Does Kinetic Go Green Really Work?

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Does Kinetic Go Green work?Kinetic Go Green food storage containers say they use nanotechnology in order to keep your food fresher longer, and also that they last longer as well. When it comes to keeping food fresh, every house needs a good solution so they don’t waste food, and therefore the food budget, on spoiled items. But with all the different options available it’s hard to tell which ones to go with. We size up these containers to see whether they really keep things fresh.

One of the worst parts about the kitchen is trying to keep all of the food neatly stored and put away after mealtime. Having the right sized containers helps immensely with the task, and if they create an airtight seal your food lasts longer and the theory is you end up saving money on an annual basis. Whether you want to believe that these containers are helping your monthly or annual budget is one thing, but it is important to have a container that keeps your food tasting good when you want to eat it later.

The Claim
The Kinetic Go Green containers use silver that is nano-infused into the plastic and is said to kill the bacteria that spoils food. The kicker is that because it is done at the nano level the effect doesn’t wear out with extended use and washings. They say that these are microwave-safe, but you want to make sure that you take off the lid because the airtight seal will create too much pressure with all of the steam. They say you can still use the lid as a splatter guard just be sure not to seal it.

They also claim that these containers are dishwasher safe, you just need to put them on the top rack. Of course they are refrigerator safe, but they are also safe for the freezer. They’re BPA free so no worries there, and they’re even FDA approved.

The Hype
Some manufacturers try to hype up how much food we waste each year and shock us with some dollar amount as a way to get us to spend more money on their food containers, or zip lock bags. While it’s true that we probably do waste more food than is needed, it’s impossible to use every bit of food every time, and you don’t want to eat food that has been refrigerated for days on end, even if the container can keep it seemingly fresh.

The Cost
You can get a 14 piece set Kinetic Go Green food storage containers for $23 at Amazon. You can also opt for the glass version, getting a 16 piece set for $73. This would give you a good assortment of different sizes and shapes, and allow you to easily store the leftovers from dinner, or pack a lunch for work if you go with the plastic set.

The Commitment
The ultimate goal here is to save time and effort by always having the right sized container available so that you can quickly put foods away, and get them out when needed. The design of these containers is not really going to win any awards, and is not as handy as some of their competitors. Their biggest pitch is that they can help your food stay fresher longer, so if you’re looking to save time, you might want to consider a different set of containers.

The Kinetic Go Green line-up gets good reviews, both on their glass and plastic versions. There are a few complaints though, some users wished that they stacked more easily on top of each other, and others wished that the lids stayed on a little better than they do. And there is some dissent as to the plastic not staining the way they claim it doesn’t, but after reviewing their claims more closely they don’t ever state that.

It’s important to note that they make both plastic and glass containers, and both of them get equally positive reviews. This is worth mentioning because some companies will get the glass right, but can’t seem to figure out how to translate that into plastic. Your specific needs will determine whether or not you want to go with glass which is more heavy, but also more durable and longer lasting, or plastic which is lighter but can warp over time and also stain. The glass option is usually more expensive as well, which leads some people to buying plastic instead.

Final Kinetic Go Green Review

Kinetic Go Green food storage containers are getting our Thumbs Up rating, based on all the positive feedback given from actual users, and the company’s commitment to producing high-quality glass and plastic products. It takes that extra step to get FDA approval for something like this, and it is always interesting to see a company do that when all of its competitors don’t. Getting a matched set like this is nice, and many users say that they were able to replace their old assortment of random containers with one uniform set which cleans up some clutter and makes things more organized.

Our Recommendation
These are a good set of containers to get, but you should also consider more user-friendly designs with the Mr. Lid containers that have an attached lid so you never lose them, or the OXO Good Grip line that can be opened and closed with one hand and also creates an airtight and watertight seal.

What do you think? Does Kinetic Go Green work or not?

21 Customer Reviews on “Does Kinetic Go Green Really Work?

  1. These are amazing at keeping produce fresh 3 or 4 times longer than regular storage containers! I’ve had them several years and always wash them in the dishwasher with no problems. I’ve never tried them in the microwave.

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