Does Alcis Really Work?

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Does Alcis work?Alcis claims to be able to get rid of a variety of different pains, just by rubbing the cream on the spot that hurts. If you’re suffering from pain in the joints or muscles this would definitely catch your eye as a possible alternative to using pain-killing pills or prescriptions, as well as hot pads and icy/hot gels. But how well does it work for actual users?

Treating pain can be a tricky business. You don’t want to have to rely on a prescription drug to treat a recurring problem or a chronic condition. But you want something that is going to be just as effective, and something that you can rely on time and time again so that you don’t have to sit and suffer with the pain. There’s also the problem of the body building up a tolerance to different pain medications, causing you to require more and more of them just to get the sort of relief you got at first.

The Claim
The makers of Alcis claim that you can treat a myriad of problems with their pain relieving cream. These include arthritis, pain in the joints, pain in the muscles, back pain, shoulder pain, muscle stiffness, foot pain, and post workout pain. They cover so many different problems that they create a broad potential user base. And since alternative treatments come with their own set of drawbacks, there is definitely room for a cream like this to step in and become the solution for many.

The Hype
As more and more Americans get older, the likelihood of miscellaneous pain popping up increases, and more people will be looking for a fast-acting solution so they can get on with their lives. If a product like this shows signs that it’s working, and is sold at a reasonable price, there will definitely be some hype associated with it as a way to circumvent prescription pharmaceuticals and get the relief needed.

The Cost
Ordering from the main Alcis website gets you the best deal for your money. You can get 3 two ounce tubes for $30, or you can pay $1 more if you just want to try it out and get just one tube for $11. The price is what drives most people to give this a try, as it’s not very expensive to try out, and the promise of pain relief is a strong motivating factor. Compared to other treatments this is relatively cheap, and something that you could stay on with for the long term and not suffer financially.

The Commitment
When compared to swallowing pain pills, a topical cream like this represents less of a commitment. It’s used only when needed, and it’s used directly at the source. It’s a very ad hoc way of treating your pain, and since it is easy to apply it fits nicely into most people’s daily routine. You simply keep a bottle of it with you wherever you need to use it, and you’re all set.

What we’re seeing here is that most people consider this a product worth using, with a substantial group that says it did not help them. This is to be expected with a pain relieving cream of this nature. Pain levels vary so much, as well as people’s perception of pain. Someone might buy this for a nagging pain and it works well, while another might buy it for a more acute pain and say that it didn’t help. It’s all relative to the person that is using it, what they’re trying to treat, and whether or not they perceive this as beneficial.

How pain relievers work:

Since the large majority of users have said that there was good or great amount of pain relief, it can be said that Alcis works to some degree. Of course there are prescription drugs that will work faster and last longer, but the point is that this is available without a prescription. One advantage that it definitely has going for it is that it smells nice. Even those that said it didn’t do anything for their pain complimented the scent.

Final Alcis Review

We’re giving Alcis the Thumbs Up rating, as it has been shown to work in many cases. It’s not going to work for everyone every time, but that is just the nature of pain relief. The major benefits that it provides are that you can purchase it without a prescription, and it’s not habit forming. They also back it up with a money back guarantee, and at this price point it’s worth trying at least once. It’s a very low-risk, high-reward situation, which we generally say go for it.

If you’re tired of keeping the aspirin bottle around, or having to use gels and creams that stink, this is something you should try. It’s supposed to work right away and last for several hours, and if this is the case for you in your situation you’ll have to agree that it’s a bargain, and a way to treat your pain effectively going forward.

Our Recommendation
When looking for a pain reliever that you’re going to use on a daily basis there are a few things to consider. Are there harsh drugs in it that you probably shouldn’t be rubbing into your body? Does it cause any potential problems when interacting with other drugs you’re taking? Is it something that can be taken over the long term?

What do you think? Does Alcis work or not?

8 Customer Reviews on “Does Alcis Really Work?

  1. I tried to order this and was sent a message you were out, so just wondering if you have any in stock yet

  2. The prescription medicine for my chronic knee pain does a great job at numbing down the pain, but it devours my stomach when I take it. It’s like trading one extreme pain for another. Silly, isn’t it? I don’t even have high hopes for Alcis, I’ve tried similar products before and they all sucked. I’m just giving it a try only because it isn’t as if my pain is going to get any better anytime soon.

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