Does Red Light Therapy Really Work?

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There is a newly discovered method in anti-aging technology called red light therapy. This system is mostly offered in salons, although you also have the option of setting one up at home. The system uses infrared lights as the main feature of this machine and it has been known to provide therapeutic benefits to the body.

Anti-aging systems, techniques, and methods always get attention from health-conscious and beauty-conscious individuals. Beauty plays a major role in this modern age as celebrities and icons seem to be aging gracefully through the years. Surely, you would want to look as good too even if you are growing older every year. And with all the modern technology available today, staying young and looking young is not only possible, but achievable as well.

Infrared lights can easily penetrate the skin, and thus it can work effectively in repairing the damaged nerves and tissues under the skin. Because of this very effective method, your skin’s appearance will greatly improve and blemishes can be reduced too. In fact, if you are experiencing any body pain, the infrared light can also soothe this condition as well.

The Claim
Red light therapy systems claim that they can delay the signs of aging and treat acne. By using infrared light, a burst of energy is delivered to the body’s tissues triggering a response for the body to heal from inside. This system is different from laser technology as it doesn’t cut any of the body’s tissues. And it is different from the sun’s rays too as it has no harmful UV components. Red light therapy is a non-invasive method of anti-aging treatment and it promises to get rid of wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, and even acne on the skin.

The Hype

All types of anti-aging solutions are always met with enthusiasm and red light therapy is no exception. In fact, this new beauty system is even starting to replace the interest in tanning and tanning beds. The methods used are almost the same and the only difference is the source of light. While tanning beds make use of UV rays, red light therapy uses infrared light. The demand for this new system of anti-aging has become so intense that many salons are already converting their tanning beds into infrared therapy beds.

The Cost
You will be spending around $300 per month if you want to get a regular dose of infrared technology. The first few sessions are scheduled closely and succeeding sessions can be scheduled days apart. Your kind of treatment will generally depend on your skin condition and the amount of damage that has accumulated in your system throughout the years.

The Commitment
In order to make the red light therapy effective, you will need to commit to daily sessions during the first few weeks of treatment. After a while, 3 to 4 times a week may be recommended for you. And as maintenance, 1 to 2 days per week can usually suffice. For best results, you should make sure that your body and skin is totally clean. This will allow the infrared light to penetrate your skin more efficiently.

This infrared technology is realistic as it has been developed using the methods of science. Compared to other lighting methods and beauty treatments that make use of UV rays, this light therapy is definitely safer and more effective. Noticeable results are expected to be seen in 1 to 3 months as the efficacy of the system will depend on a person’s age and overall skin condition.

Does Red Light Therapy Really Work?

Yes, red light therapy appears to work in reducing the signs of aging. However, the length of time in achieving the desired results can vary from person to person. It is also advisable that maintenance treatments are utilized regularly, as not doing so will cause lines and age spots to appear again.

Our Recommendation

We recommend using a red light therapy system if you’re into beautification and have the spare cash. The method is not only good in reversing the signs of aging but it is also helpful in enhancing your general health as well. During the actual therapy, even your joint and muscle pains can be relieved. A return to normal blood pressure has also been linked to exposure to infrared light, adding one more benefit to the list.

Recommended Red Light Therapy Device: RedMD

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150 Customer Reviews on “Does Red Light Therapy Really Work?

  1. A few years ago I worked for a chiropractor who had a red light therapy bed which I was aloud to use any time I wanted for free. I was about 36 or 37 years old. I had no idea what I was even expecting to get out of it. I was told it was good for my skin so I went for it. I used it whenever I had some extra time. Sometimes 2 or 3 days a week (15 minute sessions). But only for a few months. I didn’t really know if it was doing anything. I had pretty good skin as it was. Then one day I got out of the shower, looked in the mirror and realized that I couldn’t see my C-section scar anymore. I had 2 children by C-section and it had been about 7 years since I had my last. After my first C-section, my scar developed a keloid. After my second C-section, since my doctor knew I was susceptible to keloiding, he used a chemical to prevent that from happening again. It didn’t keloid again but it did heal with a pretty dark brown color. I have very fair skin so it was very obvious. When I noticed the change that day after my shower (I guess I never really looked at it before), I knew it had to be from the light therapy. I was amazed. There was one other change that I did noticed but wasn’t really a big deal. I had previously had these little bumps on the back of the my arms (tricep area) for years and all of a sudden they were gone. I haven’t used the light therapy since I worked there so it’s been about 7 years and my scar is still hardly noticeable. The bumps … sometimes I have them, sometimes I don’t. Overall, I am a believer.

  2. Sounds like Denise needs to go change her tampon. She’s pretty irritable to say the least. Not someone I’d want to be around on a daily basis cuz I’d be in jail for sure!! 😉

  3. Actually a combination of blue and red light works best for acne. Start with a blue light treatment, which kills the bacteria that causes acne. Follow up with red light therapy which promotes skin healing. Caution blue light can be very damaging to the eyes so wear protection. Red light is not only safe but can actually improve eyesight.

  4. You most likely have lyme disease. Fibromyalgia is just a made up disease.because the CDC doesn’t recognize lyme as a cronic disease. Yes, the red light will do you wonders but go get a western blot test for lyme!!

  5. I have a offered Redlight Therapy Bed at my shop for the last 6 plus years. My clients love it and see improvement in their skin, muscle tone, pain levels, weight loss. 20 minute sessions. It has helped me tremendously. I had pain since 1977 and could not sleep as it would wake me up. I was over 60 LBS. overweight. In less than 9 months I lost 38 lbs. in less 3 weeks I had no pain and I sleep like a baby. My skin de-aged by a good 15 years. I have muscles like I work out every day which I don’t. The benefits have just gotten better. Many people think I am in my early 40’s but in reality I am going on 63. I have the body I had in my early 30’s. I will never quit doing this awesome Bed. It is good for every body and even your pets. Down from size 14 to a 4.

  6. I realize that most of these posts are a few years old, but I wanted to share my experience of using a red light therapy bed. I have been using a red light bed (a tanning bed that was converted into a red light bed) at a local tanning salon. I signed up for a membership, and it is $50 a month. I have a friend who goes to one in another town, and she pays more, so I’m not sure what the median cost is. At any rate, I’ve been going for 20 minute sessions anywhere from 3-5 times per week for the past two months. Prior to using the red light device, I would get hormonal acne a couple of times a month, the kind that is deep and takes a while to heal but then leaves a spot/scar behind. However, (knock on wood), I have not had a single one of these blemishes since I started the red light therapy. Also, it has seemed to regulate my menstrual cycle. This could be a coincidence, but for over a year, I would get my period 4 days or even a week early each month, but last month, it was actually a couple of days late, which was great. I have heard that red light can help with thyroid issues and hormones, so maybe this is the case. I’ll have to see if it continues. All in all, I am pleased with my results, and I feel that I’m getting my money’s worth. The great thing about it is that the benefits appear to be more expansive than the cosmetic results.

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