicorette.

The Commitment
As with any stop smoking program or product you are going to have to be committed to it. If you choose to use the NicoDerm or Nicorette products then you are going to have to follow the directions that comes with them. In addition to this you are really going to want to study the detailed information that is available on the website.

It really is true that many smokers need as much help as they can get along with encouragement to help them beat their smoking habit. Some have the opinion that smokers only do so because its a habit. Others believe it could be an addiction. In both cases these assumptions are right. For some it is a habit while for others they have become addicted. In both cases for many giving it up is no easy task.


Final Review

We are going to give the website a thumbs up rating for its efforts of supporting the smoker who is ready to give up the habit of smoking. While it supports specific products these products are well known for being of great assistance to many people. Having all the extra information available on one easy to follow website is really beneficial for those that are going through the stop smoking process.

Our Recommendation
There have been many other forms of stop smoking relief put out on the market. These include fake cigarettes, books, and even hypnotherapy. The key is for an individual to keep on trying and never give up. If one potential solution doesn’t work then it is well worth trying another. We have reviewed several stop smoking alternatives that you may want to take a look at.

What do you think? Does work or not?

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