Does Snackeez Really Work?

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Does Snackeez Work? During the summer months especially most parents are always preparing snacks on the go for the kids. The problem is this usually ends up making use of a few carry containers, where at least one of them never ends up making it back home. The Snackeez could be the real problem solver in this situation.

Snackeez is a two in one container that comes with lots of benefits. You can package both the liquid and the edible snack in one container for the kids or yours for that matter and its easy to access, cuts down on the mess and really easy to pack and carry.

The Claim
The company says that their all in one container will allow you to fill it up with 16 ozs. of liquid then add the favorite snack to the upper section and the entire container can be carried just in one hand just like a glass or bottle. Its seal keeps everything divided yet contained and fresh.

The Hype
All one has to do is address all of the hassles that comes with providing snacks on the go to make it a product of interest. Most often snacks include a beverage and a finger food, which usually demands two types of containers. Then you have to worry about one of them leaking or being cumbersome to handle. The marketing material for the Snackeez puts all of these concerns to rest. The container is shaped like an easy to hold sure grip glass and the snack portion fits on top.

The Cost
The cost is going to round off to about $16. which includes the shipping and if you add around another $6. for extra shipping and handling you will get a second cup free.

The Commitment
The big thing will be buying enough of the Snackeez to go around because chances are everyone in the family will want one, including the adults. Then remembering to use them each and every time you are in need of a snack on the go. But, because the Snackeez has the ability to prevent a lot of spill accidents you may even want to use them around the house like when the kids want to enjoy a drink and snack while watching TV.

Usually when we are looking at the best way to pack snacks for the kids we tend to turn to those top quality food containers that are square in shape and come in a variety of sizes. While these are great they are not always practical as you need a second container for the liquid refreshment. The Snackeez really does seem like a great easy to handle and more compact snack solution.

Final Snackeez Review

We are going to give the Snackeez a Thumbs Up because of all its capabilities. It is so versatile with its ease of use that there are many opportunities for it to be used. It is great for around the home, or in the car for example.

Our Recommendation
While we have focused on the potential use for this product during the summer months when the kids are out of school you may want to extend your thinking. If you are impressed with the Snackeez then be sure when back to school shopping starts that you get a lunch carrier that is big enough to house the Snackeez comfortably, as it will be ideal for school snacks. If you find this product intriguing you may also like another version that is designed a little differently which is available on Amazon.

What do you think? Does Snackeez work or not?

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