Does Sock Slider Really Work?

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Does Sock Slider Work?Getting dressed is usually an easy task for most. For others, it can be a really chore for a variety of different reasons. One item of clothing that can be very difficult to put on for some people is their socks. There may be a quick, safe and easy solution for this and its called the Sock Slider.

A big magnet for us here at is items that are both unique and helpful to people far and wide that they may be unaware existed. Sock Slider is one of those products. It is an incredibly useful and helpful device for people who may have compromising injuries or disabilities that making the chore of putting on socks much, much easier.

The Claim
The claim by Sock Slider is that by using the device it will be much easier to put on socks for those unable to bend over and perform the task themselves including those suffering from back injuries and things like that that make mobility a problem.

The Hype
The hype is realized by the innovative nature of the Sock Slider device. We have seen nothing that comes close this unit and think that it is a great idea whose time has definitely come.

The Cost
The cost of the Sock Slider is a very respectable $19.99 Not a bad price for a unit that offers the convenience that the Sock Slider offers the patron.

The Commitment
Not a whole lot of commitment required for the Sock Slider. The unit easily and handily folds up for ease of storage when not needed.

Sock Sliders! That pretty much says it all! Yes, this device is designed to help you put on your socks without the need for bending over. Some will ask…why is this even necessary? If you have ever suffered from back pain or an injury that prevent you from bending over then you would completely understand why this product is needed and why it will sell a huge whack of them once the word gets out and people realize that this product is on the market. The unit is made up of a device that you simply “load” the sock onto by feeding the sock over the device and then sliding your foot into the sock. It also comes with an attachment that let you lower the unit onto the floor with after you have loaded the sock so that you simply never have to bend over.

Final Sock Slider Review

As stated above, if you have ever had compromised mobility you would understand how difficult it can be for a person to simply put on a pair of socks. This device makes that supposedly simple chore that much easier for those whose mobility IS compromised for any reason whether that is a bad back or a similar injury that impedes one’s over all mobility. We are prepared to give this product a thumbs up.

Our Recommendation
Sock Slider is a great device for those of limited movement. It is definitely worth a try for those suffering from mobility issues. For the price ,it is offered for it is certainly worth it to see if it works for you. If you happen to be looking for socks that can help with the pain and discomfort in your feet then check out the Miracle Socks.

What do you think? Does Sock Slider work or not?

272 Customer Reviews on “Does Sock Slider Really Work?

  1. Hey Troy, I know that this will be extremely hard for you to understand but I’ll try my best to explain it in a way even someone as gifted as you can understand. You see Troy, besides those afflicted with what is called the aging process, not all of us were blessed with bodies that actually work right even when young. Take me for example Troy, now in your world I’m just a lazy sloth, so lazy I need help putting on my socks. In my world I see it a little different though Troy. Lucky guy I am, when I was 21 I was diagnosed with a disease where my spine literally grew together into one solid bone. To help you better understand just one small aspect of this maybe you could get a broom stick and tie it around your neck – tightly, and your waist. You won’t get the full effect because you’ll still be able to turn your head, even if just an inch or 2 and you see Troy, that’s a luxury I don’t have. Now to me, in my head it seems like my head is turning a little but in reality it’s just my eyeballs moving because you see Troy, when your spine is one solid bone it’s simply impossible for my head to turn – or for me to bend.Of course I won’t even go into how because of this disease both my hips were replaced before I was 30, am on my 2nd one in one leg and the other one is long over due to be replaced again. Let me tell you Troy, I am one lazy sob because I pretty much just quit wearing socks since a hip replacement alone makes it difficult for anyone to put on their socks for a while and pretty much impossible when you simply can’t bend. I could write a book for you Troy trying to explain chronic pain in a world where instead of just trying to find those that abuse pain pills they instead just demonize opiod pain meds and treat us all like drug addicts but I doubt you would, or can read very well so I’ll leave that be.
    You see Troy, we all have our burdens to bear. Me for example have been stuck in a container that’s badly damaged and something I can’t wait to rid myself of while you on the other hand have been blessed with a body that actually works but it couldn’t be more obvious you have some mental problems, I’d guess your IQ is what, 35-40 ? If you needed a sock aid you wouldn’tg be bright enough to use it

  2. If you want your sockslider, you can have your sockslider. Oh, wait; you’re a leftie who criticizes and feels morally superior to everybody that does not agree with you.


  4. This product is terrible. I need an aid to putting on socks- recovering from total hip replacement. This requires me to put my leg in an unapproved position to use. The much simpler sock aid is the simple curve to slide the sock on, then 2 soft ropes to slide the sock on my foot. Yes, it does stretch the socks a lot, but is much better than having a person to put my socks on or re-injuring my hip.

  5. Although I was skeptical about trying this product, I’ve gone out of my way to find a place to leave a positive review for Sock Slider.
    I have had hip problems for two decades, but until a recent back injury had always been able to struggle to put on my socks. Suddenly, I felt my independence take a big nose-dive; imagine, having to depend upon someone else being around to put on your socks.
    I have been using my Sock Slider for over one month, to put on my crew socks. I am positively thrilled to report that it works on the FIRST ATTEMPT, EVERY TIME! Outstanding design, no issues with it whatsoever. I am so thankful for this product, it has truly improved my quality of life and restored my self esteem. Would definitely recommend to anyone with mobility issues.

  6. The sock slider does NOT work! I bought 2 as gifts one for my mom and one for my grandma. First it was very hard to put together no matter ur age or strength level . The biggest problem is that is stretches the tops of your socks so much they actually slide down! ! People have different size feet and socks and calves so this product should have different sizes also. The handle to help put the socks on does nothing but scratch ur legs up! So disappointed in this product! Will not recommend

  7. I purchase because I have problems getting a sock on my left foot due to hip replacement. I can get shoes on just fine. IT DOES NOT WORK! I can’t get my socks to stretch over the cradle. It is too big. and it does not give. I have one that I received at the hospital with ropes to pull it on and it works a lot better. It is getting worn, so I guess I’ll look for on like it,.

    Linda Randolph

  8. This is kinda stupid. If someone needs help with socks, then they’re probably going to need help with shoes. So unless they have loafers, this won’t help them much.

  9. You will be old and decrepit one day. Then lets see how easy you can put on your socks, Dummy. I’m sure you don’t have the knowledge to understand what the term “Decrepit” means, so I will define the word for you. It means, Worn out and broken down, bad condition and in poor health.

  10. Arthritis what stops 80 year old dad. Not laziness, obesity or any other issue. Your statement is in itself ranked with the stupidest things on the internet.

  11. I ordered this for husband but it does not work for his compression socks. If I return them will I get a refund on my money? We live in assisted living and my husband is 89 years old. I thought this would help him.

  12. What a hoax! If you keep stretching your socks that wide the elastic will be gone in no time. Never laughed so hard in my life.

  13. Troy, you are cold. let’s hope you never have a disability. I Have a friend whose leg is paralyzed and he has a rod in is back, this would probably make his life a bit easier. Again you are cold hearted

  14. This is in reply to the previously made comment by the individual who thought this device was for people who “couldn’t get any lazyer” and if you can’t put on your own socks “your a vegetable”
    First of all, please use auto correct because you obviously were too stupid to stay in school to either know how to spell correctly or type correctly. Lazier is the correct spelling. Use “you’re” for you are, NOT “your”. OK, dumbass?
    Now for your brilliant insight into why people may need this product: Ever hear of arthritis? neuropathy? limited range of motion which may be due to stroke or heart attack?
    Quite a slam to the overweight people on this planet…..they have their own problems just like you obviously have yours. Please develop some sensitivity, JERK!

  15. My 86 year old mother spends half an hour each morning putting on her socks and shoes because of back issues, arthritis, among other issues. Having a device helps her to remain in her home.
    Dear Troy, let me guess…you voted for Trump. You’re an idiot.

  16. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen.Just when I thought people couldn’t get any lazyer I have been proven wrong.If you can’t put on your own socks your a vegetable.If your wearing socks and shoes and getting through your day then you can put on your own damn socks.The people on this commercial can certainly put on socks and if you can’t put on your own socks then I see an assisted living home in your future.I see fat people all across the country will be ordering this product by the truck load

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