Does SafetyView Really Work?

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Does the SuperSwitch work?The SafetyView is a replacement for your current peep hole that is supposed to give you a bigger view of what’s outside your front door. This would allow you to see more of what’s happening without having to get as close to the door as you do now. But does it works as well as higher priced models?

The peephole has long needed an upgrade, and there are different extenders you can get and even models that will put a video camera and an LCD monitor so you can get a much bigger view.

The Claim
SafetyView says that it can give you a 400% bigger viewing area compared to your current peephole. They say that from the outside it is impossible to see inside your home, while you are enjoying a bigger and clearer view. They say you can see from up to six feet away, so you don’t have to get anywhere near the door to what’s going on out there.

The Hype
There isn’t much hype here, as it is obvious that being able to see more of what is going on beyond your door would definitely be beneficial. And being able to see it from further away without having to press your face right up against the door is also easier, and safer. They point out that this would be a good solution for the elderly and for those that have trouble using a conventional peephole, and this also is true.

The Cost
SafetyView is sold on a buy one get one just pay shipping set-up, so you’ll end up paying $36 and receiving two of these, even though it’s listed as a $20 product. It’s not really explained why you’d want to buy two of them, as most houses only have one front door, so you might want to go in on this with a friend, since $18 each is not a bad price. When you consider that some models can be $50, or more than $100 it looks like a good price.

The Commitment
This is the part that might get a little tricky for some. They say that a power drill is necessary to install this, so if you don’t have one you’ll need to borrow one or buy one to get the job done. They also say that installation is easy if you already have an existing peephole, so for most people maybe it’s an easier process that really does take 5 minutes. This part is a little confusing.

It’s not as if SafetyView is the first peephole replacement to hit the market, and there are some pretty advanced models out there that offer all of the benefits this does, and extra ones. Condsider this 170 degrees Wide Angle Peephole which uses a camera and goes for $50 with free shipping. These are the sort of things you have to weigh you buying decision against since you don’t want to end up with a product and find out there was one better suited to your needs later on.

The SafetyView is pretty basic, it basically is just expanding the overall size of your peephole, so if you require other features you’ll want to look at the competition. But if it looked suitable to you from the infomercial and you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles then it should be just fine for you.

Final SafetyView Review

SafetyView is getting our Thumbs Up rating, on three conditions: First, you’ll need a friend to team up with on this, since they force you into purchasing two of them when you probably just want one of them. Next, you’ll want to already have a drill and be pretty handy with it to make the installation go smoothly. Last, you’ll want to be sure that all you need is an expanded viewing window and not anything extra like alarms, monitors, or a ringer on it, as this doesn’t have any of these.

Our Recommendation
If your peephole needs replacing, the Safety View is one way to go, but just be aware of your different options before finally deciding on it. Trust us, you’ll only want to replace your peephole once, and you don’t want to go through the removal and installation process more than once.

What do you think? Does SafetyView work or not?

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