Does the Wishbone Smart Thermometer Really Work?

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Does the Wishbone Smart Thermometer Work?Having a reliable method for checking the temperature of your little ones, or even your pets is important. While there are many devices available to do this not all of them are easy to use. So is the Wishbone Smart Thermometer one that makes this task easy>

The ability of parents to take the temperature of their kids and even their pets in certain circumstances is a very important task that has been made easier over the years with new gadgets and gizmos coming out every few years. The Wishbone Smart Thermometer is the latest in a long line of upgrades to facilitate this age old problem.

The Claim
The claim by Wishbone is that this will be the last thermometer you ever really need. It is a multi-function unit that also syncs to your smart phone so that you can easily read the temperature of whatever or whoever you are attempting to get a reading on.

The Hype
The hype surrounding this Wishbone Smart Thermometer stems mostly from that syncing ability and from the fact that this unit is also a “no touch” unit meaning that it does not have to either touch the person or be inserted into any cavity orally or rectally.

The Cost
The cost of the Wishbone Smart Thermometer is a very reasonable $34.99. When you consider the functions that this unit performs that is a very respectable price, especially when compared to other units that are similar to the Wishbone unit and what it accomplishes.

The Commitment
There is very little commitment required for this Wishbone Smart Thermometer. The very small size makes it easy to drop in a drawer when not in use or even to keep in the baby bag or even purse. At intervals you will need to change the lithium battery but other than that it is pretty much maintenance free.

We are big fans here of anything that will make the life of our readers easier and hassle free and this Wishbone Smart Thermometer does that in a very big way. This “no touch” infrared thermometer makes it exceptionally easy to take the temperature of sleeping babies, wakeful people and even has the ability to get the temp of solids and even liquids without ever having to touch the materials being scanned. There is an app that can be downloaded so that you can record temps, especially convenient for parents who are trying to conceive and need to know body temps at any given time. This unit even makes it easy to take the temp of your pets as again, the no touch aspect makes it perfect for this function as well.

Final Wishbone Smart Thermometer Review

This Wishbone Smart Thermometer makes it much easier to take the temperature of anything that you need to measure including babies and pets and even solids and liquids. The “no touch” aspect makes it safe and very “clean” in that you never need to touch the item you are taking the temperature of. Easy to use and very, very convenient. A thumbs up by us.

Our Recommendation
Anyone looking to upgrade their thermometer will do themselves a great service by getting a Wishbone Smart Thermometer. Very convenient and easy to use and does a great job. If you are looking for another type of thermometer that measures the temperature of food in a neat sort of way then check out the Instant Read.

What do you think? Does the Wishbone Smart Thermometer work or not?

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