Does the Renogy KIT-Firefly Really Work?

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Does the Renogy KIT-Firefly Work?One never knows when they could be without power, and it is something that most homeowners have experienced more than once. Buying costly generators is just not in the budget for most people, but a really affordable and workable alternative may be the Renogy KIT-Firefly.

Most of us have been there…trying to get something done and the power goes out, or being out in the woods camping or hiking and the phone goes dead from lack of juice. What is the solution? A Backup generator of course. The problem? Backup generators need fuel. And lugging that fuel sort of defeats the purpose to begin with. The Renogy KIT-Firefly makes that a problem of the past. This backup generator gets its fuel from the sun.

The Claim
The claim is that the Renogy Kit Firefly will make your lack power issues a thing of the past. The quick charging solar backup generator offers the opportunity to finally free yourself form the grid when out of doors, or even indoors if that is your preference.

The Hype
While solar power is quickly becoming much more mainstream that it was even a few short years ago it still has not quite caught on with a huge amount of users who still see it as a fleeting fad that will surely fade. Units like the Renogy KIT-Firefly are quickly changing that perspective. The hype from units that are as small, portable and as capable as the Renogy will make those assumptions a thing of the past.

The Cost
The cost of the Renogy Kit Firefly is $350.00. This price is very comparable with other similar units that are not nearly as attractive as this unit is for a variety of reasons including portability and efficacy.

The Commitment
The absolute beauty of using solar generated power is that there is very little commitment required. No batteries to change, no need to add gas or any other combustible for fuel, simply open the Renogy KIT-Firefly up and let the great red giant that we call the sun do what it does best and that is to transfer massive amounts of energy to the earth and surrounding atmosphere.

The Renogy KIT-Firefly is unique for a few reasons not the least of which is the esthetically pleasing layout of the unit. Compared to many units that fall into the same category the Renogy is hands down the most easy to use and move around. Designed like a briefcase it is easy enough to take with you when you head out doors and powerful enough to be used for a variety of purposes in the home. You cannot run full sized appliances with the Renogy KIT-Firefly but you can safely run anything that is 150watts or less easily and practically. That includes charging phones or any other small device such as computers, laptops and tablets. There are many different solar PANELS on the market that will add you in charging devices but they lack the ability to STORE energy like the Renogy does. The unit is also capable of being expanded by adding secondary panel to allow it to re-charge more quickly. We are pleased to give this product a thumbs up.

Final Renogy KIT-Firefly Review

The Renogy Kit Firefly is quite an impressive unit. For anyone looking for an emergency backup power solution for smaller devices or just like to have access to power when out playing in the great outdoors, this compact and completely portable power supply is the best choice you can make. Reasonably priced and exceptionally effective this one will definitely sell quickly we believe.

Our Recommendation
If you want a good solar generator for play or back up you simply cannot go wrong with the Renogy KIT-Firefly. It has all the feature of the competition and then some. We think that this is great example of what the future holds for generators, after all who would continue to lug and alternate fuel supply when you can get all you need and so much more from the big generator in the sky. If you are into solar power you may be interested in these solar lights.

What do you think? Does the Renogy KIT-Firefly work or not?

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