Does the Six Week Body Makeover Really Work?

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Does the Six Week Body Makeover really work?The Six Week Body Makeover by Michael Thurmond promises to, well, make your body over in just six weeks. By blueprinting your body type, following the recommended eating system, and doing some light exercise twice a week, you are allegedly on your way to a new shape.

What makes this product unique is that it’s geared more towards larger people with a lot of weight to lose. This is a tough segment of the market, but the up side is that the results can really be amazing. When a 300lb person loses 150lbs that’s like half the person they were before. This is the kind of transformations you see on The Biggest Loser. So does it measure up?

The Claim
It says it all in the name. They claim that you’ll be able to get a brand new body in just 45 days. That’s a rather bold claim, since it took many people their entire life to get the body they have, and some are genetically predetermined to be a certain way. To be able to counteract all of these things, including long-established bad habits, is an uphill battle.

One of the more striking claims Six Week Body Makeover makes is that you will be able to eat food that you enjoy while going to the gym less. In actuality, the food choices you have are rather limiting, and the workout programs they include are rather rudimentary. The average person would not want to stick with this, but if you are legitimately obese this might be the sort of shake up you need to turn yourself around.

The Hype
The amount of hype that is typically present in a weight loss promo is refreshingly absent from this product. Other than the time constraint of 6 weeks to see results, they don’t make any outlandish claims like losing a certain amount of weight by that time. They do say that you’ll lose weight fast, which is something that means different things to different people. But overall, this is a rather hype-free program compared to others in this industry.

The Cost
The total cost of the program is $140 but that’s only if you choose to keep it after 60 days. It’s just $40 to get started, and that includes your first payment as well as shipping of $20.

You also get to try out the Six Week Body Makeover for 6 weeks, which not coincidentally is how long it takes to complete the program. This means you get to try it out in its entirety and see what sort of results you get. Don’t like the results? Just return it for a full refund, and eat the $20 shipping costs.

The Commitment
They aren’t shy about telling you that you need to stay committed to losing weight in order for the program to work for you. That’s actually refreshing because many weight loss programs downplay exactly how committed you have to be in order to get the results seen on the before-and-after pictures shown at their websites and promotional videos.

If you have a considerable amount of weight to lose, it’s not going to come off like magic. The great part is that the more you stay committed and stick with the program the more way you can lose and the more dramatic your results will be.

By doing the blueprint technique and finding out what kind of body type you have exactly, you’re getting a leg up on losing weight, and will finally know which foods to avoid and which foods help you lose weight. It’s a very effective way to correctly identify what type of body you have, and that plays a big part in how your body responds to foods like red meats, fish, and carbohydrates.

A pretty good mix of saying how it works and pitching you on it:

Once you turn your blueprint over it’s pretty easy to see how you should be eating. The hard part is being able to stick to the recommendations that are given for your body type in their recipe guide. They will likely tell you to start avoiding some of your favorite foods, and start eating foods you don’t normally enjoy. This is where your commitment level comes in because you have to give up something that you used to eat in order to get what you really want.

Final Six Week Body Makeover Review

Although Six Week Body Makeover seems to be marketed towards those that have a lot of weight to lose, like more than 50 pounds, the way in which it works can be applied by anyone, even those that just want a healthier way to live. The system is sound, the principles work. If you follow the program and use the eating guide, you will definitely lose weight until you reach your optimal body size.

Our Recommendation
If you’re heavily overweight and need something to turn the ship around and start to get you back to healthy, Six Week Body Makeover is the product for you. If you just have an average amount of weight to lose, you will be better suited with a less aggressive program that involves more extensive exercises and an easier to follow eating regimen.

What do you think? Does Six Week Body Makeover work or not?

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