Does Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract Really Work?

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Does Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract work?Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract is a product hoping to capitalize on the latest dieting craze for garcinia cambogia. There are several products flooding the market right now, which is making it harder to pick the right one. Luckily Dr. Oz gave some insight on how to choose the right brand, so let’s see how this one measures up.

Garcinia Cambogia has been getting a lot of attention ever since it was shown on the Dr. Oz Show, and since it was relatively unknown before the broadcast, many people have questions about how and why it works. It was explained that this extract changes the way the liver processes foods, and the end result is that you feel fuller when eating less food, you have more energy, and the food you eat doesn’t get converted to fat.

The Claim
The makers of Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract claim that it contains 100% GCE, and doesn’t contain any extra additives. Many of the claims they make are in regards to garcinia cambogia, and not specifically about their product. They say that it’s an appetite suppressant, that it enhances your mood so there’s less stressful eating, and that it helps to burn fat you already have. They say their product is made in the USA, in a GNP certified lab, but we were unable to determine what GNP certified means.

The Hype
Dr. Oz has a knack for creating hype and crazes in the world of dieting pills and all natural extracts. When he featured garcinia cambogia on his show he specifically pointed out that he wasn’t endorsing any specific brand. While this may have helped him with his credibility, it left his fans scouring the Internet for a brand that lived up to his checklist of features to look for. It also provided the opportunity for new businesses to pop up to try to take advantage of this gray area and position their product as if it is “the one”.

The Cost
They have a one-month supply for $58 including shipping, a three month supply at $98, and a five month supply for $148, or around $30 a bottle. This is not something that is meant for long term use, so the five month supply is overdoing it a bit. They should really have a one or two month supply at a price that isn’t so high. This is over twice the price of competing products, which means that they have to make the case that what’s inside is twice as good and twice as effective.

The Commitment
Dr. Oz started off the segment by saying that people are always asking him what’s a way to lose weight without dieting or exercising, and without changing your lifestyle at all. Then he started talking about garcinia cambogia. The segue was a way to say that this is the answer to all of those questions. He went on to demonstrate how garcinia cambogia changes the way that your liver processes the food that you eat, so even if you’re not eating the right foods it won’t matter because your body won’t turn them into fat.

One feature that Dr. Oz pointed out about the perfect pill is the purity. He said that you should make sure that there aren’t any filers or binders in the pill that you go with. Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract makes it a point to state that their product is pure and does not contain anything extra that doesn’t belong in it. While they don’t state how much each pill contains, they do say that 1000mg is what is recommended, and they say you should take it on an empty stomach before meals. This lines up with what Dr. Oz said on his show. It would be nice if they would show the label so you know what is in it, and in what amounts.

There isn’t a lot of information in the way of how people responded to this product specifically. They have a testimonial page filled with 5 star reviews, but you know how we feel about that. It would have been good for them to show a clinical trial with their actual product, with third-party verification. Also, it would be helpful if they could provide some certification that their product really does contain pure GCE.

Final Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract Review

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract should work if it really does contain pure GCE. But the price point they’ve chosen is rather high, and perhaps they’re just price testing and it will come down over time to be more competitive. We’re all for buying high quality products, especially when they’re meant to be ingested, but garcinia cambogia is supposed to be an economical diet pill, and is not an endangered plant by any means. There simply isn’t enough cause for such a highly priced product.

Our Recommendation
Because of the high price this can’t be a brand that Dr. Oz would recommend. He stated several times, and the guest Dr. Julie Chen also went on in some detail, about how inexpensive it is. Perhaps could make the argument that because it’s pure it’s more expensive. But if it’s pure it simply means you’re leaving out the additives. A recommended dose is a recommended dose, and they should still be using the same amount of GCE as the other brands, just not including the fillers. That means less ingredients going in, which should make it even less expensive, not more.

What do you think? Does Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract work or not?

10 Customer Reviews on “Does Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract Really Work?

  1. I bought 4 bottles, used as directed and never loss a lb. Never got a refund just a run around.

    live and learn.

  2. I bought five bottles of this and my Dr. advised me I should not take it because of medical conditions. How do I get my money back since there was a money back guarantee….

  3. I bought 5 bottles of this and after one full month I have not lost one pound. I exercise 5 days week and try to watch what I eat. You siad when I purchased this it is garunteed. So I need to know how to get my refunded money and where to send the 4 unopened bottles and one empty.
    I could not print the information from the website and now I do not have the gaurentee information.
    Please advise on how I go about this process.

  4. I am truly amazed at myself. I hear about these diet products and always refrain from buying them because while they sound good, my instincts say they do not work. BUT there was such hype on Garcinia and I watched Dr. Oz and Chen — and fell for it. Over the last 3 weeks, I have lost 5 lbs; and over the last 6 days, I have not even lost as much as a tenth of a lb! In fact, when I was doing weight watchers, I lost much more weight.

    Live and learn!!!!

  5. So where does that leave the great “Green Coffee Bean Extract” and the phenomenal “Raspberry Ketone” and I guess the “Acai Berry” is a thing of the past . . . Can you take any of these together?
    What’s it going to be next month?

  6. So which one should I go with then? As you say it’s obvious that this is not the product recommended by Dr. Oz, so it has to be something else. I know he didn’t name a specific product for a good reason, but sometimes I wish that he was a little more blunt with his recommendation. Let’s see what you guys have to say about Garcinia Cambogia Select then.

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