Does Quietus Really Work?

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Does Quietus really work?Quietus is designed to treat tinnitus, a hearing impairment characterized by ringing and buzzing inside the ears. This can be caused by exposure to loud sounds, and genetics also plays a part in its occurrence. This is a very uncomfortable condition, as the ringing almost never stops. Even as you go to sleep, the buzzing and ringing sounds are still there and you will find it hard to get a restful sleep.

Patients who are suffering from tinnitus are always desperate for treatment and relief medicines for their condition. To date, there are no known cures for this condition as the nerves and tissues inside the ears are already severely damaged.

With the emergence of tinnitus relief products on the market, people who are suffering from this problem are finding new hope. But are products like Quietus really affective? Can this new herbal medicine provide some needed peace and quiet to sufferers of tinnitus?

The Quietus tinnitus relief system is categorized as a homeopathic medicine. This type of medicine also makes use of natural and herbal ingredients in its structure. By using this type of approach in creating herbal medicines, the patient will experience fewer side effects compared to conventional forms of medicine.

The Claim
The Quietus relief ringing system claims that it can put a stop to the ringing sounds inside the ear. Furthermore, it can also put a stop to the pain associated with the condition as well as the dizzying effects of not having proper balance. This treatment is recommended to all patients who have been diagnosed with the tinnitus condition.

The Hype
Tinnitus sufferers are willing to buy and try anything that could give them relief from the ringing sounds inside the ears. Although there are other forms of drugs and medications that are available in drug stores, most patients find that none of the prescription and over-the-counter drugs seem to work effectively for their condition.

The Cost
You can get a bottle of Quietus herbal supplement which includes 60 tablets and eardrops for about $100. You are to take one tablet of the herbal supplement every day. The Quietus ear drops, on the other hand, can be applied to the ears to ease the pain that can be associated with the condition. This product can be purchased from the official Quietus website and in other online shopping sites as well.

The Commitment
According to the makers of Quietus, you should take the herbal supplement once a day continuously. The effects on different people may vary as it will depend on the severity of the case as well as the metabolism of a person. Nevertheless, if you take the supplement regularly and use the ear drops, you can probably see some effects in a few weeks or months.

This is a very suspicious product. To date, there are no known cures for tinnitus, as this condition already involves damaged nerves and tissues inside the ear. However, Quietus claims that it can put a stop to the ringing sounds inside the ear and you will experience normal hearing again. The company does offer a 60-day money back guarantee. If you find out that the system doesn’t work for you, they will take back the unused portion of the medication and refund the full amount to you.

Does Quietus Really Work?

Unfortunately, this product does not work. A large number of consumers who have tried it reported no improvement in their condition whatsoever. And sufferers of tinnitus would have been willing to pay $100 for this product, only if it works. And there are also reported cases of money not being refunded by the company according to the guarantee.

Our Recommendation
We are not recommending the Quietus relief ringing system to sufferers of tinnitus. You will only be wasting your money on this product and you will not get any kind of relief from it. In fact, some reports even show that this supplement contains some aspirin in its ingredients, and aspirin is known to contribute to the ringing sounds inside the ear.

If you are not under any type of medication, you can try taking Ginkgo Biloba as it is known to help in minimizing the buzzing sounds inside the ears. This herbal medicine can, however, interfere with other medications so you should consult your doctor before taking it.

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  1. Thanks for you clear and concise information. I have had this condition for many years and have found nothing that works. It seems like a billion dollar baby for some phamaceutical to cash in on if only they could figure out what would work. Is there any real serious research going on to find a cure?

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