Does the Dyson DC34 Really Work?

Does the DysonDC34 Work?Keeping your home clean is no easy task especially when you have little one, but when you have pets then the household cleaning gets even tougher. There may be some additional help for you if you use the Dyson DC34.


Anybody who has pets, especially long haired cats or dog knows full well just how much pet hair they can shed onto your furniture and floors during those times of year when they are shedding their winter coats. The Dyson DC34 is built specifically for this problem.

The Claim

The claim by Dyson is that this Dyson DC34 vacuum is designed to pick up all types of pet hair and of course any other dirt or debris that you may find in your house.

The Hype

Much of the hype surrounding this machine comes from the fact that Dyson has built a very solid reputation building vacuums that go way beyond what older vacuum manufacturer were able to accomplish with their earlier models. Dyson has revolutionized the industry with this Dyson DC34 and their other models of their vacuums that consistently out- perform other vacuums.

The Cost

The cost of the Dyson DC34 is a very reasonable $249.00. The reason we say reasonable is that the Dyson performs so well that you will most likely never need to buy another vacuum, at least for a very long time and it will never lose suction as Dyson says about all of their machines.

The Commitment

There is little commitment required other than the commitment to an exceptionally clean house and the absence of pet hair on your furniture when guests come to visit. The beauty of this Dyson DC34 is that it is a handheld device and is exceptionally small and can be stored very easily when not in use.


In an attempt at full disclosure we have to say that we are somewhat biased when it comes to Dyson vacuums. All of their models are so well made that we fully expected that this model would be no different and we were not disappointed! This smaller handheld Dyson DC34 still has all the power of a full size or upright model and has all the features of those bigger and more expensive models in a more versatile and compact model. The model comes with a mini motorized rotator to help clean stuck on pet hair and has a max power button to get full suction for those really tough jobs. The rechargeable battery will last a full 15 minutes on full power which is more than enough time to get all of that pet hair off the couch before your guests arrive!

Final Dyson DC34 Review

Lightweight and ergonomic with exceptional power make this one a sure fire winner for any one with pets! As with all Dyson vacuums this one performs better than most other vacuums in this segment. The Dyson pledge that their units never lose suction applies to this one as well and it is covered by their excellent warranty as well!

Our Recommendation
If you are looking for another alternative to help with your home cleaning that specifically deals with pet hair then take a look at Shed Off.

What do you think? Does the Dyson DC34 work or not?


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