Does the Measure King Really Work?

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Does the Measure King Work?There are some “must have” items that are needed around the home. One of these is a measuring tape. It is one of those items that are used in a variety of different circumstances. It is a useful and necessary tool for most common types of repairs. It is also an item that is used for crafting and sewing. Which means one may want a measuring tape like the Measure King.

Until its time to use a measuring tape its not given much thought. Then when using the traditional type, it can lead to some frustration. The long metal tape that it is comprised of can be difficult to handle. No doubt this is what led the inventors of Measure King to find a new solution. The Measure King is called a three in one measuring tape. It is a digital tape measure that has a string mode, a roller mode and a sonic mode.

The Claim
The promoters of the Measure King claim that it is really easy to use and is extremely accurate. The measurements are easy to read as the unit has a large LED display that is well lit.

The Hype
The hype for the Measure King is that this tape measure can be used easily to measure even the most difficult items. It not only measures straight surfaces but can easily wrap around an irregular shaped object to get the right measurements.

The Cost
The cost of the Measure King is $19.90.

The Commitment
Like any other measuring tape, you are going to have to use the Measure King properly. Learn how to use the three different modes and determine which one is most applicable to the job at hand.

There are several different types of measuring tapes on the market. Some with the newer technology like using a beam for measurement. The Measure King seems to have capitalized on some of the newer features and implemented them all into one handy unit. The big question is how successful was this. To date, the feedback is not all that favourable. Out of 107 reviews, the item has only received a 2.9-star rating out of five. With 34% giving it a five star. This is an indicator that the product is not living up to its expectations. Some of the complaints are that the tape and roller modes work well, but the laser mode has some issues of being unreliable. There are some concerned about the safety aspects when using the string mode as it is spring loaded. But really this is the same with the traditional measuring tapes that are spring loaded. You have to watch your fingers and hands when retracting them. Those that have given the five stars appear to be fairly happy with the product based on the money they paid for it.

Final Measure King Review

Overall we are only prepared to give the Measure King a try/buy rating. With our concerns being some of the negative aspects that have been outlined in the feedback.

Our Recommendation
Sewers are often looking for compact tools that contain not only a standard measuring tape but a complete kit. For them, they may want to check out the Enbroidex Sewing Kit.

What do you think? Does Measure King work or not?

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