Does 21 Day Fix Really Work?

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Does 21 Day Fix Work?No doubt if you are into losing weight or just doing everything you can to look good, then you have noticed there is no shortage of programs and information that is supposed to help you do this. So why bring another one like the 21 Day Fix to your attention? Read on, and you will discover why we think this is important for you.

Just like any of the other get fit programs out there the 21 Day Fix is brought to you with lots of incentives by way of amazing pics and testimonies. What should stand out for you though when you really take a close look at the program, is that it focuses around common sense dieting and fitness. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hype of losing weight and the overwhelming amount of information and programs that we forget about the basics. This program really focuses around the basics of what can be the most effective weight loss and fitness steps which are eating the right amounts of food, the right type and exercise. The big difference is that they put all of these requirements into easy to follow steps. This goes a long way in reducing the frustration of dieting and confusion of what to do when and next.

The Claim
This company claims that if you follow the 21 Day Fix that you are going to experience pleasing results at the end of the 21 days. They show some impressive results although they do state that the results will vary. Why is this? Simply because our bodies are unique and they all respond differently to stimulation geared towards weight loss and stimulation.They are claiming that it is possible with their program to reach a significant weight loss goal.

The Hype
All you have to do is look at the promo pics and you will see the hype here focuses around that bikini ready body. Who better to promote it than a bikini competitor like Autumn Calabrase who is also known as a celebrity trainer.

The Cost
When you compare the costs of this diet and fitness program it comes within the middle range of being affordable to expensive. It is going to cost you three payments of about $20. each and a one time shipping cost of $13. so in total you are looking at about $73. Now what you get for this is 6 specific orientated workouts on two DVDs. A 21 day portion control system. A 21 Day plan. Plus 4 additional bonuses to help you enhance your efforts.

The Commitment
There are several commitments that you are going to have to make if you decide to go for the 21 Day Fix. The first one you have already done which is the decision to purchase the program. Next as anxious as you are to get started you need to first review all of the additional material that you are going to get that you need to work with. This way you can condition yourself to what is going to be required of you on a daily basis. You need to commit to taking no shortcuts and really devote yourself to what is needed to make the program workable.

It would be nearly impossible to do a full comparison of the 21 Day Diet Fix to all the other substantially well known diets on the market. In the past we have done several reviews of diet and fitness programs. To give you a starting point for comparison lets take a look at two of these. How about the Food Lovers Fat Loss System. With this approach it focuses on the different ways that the body acts to calories. Then there is the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure which we talked about. Similar but not the same as the 21 Day Fix. These are all similar yet have their differences to the weight loss approach.

Final 21 Day Fix Review

We are going to give this program a Thumbs Up for those who have tried other weight loss and fitness programs that just didn’t work for them. Some people find that they can’t afford the hefty prices to keep up with some of those diets. Others find they are too complex and confusing. We tend to like the 21 Day Fix because it has built its success foundation on the basics. You have to eat healthy, in the right amounts and exercise. These are all staples of this particular program.

Our Recommendation
We are not going to tell you that the 21 Day Fix is the be all and end all solution for everyone. We find that it has a good approach at a reasonable price. We also caution that you do not focus on the hype but rather the details and the basis of why it may work for you.

Official Website: 21 Day Fix

What do you think? Does 21 Day Fix work or not?

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