Does Illumask Really Work?

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Does Illumask Work?When it comes to skin care, one of the biggest concerns that a lot of us have is what anti aging resources can we use to help preserve youthful looking skin? While as of yet there is no miraculous fountain of youth to rely on, there is the Illumask, and it just might be what we need to keep us looking younger.

The Illumask is a anti-aging phototherapy mask that works with LED light therapy. It is an easy to use product, and what we find significant about Illumask is that the promoters are not pushing additional products that have to be used with the mask itself.

The Claim
The Company claims that they have conducted clinical trials and the results were that Illumask reduced the signs of aging. They claim that the uniform light emitted from the mask helps to reduce crows feet, lines around the mouth, and helps with skin pigmentation.

The Hype
The video indicates that the mask was tested on 30 participants for eight weeks and some very positive results were noted. They noted that in every participant there was an overall improvement of the quality of the skin. Skin tones and coloring improved. With specialized instruments they measured the hydration and elasticity of the skin and there were improvements. It was noted that there were decrease of fine lines around the eyes. They saw a difference in the radiance and brightness of the skin.

The Cost
You may be expecting a hefty price tag to the Illumask based on the performance reported during the trial testing, but it is only $29.99.

The Commitment
Overall what we find impressive about the Illumask is its ease of use. You only need to incorporate it with your regular skincare regime. For example, once you have gone through your regular cleansing routine for the evening, you would follow up with the mask treatment. It is recommended to be used on a regular basis. There is no muss, no fuss, and no indicators that you have to use special products to get the desired results that were outlined in the testing.

We have had a keen interest in light therapy in the past for anti-aging and soon discovered that we weren’t the only ones. Our reviews on this subject generated a lot of interest. There are mixed reviews as to whether it works or not, and there are different types of light therapy so this has to be taken into account as well. Overall there seems to be more in favor of light therapy for anti-aging than those against it.

Final Illumask Review

We are going to give the Illumask a thumbs up rating. First, because we really like the emphasis that is being put on the mask itself, and not just being sold as an add on for some specific anti-aging product. We find the price to be very reasonable, especially when you compare it to some other type masks that operate off of light therapy. The simplicity of the mask is most favorable.

Our Recommendation
If you have been keen on trying some form of light therapy, why not give the Illumask a try. It really is not expensive and if you get the results you are looking for, then chances are you are going to save yourself a ton of money on other alternatives.

What do you think? Does Illumask work or not?

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