Does the Raised Bed Fortress Really Work?

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Does the Raised Bed Fortress Work?It is almost here! Well, for some it is, for others who have the ability to grow all season long the ending of winter means less than those in colder climates to be sure. But this product will help gardeners no matter where they live and no matter what the weather conditions may have in store.

The Raised Bed Fortress is a great idea for those who love to garden but who are faced with trying to keep pests, vermin and birds from stealing the seeds or growing crops.

The Claim
The claim is that by using a device like the Raised Bed Fortress you can eliminate the hassle and the added costs associated with having animals or birds raid your growing garden.

The Hype
The hype can be associated with the fact that many gardeners, if not all, have faced the issue of trying to prevent animals and birds from raiding both the seeds as they are planted, as many types of bird often do, or trying to keep other types of animals like squirrels and rabbits off the plot as the plants start to grow and mature and offer a tempting and tasty meal for the animals. This device will fully prevent both of those types of crop warfare.

The Cost
The cost of the Raised bed Fortress is $229.00. This may seem a little pricey but when you fully consider what the unit offers and the quality of the materials used it is really not that unreasonable after all. The lumber alone that is included and the high quality fabric used for the netting make the value a little better. There are lower priced units on other sites but this one seems really solid and good value for the money.

The Commitment
Other than the installation that is required and your love of gardening there is virtually no commitment required for the Raised Bed Fortress. All of the pieces of lumber that are included are pre-cut so you will need only to position the pieces in the proper locations and fasten them together with the included hardware in order to get the unit up and running in no time at all and with very little in the way of difficulty required.

As we mentioned above, every gardener has at some point joined the global warfare between gardeners and the animals and birds who love to sneak or swoop in and grab a free meal whenever the chance arises. There have been many ingenious ways that people have tried to combat this problem over the decades. Think of scarecrows for instance which were designed with the same issue in mind but of course on a much larger scale. It would be quite difficult for a farmer to put a net over his entire crop but it would certainly be fun to see them try! Home gardeners on the other hand have items like this which offer a solid cedar base and side rails so that the crops are up and off the ground ensuring that no animals can burrow their way in under, durable netting on the side made of nylon so that the birds cannot come in from the sides and a full net over the top to stop the birds of veggie prey cannot coming in from above.

Final Raised Bed Fortress Review

We cannot find an item that so easily does exactly what it says it will do, provided that you install correctly which is no great feat at all and is more user friendly. It has easily accessible zippered doors on both long sides making it very easy to access the plants that are inside from either side of the unit. A thumbs up from us.

Our Recommendation
The Raised Bed Fortress has good quality materials and is very well made, this product will definitely do exactly what it says it will do and that makes it very easy for us to say…two thumbs up! For another gardening approach check out the Straw Bale Gardening.

What do you think? Does the Raised Bed Fortress work or not?

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