Does the Stohlquist Nemo Really Work?

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Does the Stohlquist Nemo Work?Keeping your family safe during the summer months is a top priority and one area of focus for this has to be when it comes to the water activities that they may want to enjoy. To help with this you may want to take a look at the Stohlquist Nemo.


Summer is here! And with the warmer weather come the vacations and outings geared towards the water sports that we love here in North America and across the world. No matter whether you are heading on the boat for a day on the water fishing or water skiing or tubing you absolutely need to ensure that all of the people in your party are protected by wearing the appropriate Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s or lifejackets!) and the Stohlquist Nemo is the best one around for kids!

The Claim

The claim by the manufacturer is that this Stohlquist Nemo is the best unit of this sort for smaller children due to the high level of design that has gone into the construction of this model. Recognizing that children are smaller and need a different lifejacket than adults would wear Stohlquist has designed one specifically for those smaller bodies.

The Hype

The hype primarily comes from the fact that this Stohlquist Nemo is designed for small bodies in mind taking into account the need for comfort and movement as well as the safety requirements for an apparatus of this nature and does well in all of those categories with this Nemo model.

The Cost

The cost of the Stohlquist Nemo is only $138.00 on While that may seem like a lot of money for a lifejacket you have to realize exactly what you are protecting…your child! The sum is reasonable because of the excellent construction and design of the Nemo. It incorporates all of the best features a PFD can possibly have in one package.

The Commitment

The only commitment required for this Stohlquist Nemo is the commitment to actually USE it when out on the water. No matter what level of swimmer your child is when out on the water or even near the water for that matter they should ALWAYS be wearing a PFD that fits properly and is rated for the smaller bodies of our kids.


One of the reasons many kids hate wearing PFD’s is because many of them are quite uncomfortable to say the least. The Stohlquist Nemo is designed to be sleek and comfortable so that the child will be as comfortable as possible while doing all the fun things we do on the water. The filling inside the unit is well and equally distributed so that the child will be held up above the water in the event of a un-towards event. The collar is designed to keep the child’s head up but is low enough to be wearable and the zipper is also designed to be less intrusive but also perform its function. The attention to detail is striking. The grab handle is coated with small beads to make it easier to grab and to keep it floating when the child is in the water.

Final Stohlquist Nemo Review

If you are heading out on the water this summer with the kid and need a new lifejacket or PFD then do yourself and your kids a favor and get the Nemo from Stohlquist. It is the best fitting and most reliable PFD we have seen on the market today. You will not be disappointed with either the quality or the features. We are giving the Stohlquist Nemo a Thumbs up.

Our Recommendation

The Stohlquist Nemo fits really, really well making it easier to get the kids to wear and does exactly what it says it will do and that is keep your kids safe while enjoying the water this summer! For you baby to have some water fun you may want to check out the SwimSchool Fun.

What do you think? Does the Stohlquist Nemo work or not?

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