Does SeaFoam Really Deep Clean Your Car Engines Insides?

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SeaFoam is a line of motor treatment products that are designed to clean your car’s insides. This would be great if it works because not only would it fix immediate problems, but it would be an effective way to help keep your car in peak condition and avoid the build-up that can wear it out.

Why Even Consider SeaFoam?

Owning a vehicle is a big investment so it is very important to maintain it on a regular basis. There are many products on the market available for you to use on your vehicle to keep it in top notch condition. When you maintain your vehicle is like a preventative to major things going wrong that could cost you a lot of money in the long run. Using a product like Sea Foam could help protect your engine, fuel and oil systems.

What is SeaFoam?

car engine

Sea Foam is a treatment for motors to keep engine parts clean and lubricated. It can be used in cars, trucks, motorsport vehicles, boats and pretty much anything that has a motor.

How Can SeaFoam Help My Vehicle?




They say you should run it through your car every 5000 miles, which is easy enough to keep track of as long as you do it at an even mileage reading and then just keep up with it after every 5000 miles.

The use of this product has many benefits such as:

  • Stabilizes fuel
  • Cleaning deposits
  • Cleans injectors
  • Cleans carb jets
  • Lubes upper cylinders
  • Controls moisture in fuels
  • Add lubricity to fuels
  • Cleans intake valves
  • Quiets noisy lifters
  • Used to De-Ice and as an anti-gel
  • Used as an overall engine performance Agent
  • Can be used on all motor oils, synthetic and conventional

Fuel Tank


How Do I Use SeaFoam In Fuel?

It is very easy to use this in your fuel tank. Simply pour the product in your fuel tank.

  • To use for regular maintenance purposes, use 1 ounce per gallon of fuel.
  • To clean your fuel tank you would use 2 or more ounces per gallon.

The more you use the cleaner your fuel system will be. As Sea Foam is produced with petroleum-based cleaning and lubricating contents, this product will not harm your fuel system, so don’t worry if you think you put too much in your fuel tank. Sea Foam works and is safe in all diesel and gasoline engines.

General Rule of Thumb When Adding to Your Fuel Tanks

  • Cars And Trucks – For approximately every 3000 miles you put on your vehicle you should use 1 to 2 cans in your fuel tank. Add SeaFoam to your fuel tank when gas is low to maximize the benefits of the product.


  • Fuel Injection Machines – mix the product with an equal amount of gas


  • Diesel Injection Machines – Use full strength


  • 2 Stroke Machines – add 2 ounces of Sea Foam per gallon of fuel premixed.


  • Fuel Stabilizer For Storage – add one ounce per gallon of fuel, effective for up to 2 years.


  • Engine Equipment – For engine equipment that is used often, approximately every 3 months you should add 1 ounce per gallon of this product when you put new fuel in the equipment.


  • Engines Not Used On A Regular Basis – for all other engines and fuel tanks that you do not use regularly always add Sea Foam to every tank of fuel.

When you pour the product into your fuel tank, it lubricates and cleans your entire fuel system.This works as the product is pushed through carburetors and fuel injectors and eliminates residues and deposits from intake valves, pistons, chamber areas and fuel passageways against damaging your fuel system. Sea Foam is safe to use on types of diesel and gasoline as it does not contain any harmful chemicals or detergents.

How Do I Use SeaFoam As An Oil Treatment?

oil treatment

To avoid oil flow restrictions use Sea Foam as it also acts as an engine lubricant. It is safe to use on all motor oils.

Adding  SeaFoam Motor Treatment to gasoline and diesel crankcase oil benefits are:

  • Cleans oil control rings, actuators, vvt solenoids
  • Cleans and quiets noisy timing chain tensioners  and noisy lifters
  • Reduces diesel injector restriction
  • Safely liquefies petroleum residues to prevent flow restrictions
  • Lubricant
  • Cleans deposits and diesel soot residue throughout the crankcase
  • Heavy oil deposits and residues drain during an oil change

Directions For Use

To use for your engine’s crankcase you first need to determine its oil capacity. Traditionally passenger cars and light trucks consist of 5 or 6 quart systems.

Your vehicles owners manual will tell you exactly how much your crankcase oil capacity is. General rule of thumb is one 16 ounce can of Sea Foam can treat up to 16 quarts of oil.

For every quart of oil in your crankcase add one ounce of this product. Simply remove the oil filler cap and pour in the required amount of Sea Foam you should use directly into the crankcase of the engine.

When using it in your crankcase it prevents sludge buildup, harmful oil formations and cleans your internal engine parts.

Note: Do not treat your engine crankcase more than once per oil change. It is recommended that you add the motor treatment approximately 100 to 300 miles driven prior to an oil change.

How Do I Use SeaFoam As A Motor Treatment For Storage?

vehicle storage

When you add this to a fuel tank prior to storage, it helps to prevent fuel evaporation, gum & varnish formation, preserves ignition vapors and adds lubricity. Sea Foam acts as a fuel stabilizer for up to 2 years.

Directions For Use

You should add a minimum of 1 ounce of SeaFoam for every gallon of fuel in the tank.

Then run the engine long enough to push the treatment through the whole fuel system.

It works best when the fuel level in the tank is low as it increases the lubricating and cleaning ratio, then top up with fuel afterwards.

After storage, your engine will start up easier and your engine will last longer when you have prepared it for storage. This is a great product for motorsport vehicles that are used seasonally.

Where Can I Buy SeaFoam Motor Treatment?


It is available for purchase at Walmart, AutoZone, Ace, The Home Depot, Napa, Pep Boys, and Advance Auto Parts in the U.S.A.

This  can be purchased in Canada at Canadian Tire, Walmart, Napa Auto Parts and Home Depot.

It can also be purchased online directly from the SeaFoam website, and Amazon.

When purchasing from Amazon for a 2 pack of 16 ounces sizes it is $18.78 To purchase in Canada at Canadian Tire it is $12.99 per 16 ounce can.

It is a very reasonable price to pay to keep your gasoline and diesel engines running smooth.




We highly recommend this product as 98% of customer reviews rated this product 5 out of 5 stars and would recommend it. Sea Foam has many other products available for multiple uses such as marine care and RV care. Giving your vehicle good care like this will help to extend its longevity. If you have some minor issues to deal with like a scratch you may want to see if Scratch Dini will help.

Please let us know what your experiences have been with SeaFoam.

Be sure to share this information with friends and family.

1,006 Customer Reviews on “Does SeaFoam Really Deep Clean Your Car Engines Insides?

  1. My 1997 jeep Grand Cherokee was sitting for 2 years when i drove it the first week 3 days in it started to stall engine would race and and die I bought a can Sea Foam put 3/4 in oil and the rest in the gas tank drove it home 3min away got home let it run for 5min engine stop racing and when it would normally die in park it ran the whole time didn’t die and engine stop knocking i then drove it for 10 min and it didn’t stall knock or die anymore truly amazing product would recommend it to any and everyone with similar symptoms It was well worth the $8.99 instead of the outragious mechanic cost i wasn’t looking forward to paying
    I give it 10 👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👍🏿👌👍🏿 up!!! !!! !!!!!! !!! !!!!

  2. 07 Mustang Gt 51kmi. Had a pinging at high rpms. I sprayed the throttle, added some to my tank, some to my oil and its been running great. I was very skeptical but seafoam appears to have changed my car into a new machine.

  3. When my motorcycle sits for a month or more the pilot jet gets clogged. In the past I would take the carb apart and clean the pilot jet but think 10% ethanol gas leaves a coating that I can’t clean completely, leaving the motorcycle hard to start.
    I put Sea Foam in the gas tank and was astounded at how well the bike started and ran. Completely cleaned the carb! I now run it in my Tacoma whenever I notice pre-ignition. Takes care of that, too. Great product!

  4. Used this product in my car as a last resort before hiring a mechanic last week. My Ford Taurus was beginning to sound like a 2 cylinder John Deere tractor and would die each time I stopped at a light. I replaced the plugs & wires, added fuel injector cleaner, cleaned the MAF sensor, changed the gas filter & the air filter; nothing worked. A friend of mine added 7 ounces to a half tank of gas and I drove it for day & a half to work and back. I was certain that it wouldn’t worik either. To my amazement the misfiring began to quieten down after around 40 miles. By the time I had driven 90 miles it was running more smoothly than I had ever heard it run. My gas mileage is currently at around 30 mpg (3 more than originally advertised). It’s made a believer out of me. Try it guys if you’re at the end of your rope.

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