Does Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask Really Work?

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Does Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask? When you first take a look at the Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask it may bring your mind back to the old time movies where you would see the starlets in the night scenes wearing these. Well, they are not an item of the past, and in fact this particular sleep mask is an Amazon best seller, so lets find out why.

As you can probably tell it is designed to totally block out any light, and then as an extra bonus it comes with a set of ear plugs so you can sleep in silence. Really though how important is the dark for sleeping and does noise really keep you awake, or can you just get used to it?

The Claim
Aside from its main claim of blocking out all of the light, another very important feature that they are promoting is its comfort and lightweight and doesn’t make the wearer feel hot.They also state the extra wide but also comfortable strap helps to keep the mask in position.

The Hype
Being able to fall to sleep in total darkness is what the main hype focuses on. Actually very few of us have a totally dark sleeping area. There is either a little light seeping in through the window perhaps even if is moon light, and don’t forget that small but annoying light coming from your clock. Then comfort is the next main point the marketing material centers on. Everyone knows if they are not totally comfortable then falling asleep is near impossible.

The Cost
The main company offering the Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask is Prime Effects, and they will direct your purchase to their listing on Amazon where it currently sells for $12.55.

The Commitment
If you have a sleeping partner you may want to fore warn him/her that this Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask is going to become part of your sleeping attire. Then you want to keep it handy by your bedside so you will remember to put it on once you are ready to settle down for the night.

With so many people having difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep we really wanted to take a look at what was out there that could help. We have done this in the past but at that time focused on another approach which was actually taking sleep aids. We wanted to focus on something that was promoted as drug free so we choose the SleepMD to talk about, which is currently getting more thumbs up than down. Now for those that simply do not want to take anything internally as a sleep help you do have the option of this Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask.

Final Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask Review

We’re giving this product a Thumbs Up rating. Sleep masks have been recorded as helping people get to sleep who just can’t do so if any light is present. This particular sleep mask appears to be very well made, and built for comfort. We really do the like the large amount of feedback it has received on Amazon which means it is less likely to being only reviewed by friends, family or paid reviewers. It is getting a 4 1/2 out of 5 star rating, and is currently the #1 best seller for the category of sleep masks which has over 3,200 products in this category.

Our Recommendation
Before going to extreme measures for your trouble sleeping give a product like the Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask a try first. It is inexpensive but you really want to be sure that you are purchasing one of quality like this one seems to be otherwise you may end up with a bad experience, and not really discover the value this type of sleep aid could have for you.

What do you think? Does Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask work or not?

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