Does NeuroActive Really Work?

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Does NeuroActive work?If you’re trying to enhance your mental activity with a brain training program, you might want to consider NeuroActive. It’s getting good reviews and they say it is supposed to help you function better with day-to-day tasks, keeping your brain engaged when it otherwise would be left idle. So how can you be sure that this is the brain training program to trust your noodle with? We size it up against the different options you have, and give our recommendation.

Brain training programs have been popular for several years now, with the general theory being that they can help you with your ability to concentrate, remember things, and focus. Most people think that these are being marketed towards seniors as a way to stave off Alzheimer’s disease, but most of them simply state that you will be able to process things better mentally, and don’t specifically state who the target market is.

The Claim
NeuroActive this says that you can revitalize your brain, with trickle-down benefits to your body and also your life. They say that this will expand your ability to memorize things, and it will also get your brain running at a higher speed than normal. They say you can use this new ability to remember faces better, and that it hits on 16 different functions of your brain so that you are getting a comprehensive system here.

The Hype
There is some debate as to whether programs like these can actually help your mental abilities. More and more research is showing that the brain can be taught new things even late in life. So more and more it is becoming clear that it is possible, but the discussion go on as to whether working on brain puzzles and activities actually stimulates the brain enough to make a difference. From our experience brain training games can be fun, and with enough regular use you start to see an improvement.

The Cost
You can get the latest PC version of NeuroActive for about $100 at the main site, or you can opt for an older version for about $12 at Amazon. It would probably be a good idea to buy the older version first for the lower price, see if you like the different exercises it includes, and then make your decision whether to upgrade or not at a later time.

The Commitment
No matter which brain training program you end up going with, or even if you decide to try and keep your brain active without one, you’re going to want to work at it on a daily basis, as this is when the best results are seen. Your brain is your buddy through this lifetime, and you don’t want to let it get rusty with nonuse. It’s so hard to keep it activated when everything around us wants to help us turn our brains off. That’s why it’s important to counteract the world we live in with exercises and mental push-ups.

The positive feedback coming in on NeuroActive is undeniable. If you have noticed that you are not processing phase at the speed and clarity that you used to, you should probably try this out to see if you see a marked improvement like others have. The key seems to be using this regularly every day for short periods of time, perhaps 15 to 25 minutes.

When you first start using brain training programs you might think it’s a little silly, because some of them don’t seem to make a lot of sense. For example, you might be timed on a game to see how long it takes you to work out a puzzle. But if your brain is not used to doing puzzles, and you continue to work on puzzles each day, you should be able to track the progress by noting that you’re able to solve the puzzles more quickly as time goes on.

Just when you start thinking that you’ve been waxing on and waxing off without knowing why, Mr. Miyagi will come by and show you that the puzzles you are doing can actually help in real-world situations. Once this occurs you probably won’t need to summon up a lot of motivation to continue on with your training, because the benefits that will become clear when you have a newfound sense of purpose. That’s why sticking it out through the slow beginning is important, see can get to the part where you start seeing results.

Final NeuroActive Review

NeuroActive is getting our Thumbs Up review, based on the excellent feedback it is receiving, and also because of the comprehensive approach it takes to training your brain. One thing you’ll probably notice if you check out other brain training programs is that they only cover three or four different aspects of how your brain operates. By tackling so many different facets of the brain, you should notice an improvement in several different areas of your life.

Our Recommendation
Even though you might not notice anything happening, and might think it’s a big waste of time, it is something that is really hard to quantify, and since the subject is you won’t really be able to tell whether your brain is getting better or not. That’s why it’s important to take before and after tests to see the kind of progress you’re making. Some of the tests might seem arbitrary, but they do have a correlation to the kind of things you do everyday.

What do you think? Does NeuroActive work or not?

Customer Review on “Does NeuroActive Really Work?

  1. I’ve been experiencing some serious forgetfulness of late and I think it has a lot to do with my lifestyle over the past 10 years. Ever since I became a father I built a routine, I wake up early to get ready for work and help out with the kids, I go to work, I pick up the kids on my way back home from work, give the kids a bath, put them to sleep, go to sleep, and repeat the same things again the next day. I think at some point the repetitiveness of your life deteriorates your brain and you just become a dull machine that’s only good at doing the same things. I can’t make a drastic change in my life, there’s such thing as responsibility, so the next best thing for me to save my brain would be to do some brain exercise. I think I’ll get started with the older system at first.

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