Does the Pyle DCH14 Really Work?

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Does the Pyle DCH14 Work?Keeping your little ones occupied when it the car is no easy task.You may be taking along the wrong things to help you with this.The problem solver may be the Pyle DCH14.


As parents we have all heard that same refrain from the back seat while out on a car trip or heading out on vacation “are we there yet?” Trying to keep the little ones entertained while on a long trip can be a chore that is tough to take. The Pyle DCH14 is one of those items that can make this a thing of the past. This portable DVD player makes those long drives a little easier to take.

The Claim

The claim by Pyle is that the Pyle DCH14 which has a14 inch screen and the easy to use controls make this portable DVD player the absolute best one of its kind on the market. Easy to use and excellent quality will make this a valuable piece of kit for any parent who wants to ensure that they keep the kids entertained while on a long drive or performing an act that requires the kids to have to wait like doing laundry at the local Laundromat for example.

The Hype

Some of the hype about the Pyle DCH14 stems from the big 14 inch screen that makes watching movies on this unit very pleasing and also from the very simple to use controls that make it very easy to use for the little ones. Durability and functionality round out the reasons for much of the hype surrounding the Pyle DCH14.

The Cost

The cost of the Pyle DCH14 is an exceptionally reasonable $99.00. This is a very small price to pay for the peace of mind that this unit will provide on those long trips or chores that require the kid’s presence.

The Commitment

Other than the commitment to keeping the Pyle DCH14 fully charged and a good selection of DVD’s on hand for when you need it there is very little in the way of commitment required for the Pyle DCH14. It is very easy to store when folded flat in a drawer or even in the compartment behind the seat found in most cards and trucks today.


When purchasing a portable DVD player there are certain things that should be taken into consideration such as screen size and ease of use. Both of these are exceptionally important, as is the amount of time the battery will run before needing a charge (nothing worse than being halfway through a movie and the battery dies…especially when it is the kids watching a movie!) The Pyle shines in all of these categories. The Pyle DCH14 screen is a full 14 inches which is one of the biggest on the market, and the battery will last over 2 full hours of normal use (some users say it runs a little less than that but still enough to watch most movies fully without having to re-charge!) couple that with the excellent resolution and you have a clear winner!

Final Pyle DCH14 Review

In addition to the above mentioned features you also get anti-skip features and a USB port for a variety of media input options to go along with the big screen and easy to use controls making this the best unit of its type on the market in its segment.

Our Recommendation

If you have kids and do not have a media player in your vehicle then this Pyle DCH14 is the unit for you. Well priced and packed with great features you will not regret this purchase, especially when on the road and all you can hear from the back seat is….silence! Ahhhh…..worth every penny! Now if you are looking for an alternative for the kids you may want to check out some of the reviews we did on toys.

What do you think? Does the Pyle DCH14 work or not?

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