Does the Polar Vortex System Really Work?

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Does the Polar Vortex System Work?One of our most popular topics here is anything to do with weight loss and fitness. This is understandable with so many people looking for solutions to these problems. There never seems to be an end to something new hitting the marketing promising to be that one magical product that is going to solve the problem of the weight of the world that people are dealing with. So what some are thinking is a new trend has brought us to discussing it which is weight loss with cold.

The Polar Vortex system is comprised of a full vest that you wear to help your body increase it fat and calorie burning capabilities.

The Claim
The company is claiming that the Polar Vortex system can increase calorie burning by 32% and increase the amount of fat that you can burn up to 57%.

The Hype
The hype seems to promote that you really don’t need to do much else for your fat and calorie burning except rely on the Polar Vortex system. They are saying that even when you take the vest off the fat and calorie burning continues. However, when you read a little further down in the promo material it tells you that results may vary and includes proper exercise and a healthy meal plan. So if you thought that you were not going to have to make some lifestyle changes then you may need to think about this again.

The Cost
The Polar Vortex system is not what you would consider cheap. You can expect to pay 6 payments of $39.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling. This totals $249.65.

The Commitment
The commitment appears to be fairly simply. You just have to commit to wearing the vest, however there is no indication for how long at a time or how may weeks or months it may take before you see results.

Whenever you see claims like those attached to the Polar Vortex System about how much fat you can burn or how many calories can be shed you would like to see some specific case studies that have been done for that particular product, and not just a few before and after pictures. This system is being offered around the Thermogenesis theory which is basically keeping the body temperature low so the body will resort to its own fat accumulation for energy.

Final Polar Vortex System Review

The promo material gives no indication as to what the Polar Vortex System is made of to support the results that they are stating, although there is a patent pending. Overall with no specific studies to back this product up and the fact that it is new and really expensive we are going to give in a very iffy Try/Buy. Who knows it could surprise us and be a real winner in the weight loss world but before spending the kind of money that its going to cost it may be well worth waiting to see how the product fares on the market for the next several months.

Our Recommendation
Weight loss is a delicate subject and because of the misery that being overweight brings to so many people they become vulnerable to anything new that might be able to assist them with their weight loss. Many people end up spending a fortune on different weight loss programs and still don’t get the results they want.While we have covered many different products on this topic some bring better results than others. You may want to take a look at the Venus Factor and see if this appeals to you.

What do you think? Does Polar Vortex System work or not?

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