Is Regenepure DR The Solution For Your thinning Hair Or Balding?

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Regenepure DRAnyone that is concerned about hair loss is going to be skeptical about any product that is being promoted as helping to slow this down. There have been some great advancements in these types of products. But they still raise the question as to whether a product like Regenepure DR can really help with hair loss.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Receding Hair
The medical term for hair loss is alopecia. Common type balding is called androgenic alopecia. It can occur in both genders. Some of the common causes are:

  • Anemia
  • Hormones
  • Syphilis
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Lack of some vitamins
  • Aging
  • Genetics

Signs of Hair Loss

The signs of hair loss are usually gradual and can consist of:

Thinning on the top of the head that is gradual:
This is the traditional type of balding or the most common. For men, it is usually noticed more around the hairline. For women, it is most noticeable where they part their hair.

Patchy spots of baldness
There may be a forwarning to this with the scalp first becoming itchy or painful.

Hair seems to be loose and can easily be removed by handfuls
This can sometimes follow some type of shock to the body like a severe physical injury or emotional trauma.

What is Regenepure DR?

The product is designed to stimulate hair growth. Some products focus more on stopping the loss that is taking place, but this one is doing the opposite. It is claiming to be a hair and scalp treatment. It is important that it also mentions the scalp.

The main focus is on scalp cleansing. This is supposed to remove the buildup that can choke the hair follicles. A substance called DHT can accumulate on the scalp and this product is supposed to be able to remove that. The formula of Regenepure DR has been designed for this type of cleansing which makes it different from a standard shampoo.

The Important Ingredients in Regenepure DR

Regenepure DR Ingredients
There are many different ingredients in this product but the one that the makers say are the best are:

  • Saw Palmetto
    Emu Oil
    Vitamin B6

Note: This product does contain 1% ketoconazole which is allowable for an OTC product. This is an ingredient that is used to treat fungal infections and has to be used with caution as there can be some side effects to it. But, at 1% it is considered to be safe as OTC.

The Regenepure Products

The company has developed several products for hair loss and has broken them down into which is best for either gender. They have done this by making the products into kits.

For Women

There are several kits that have been developed which are.

  • Rejuvenation Combo – DR+NT
  • Restoration Kit – DR+NT+Biotin Conditioner

Plus there are several others. Each kit contains the two main products which are the DR and NT
Each of the kits is designed to provide specific benefits. For example to deal with the hair loss itself. Or, to rejuvenate new hair growth. Then there is the maintenance.

For Men

There are also several kits but more designed to deal with the issues that cause hair loss in males. Like the male pattern balding.

How To Use The Regenepure

The product is focusing on five benefits which are:

Rejuvenating the scalp to allow for new hair growth
Restore the condition of the hair that already exists
Repair existing hair that has been damaged
Revitalize by giving it a better look
Stimulate new growth

Proper Product Selection

Hair Loss
The products are also designed by hair type such as:

Oily: It is recommended that users alternate between Regenepure DR and Regenepure NT. Then three to five times a week the Biotin Conditioner. They also have a supplement that is taken.

Dry: Is basically the same as oily but using the conditioner every day.

Normal or Average hair: Alternate between the two. But only using the conditioner following the use of the Regenepure DR

Combination: Same routine that is used for normal air but using the conditioner as needed.

The Cost

The Cost for the products is going to vary depending on which kit is purchase and also where the products are being purchased from. If buying on Amazon, for example, a kit of the Regenepur DR two-pack will cost around $50.

QuestionThe Big Question – Does It Work

The first thing to keep in mind is that every human is different. So when they are using a product like Regenepure DR they are going to get different results. All too often people forget about this when they are looking at reviews regarding products that are used for the human body.

Based on 1,145 reviews the product has received a 3.6 out of 5. 48% have given it a 5 star while 22% gave it a one star. Keep in mind that when users are rating this product they are doing so by the different features.

The Feedback:

There are some that are complaining about the change in formula regarding the ketoconazole and that the product is not as effective. This a product that has been around for a while so it stands to reason a change in the formula could cause some notable differences.

The rest of the comments are a mix of satisfaction and dissatisfaction in regards to not getting expected results. Again it must be pointed out that everyone is going to get different results because every person is unique.


Pura D’OrBefore ever making a final decision on something as important as hair loss it is worth checking out other products that are within the same category. For example, it may be worth comparing against Pura D’Or. This is a very popular product on Amazon that is sold by several different sellers who have collected substantial reviews with many of the giving a 4-star rating.


629 Customer Reviews on “Is Regenepure DR The Solution For Your thinning Hair Or Balding?

  1. I am going to give this stuff a try but have never heard of any shampoo that cures hair loss. It may in Conjunction with either Dutasteride or Propecia or Perhaps Saw Palmetto help ones hair to look fuller but no shampoo grows hair or you would have no bald people. Shampoos are to cleanse the scalp/hair and keep it healthy. Perhaps this can help do that and for that purpose I will give it a try. I have had multiple Hair Transplants, scalp reductions and Flap surgeries. I have a lot of hair but also a lot of scars on my scalp. I am on a program that uses DNA testing and a Medication for hair loss both Topical and Oral that I take daily. I also use the Laser cap and Do Microderm needling too. For years I used Minoxidil in different dosages and it very sadly did not work for me. Propecia also did not work as I think it came out too late for me as by then I had had transplants and most of my native hair was gone. It is my hope that this Shampoo can keep my scalp health and perhaps help in conjunction with my therapy for my scalp and hair.

  2. I used the dr shampoo for about a year. Maybe 3 days a week. I’m a 28 y.o male with baldness on my mom’s side. I’m only slightly receeded currently. I used it on conjunction with pumpkin seed oil capsules and life style change. I thought I saw a small improvement. So after a year I convinced myself it was a gimmick and stopped using it. That was about 4 months ago, today I saw my reflection in the mirror and realized that shampoo may have been doing more than I gave it credit for. I just hate to spend the money on it because I work at a salon and get free shampoo. But I’m definitely buying another bottle today. I also slowed down on the pso but my diet has only improved

  3. I’ve been using this shampoo daily in conjunction with 3 doses of 5% minoxidil at night and 1 mg of finasteride in the morning daily in accordance with the reccomendation of my doctor. I had a receding hairline and a bald spot in the back of my head…. All gone and hair full for 6 years now at the age of 43.

  4. I’ve used this product for almost 2 months now. Yes it did grow back some hair that I was losing. So I plan on sticking with it for a few more months to see what else happens. If I had not seen any results by now I would have stopped using it. I don’t know if I can speak on whether the quality of your hair will be better from using the shampoo. But definitely it is growing some old hairs back and I’m wondering if other hairs I lost will grow back after 6 months of use or a year

  5. Hairless is NOT all this shampoo is good for. Acknowledging the other pros to this shampoo and using it merely for one or all of them will definitely aid in slowing or stopping hair loss. Regenepure also has a great biotin supplement that also has many other beneficial ingredients specifically for the hair. Google for a coupon or promo code then go to Regenepure and order some. All the Regenepure products are really good and very effective.

  6. Well, I ordered some days ago this shampoo and looking at all comments I must certainly say that I’m quite happy with the purchase. 🙂 hope it will make a difference. This pissed off Danny boy should’ve back up what he said. It’d be good to have an honest debate about how the human works in terms of hairloss, I mean, we can all make our researches, but it’d be good to have a debate about it specifically right here. 🙂

    I used finesteride for 2 years, and it is the pill! Though I stopped four days ago, it was making my balls ache. They were sore, so, you can mess with a guys hair, but his balls? I didn’t give it much a thought, I automatically gave up on the pill. Best thing I ever did. 4 days after, happy balls. Not sore. 🙂
    (I was not hit in the sack by any motives possible before I quited the pill)

    So, I’m looking for a substitute. Here in Portugal we have a good product called Silicea, I used it along with minoxidil by Dercos. Silicea helps with hair and nails, it’s definitely a good product. I recommend it 🙂 being honest here. Not being paid. Lol 🙂

    This shampoo has so many good reviews by so many different people in so many websites that it’s impossible for hundreds and hundreds of people to conspire, to make regenepure ‘the shit’. I’m quite hopeful it’ll be good for me.

    I’m cheering for your hairline. Hope you find a way to reverse it like I did. 🙂

    I tried: minoxidil (happy)
    Finasteride (mega happy though sore sack)
    Dercos shampoo (makes my curly hair feel cloudy, soft as baby hair – not so happy)
    Silicea (underrated product here in Portugal, works miracles . To me at least)

    And now I’ll try this shampoo. I’ll leave a feedback.

    Cheers from Portugal 🙂

  7. So did your hair regrow after the shedding was increased. I’ve been using for about a month now and I don’t really know if it works, my hair is still falling out probably not as much. It’s hard to say. I use the dr , nt and biotin conditioner

  8. I’ve been using this shampoo for a few weeks now and so much hair falls out when I use it. They say its because my hair folicoles are being woken up and it causes old/weak hair to fall out to grow new hair. I don’t know it is working for me or making it worse cause it really looks like its getting even thinner than before

  9. After years and pages of research and clueless doctors this product was the best help I’ve had!
    Most of women’s hair loss is due to thyroid/hormones/hair dye; all which can cause different issues with hair loss. Dermatitis caused by sweat or irritation not treated properly with anti fungal shampoos can cause inflammation (like when your head feels hot.sore, itchy throbbing) which can lead to hair loss.
    I’ve used ACV, Aloe and so many other high end products as well. My hair couldn’t shed fast enough as long as my scalp driving me crazy! After the first treatment with the pre shampoo treatment, shampoo and conditioner my scalp felt amazing and I’ve had no hair loss at all after 2nd treatment!!!
    It’s amazing and I’m forever grateful and have told so many others about it

  10. What conditions would they be… im considering the product.. what should i know about the caffine in it?

  11. so your shampoo works alone yes or not ? or is that a way to gent into buying other products like MINOXIDIL ???

  12. Regenpure DR was recommended to me. In th epast 18-24 months I had noticed a considerable amount of shedding when I showered despite having used Alpecin caffeine shampoo consistently. The shedding really started to worry me along with the ever receding hairline!

    My personal experience with regenepureDR has been very positive and that its had the best impact on the SHEDDING OF MY HAIR. I estimate between 40%-50% reduction of shedding in the shower personally. I’ve noticed when I use it more frequently (4-5 times per week), it tends to give the best results. It has a decent frangrance, leaves my hair feeling very nice as well. As long as it takes care of the shedding problem I will continue to use.

    PLEASE NOTE: RegenpureNT will NOT (in my experience) have the same effects as it does not contain the same ingredients as RegenepureDR. I substituted for a while and I started to shed again.

  13. Dan, I don’t know if you work for a competitor company or some shit, but I can personally tell you that this shampoo does regrow hair. My hairline was receding like a MF’er, and after being on this stuff, I’m seeing it come back a little bit more each month. The thing you have to know when taking this product is that it’s a grind. You will have to stay on it for a year in order to see true results, but it’s a small price to pay to get at least some of your hair back, depending on how old you are when you start (Younger, the better). Still, Ketoconazole is the real deal. Another thing people need know is that combining this shampoo with other hair loss products is a must. Lipogaine (Rogaine’s bigger, stronger brother) and a 1.5 derma-roller used on the scalp is absolutely a dominant combination and will quicken results.

  14. The shampoo does sound too good to be true, but it annoys me how these products say they are known to assist with DHT build up on the scalp! On the scalp? DHT is a hormone and not some substance that get’s on the scalp which can simply be washed off and prevented with the right ingredients. That’s marketing hype. DHT doesn’t even reach outside of your scalp where the hair is dead anyway. DHT is working below the scalp where the hair is alive and begins it’s cycle. It’s not like DHT squeezes and oozes out from the follicles.

    A shampoo cannot prevent hairloss. If you want to prevent hairloss you will have to research and study for a cure that does not exist yet. Sure there are treatments to SLOW hairloss, but simply using a shampoo is bullocks. This is how companies make money. To prevent hairloss, I believe you would need to take something internally that can grow, as well as keep hair cells. Shampoo cannot prevent hair cells from dying and if a product (that is only 25 bucks!) like regene pure is able to prevent it or is known to prevent it then it would be all over the news and I assure you that the company would make millions or even billions of dollars. Plus RP isn’t even 100 percent pure. It has preservatives in it like PEGs and you do not want that cheap shit in your hair. Hence 25 bucks.

    If you are balding, I’d say stop spending money on bullshit and go and study and find a cure your self and become a billionaire. It’s worth a try.

  15. Well, the usage of caffeine nixes this product for me and zillions of other females prone to certain female conditions complicated by caffeine.

  16. I’m 23 and I am a stylist. My world revolves around hair!!!! my father has a normal hair line but very little hair, you can see his scalp. My only hope was my grand father on my mom side. He has a full set of hair. And they say grandfather on mom side is the gene that you will luck out with… Well I’ve been coloring my hair for years and causing damage but my set of hair was so thick. Now I have a hairline that keeps going up and it’s thin all over. I’m so scared but listening to these comments gives me hope!

  17. do I need the NT conditioner or just the shampoo? Can I use it every other day and use regular shampoo in between if it dries out my hair? Can I use regular conditioners?

  18. OMG, it really does work. Ketoconazole and the other ingredients in this shampoo works so well on scalp and I really do see hair growth everyday and I’m not Norton scale 3 anymore! I recommend this shampoo for anyone.

  19. Regenepure DR doesn’t only use the clinically verified ingredient Ketoconazole to enhance hair growth, it also contains caffeine. Caffeine has been found to block DHT, enhance hair growth AND it has been found that caffeine is best absorbed when used in a shampoo (in just 2 minutes).

  20. Regenepure DR is the one hair loss shampoo
    That will Regrow your hair! I use it and love it.
    I know it works. My hair is definitely thicker and fuller
    People have definitely noticed also. 5 starts for sure!

  21. Regenepure is a fantastic product. The key ingredeint is Ketoconazole. All of their ingredients have a potential benefit for the scalp and hair. The product is sulfate free so it can be used everyday. Its a great addition to helping keep your hair and for possible regrowth. You can search the internet for Ketoconazole and read some of the clinical studies done on it. Its an antifungal used for dandruff and one of the site effects is that it can regrow hair!! 😀

  22. I think I’m going bald and I had conceded to that idea for some time now until I heard some good things about Regenepure DR. I haven’t tried a single hair growth product because if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. However, when so many people have only good things to say about a product, it makes you think again. On one hand I feel like crap because I’m hopeful again, but at the same time for 25 bucks I got nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

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