Does SeaFoam Really Work?

Does SeaFoam Really Work?
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Does SeaFoam work?SeaFoam is a line of motor treatment products that are designed to clean your car’s insides. This would be great if it works because not only would it fix immediate problems, but it would be an effective way to help keep your car in peak condition and avoid the build up that can wear it out.

Many owners simply give their car an oil change and feel that this is enough to keep it running smoothly. This is especially true for car novices, those that don’t have an interest in getting to know how their car works, they just want to drive it and put gas in it and not think about it. If a product could be very easy to use, and help their car immensely, they’d definitely be interested in trying it out.

The Claim
The makers of SeaFoam claim that their product is totally petroleum based, so you don’t have to worry about putting strange substances in your car. They also say that their product is registered with the EPA, and we did some searching and found that this is indeed a valid claim. They say it works to turn gummy substances into liquids, and these are the type of gunk that leads to a poor performance from your car. Once these melt away the car is meant to run more smoothly.

They say you should run it through your car every 5000 miles, which is easy enough to keep track of as long as you do it at an even mileage reading and then just keep up with it after every 5000 miles.

The Hype
With the piles of positive feedback this is getting it’s creating a bit of a buzz as far as being a way to get your car to run better without investing much money, without having to do the work yourself, and without having to bring it in to a service center.

The Cost
A 16 ounce can of SeaFoam is around $12 on Amazon. This is a very enticing price, and one that many can easily justify when compared to the usually high cost of car repairs and maintenance. If this can help you avoid just one major repair it’s worth its weight in gold many times over.

The Commitment
The low level of commitment required when using this is what draws most to it. The thought of being able to fix your car without taking it to a mechanic is huge. The small amount of effort you have to put into this makes it a product that you won’t have to think much about when you use it. There are even how-to videos that show you how to use it in case you have any questions or concerns about using an additive for your car or truck.

The large majority of users say that this works, and that the results are seen rather quickly so you don’t have to wait around too long to see if it’s working or not. After reviewing thousands of different products for this site, we’ve only seen a handful of items have the sort of feedback tis is getting, and there’s a very strong chance that this will work out for you, and you won’t be disappointed.

Most likely if you’re considering using an internal tune-up product like this you’re noticing that your car’s performance has been suffering, or there is some engine noise that you’re hoping to fix. Whatever the case, you should be able to tell the difference between how your car was working before you used this and after you used this.

Final SeaFoam Review

SeaFoam is getting the Thumbs Up rating from us, as it has proven itself in the real world and gets the seal of approval from discerning auto buffs. This is pretty impressive because this is one group of consumers that is known for putting products through the ringer and not giving them the nod unless they actually perform as expected.

At this price point you pretty much can’t go wrong by trying it out. If it works to fix what’s wrong with your car, you’ve just gotten a great deal with little effort involved. If you end up as part of the minority that it doesn’t work for, you’ve spent little to find out, and the problem was likely so big that you needed to have it serviced anyway.

Our Recommendation
While this may be good for maintenance, it might not fix all of the problems that are wrong with your car. It’s a good idea to have your car tuned by a professional at regular intervals. Usually your car’s owner’s manual will have service recommendations at specific mileage points. These are good to follow for preventive maintenance so you don’t have to worry about smaller problems becoming bigger, more expensive problems.

What do you think? Does SeaFoam work or not?


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Eer's Nation November 6, 2014 at 2:48 pm

Great Reviews I love this site. You always seem to shed light on these products.


Seth November 10, 2014 at 5:42 pm

Sea Foam does work. I used it once in my ’78 Cadillac and the fuel performance was much better, there was noticeably smoother and faster acceleration. It reduced my carbon deposits in the combustion chambers, although it did not instantly remove all of it. I say that it is a good product for keeping your carburetor clean, and it helps keep the cylinders cleaner. You do get your money’s worth, but don’t think it’ll make your 200000 mi car or truck completely like new.


Edward Simpo December 4, 2014 at 2:12 am

I was ready to give my car back to the bank … too many recalls to mention with my 2010 Chevy Cobalt …… the car has killed several people ….. and the loss of power warning lamp comes on in the car … when all the power decreases in your engine leaving you stranded in no mans land …. I used Sea Foam today … and Instantly … my car performed like brand new ….. I poured the entire contents into my gas tank .. with the engine running …. I then topped off my gas tank to the limit .. and drove to work 80 miles …….. and had All my power restored … all the jerking and car shutting off has stopped … and I could not be happier! …. The best product I have ever used …. hands down!!!!!!!


Boris April 10, 2015 at 1:57 pm

There was a TSB for moisture build up in the fuel rail on the wife’s car. As one could imagine the dealer wants a bunch of money to fix it. Two full tanks with seafoam and every problem it caused was gone. The residual effect was mpg went up for long after I used it. So now I give it two doses in a row when mileage starts to drop again.

I don’t have any it fixed my broke engine stories, just what it did when it was used to remove moisture from the fuel rail and its lasting effects.


Sharon Dorsey January 8, 2016 at 3:41 pm

I use this in my 2004 trailblazer. It keeps it running smooth and at WalMart costs only $9. I put it in my car with every gas fillup.


Zeke March 14, 2016 at 2:40 am

Sea Foam is a great product , I even use it to clean the grease off my hands (soak in cloth or paper towels not directly ) , It works great in the engine , as a gas treatment ,fuel injectors keeps them clean , carburetor, lawn mower and for oil changes . I am very happy with this product . It has served me well . I sometimes get a special at auto zone two cans for $16: 00, check you local Auto zone . Sea Foam keeps the grease off and the increases the performance .


Mike January 25, 2017 at 2:25 pm

My wife’s bike has been sitting idle for the last 8 months. Cranks but will no start, so I bought a can of Seafoam and 3 days later it started right up. It cleaned the fuel system of all the varnish and runs great. Thank you Seafoam.


Gary D Smith April 15, 2017 at 1:44 am

I have been a ASE Certified mechanic for 13 years, running my own shop I first used seafoam on a 50s model Studebaker that someone had put a 350 with 327 heads and POORLY timed. The engine had so much carbon buildup after it was properly timed it would continue to run with the key off, this was due to the carbon buildup burning and continuing to burn fuel. 1 can later and the thing ran like a bat out of hell it was truly amazing. I have since continued to use Seafoam in all my vehicles old and new and I recommend it to ALL my customers complaining of poor performance before they ever bring it in to me, I would say 90% never come back for repair of the problem, they do however return to thank me. Why would I as a Man making a living cut myself out of money. 1) I am not a crooked mechanic. 2) It works and I would recommend it if it didn’t.


Tony May 1, 2017 at 12:00 am

Outstanding product. I run Seafoam with every tank of gas in my lawnmower, no carburetor issues after twenty years – small engine carburetors are notorious for being problematic after they’ve been in service for over a decade. I also put an entire bottle in each of all my vehicles once every month, to keep the injectors clean. No fuel related issues in my three cars with a combined total of over 750k miles. I highly recommend this product.


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